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A Fated Reincarnation {BL} Chapter 6

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As soon as Kei stepped out of the room a make-up assistant approached him, "Haru Suzuki?"


"We are ready for you. Follow me."

Both Kei Yun and the make-up assistant walked into an opened dressing room and began to get ready for the shoot. The make-up artist that attended to Kei was one of the four make-up artists in the room that accommodated 4 to 5 models all at the same time.

Todays magazine shoot was a theme about youth. Their brightness, colorfulness, and childishness of being young. A warm seduction of innocence.

But too bad for them Kei Yun wouldn be doing any of that. He could pretend but hed rather give the people a different out look to youthfulness.

Finishing the small touch ups, the make-up assistant picked out a set of clothing to his taste and began to quickly dress him. And before he knew it she was done. The assistant opened the curtain and guided him out of the changing room directly onto the photo shoot.

Standing comfortably under the light, Kei showed off his choice of style. Wearing a black jacket with a high collar that fell just below his Adams apple. The hem of his jacket was a bit short at the bottom showing of his hip bone with a pair of black skinny geans that outline his long thin legs.

The outfit was made of high grade cotton with excellent transparency. Inside was a light grey linen shirt with an overall dark tone. With a white scarf

that wrapped beautifully around the clavicle. It didn take away from the overall sense of the clothing, blending in well with the rest of the set.

Models were clothes racks and in the end it was the models job to sell the clothing.

Anyone who saw this young man would involuntarily think that this man was made to wear clothes.

His temperament was just right, enough to show off his beautiful features but not over power the clothing. An important factor that distinguished top supermodels knew about, and not models who would still be considered rookies.

This brought about a small discussion within the studio.

"That guy looks really good… is he really a magazine model?"

"Whats his name and what company is he from?"

"... How would I know."

"Though young, his aura is pretty good."

At this moment, Kei Yun had one day to shoot 500 photos in one sitting. With so many models back to back, the magazines photographer didn put in a lot of effort to discuss with the models. Only giving a few words here and there before taking photos.

And right now said photographer spoke some bland words of encouragement towards Kei before positioning him in the center of the set.

Brushing a hand through his hair, Kei Yun slightly raised his lips, revealing a subtle smile toward the camera.

In the beginning of the photo shoot, the photographer treated him just like the other small models. He took four or five images before letting the younger change his posture. While keenly reminding him to pay attention to the lighting, focus his gaze on the lens, then don look at the lens, etc.

However, once they were 40 to 50 shoots in, the grumpy photographer slowly closed his mouth and let the young man act freely. At times he would shout "Good!" or "Great, keep going." whenever a nice photo was taken. Like this time went by quick and smoothly.

Kei knew that a photographers emotions were closely related to the photos they took. If the photos came out amazing, they were excited. If they were bad, the photographer would have a headache. As long as they weren at a terrible level, the photographer would continue to take photos.

There were five photograph stations in the studio, so Kei was naturally watched by a lot of on lookers. The models who waited, the assistants that passed by or were on stand by, the managers and the studio technicians. All, silently watched from the sidelines in awe as they witnessed the young man perform infront of them.

The young man watched the camera with a pair of provocative eyes, exuding the unlimited energy and vitality of the young. For a supermodel, they could show a different temperament just with a small change in their facial expression or even with a gesture. And Kei Yun at present, was doing exactly that.

Sometimes he slightly raised his head and the curves of his lips became bigger, other times he would tilt his head and show his side profile. Showing off the right side of his jawline and lucid grey eyes that were proud and bold. Glimpsing the small beauty mole under the right eye.

Against the pure white background, the black-clothed young man seemed alive and vivid, displaying not just the boldness and innocence of youth. But the distinctive fiery and rebellious kind of youth!

"Good! Thats amazing!"

"Keep going!"

The photographer continued to shout untill the photo shoot was over. Earning him a complete set of 500 great photos. Unlike before he was now in a great mood to take pictures of the other models. They may not have the talent like the youth in front of him, but he now had the energy to deal with rest of them.

Finished with his photos Kei Yun quickly changed back in to his college uniform and headed back to the back room. Only this time Nathaniel Zhao wasn there and neither were the other two men who sat at the table. The only one there this time, was the women from earlier. Who now patiently stood inside the room as if she had been waiting for Kei Yun specifically.

She silently handed Kei Yun her business card and a piece of paper.

Kei took both the card and paper, and wrote down his personal number. Not forgetting to ask if that was all she wanted him to do.

Yet the women chose not to answer him, only glancing at him for the last time before walking out the room without saying a word.

Experiencing this first hand, Kei Yun didn know if he should laugh or cry. He just couldn understand the sudden fluctuations of womens emotions.

Did she not like him? Or was this just how she was? He couldn tell.

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