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346 Life And Death

At the foot of the mountain, Yue Hanjiang was in the midst of her cultivation.

While she was cultivating, Cofurans eyes suddenly opened.

Her beautiful eyes were filled with shock, and she said to Yue Hanjiang, “Hanjiang, your master has already completed the absorption process!”

“Sister Cofuran, has Master really succeeded”

Yue Hanjiang was stunned.

Previously, Cofuran had said that subduing a sea heart was an extremely difficult task, and that it would take a long time.

Cofuran nodded emotionally, as she watched Yuchi descend the stairs and walk over.

“Youre indeed a monster.”

Yuchi laughed.

Yue Hanjiang looked at her master.

Outwardly, she felt that her master was still the same, and nothing had changed.

However, she felt that there was something different about her master.

Yuchi gave her an even kinder feeling now.

There was an inexplicable sense of carefreeness.

His eyes were full of freedom, as if the world was under his control.

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Yuchi walked up and pinched Hanjiangs little face gently.

There was a hint of pampering in his tone.

“Your cultivation has increased quite a bit recently.

Youre already at the peak of the eighth grade of the Dao realm.

You should be able to advance to the seventh grade shortly I reckon.”

“Master, did you really absorb the sea heart”

Yue Hanjiang wanted to confirm it.

After all, Yuchi was only supposed to have a 10% chance of absorbing it within ten years, and only a 1% chance within a year!

Yet he had only taken half a year!

Yuchi smiled at Hanjiang.

Then, he nodded at Cofuran, who was standing next to him.

“Hanjiang, as you know, the only Dao heart skill that Ive mastered before is Hellfire Dance.”

Yue Hanjiang recalled the Hellfire Dance skill that her master had released through Hu Yiyis hands.

At that time, the strength of the Hellfire Dance was obviously not as powerful as the one Yuchi normally used, as he had toned it down to fit the needs of the situation.

There was no need for it to be the size of a giant tornado that would scorch the heavens and the earth.

Hanjiang nodded slightly.

Then, the Hellfire Dance flame, which was blue, white, and gold, appeared on Yuchis fingertip.

However, shortly after, a small sapling appeared on Yuchis other fingertip.

The overall length and width of the sapling was similar to the Hellfire Dance flame, but it looked a little strange.

First of all, this sapling did not have any roots, which seemed to be hidden underneath his fingertip.

Secondly, on one side of the sapling hung plump and juicy fruits, and on the other side hung many skeletons.

At the top of the sapling, there was a birds nest made of flames, within which there was a very agile little fish that was slowly swimming around.

“This is the faceless fish.”

It was a fusion between new life and death, peaceful and harmonious.

“So Hanjiang, what do you think I should name this skill”

Yuchi smiled and asked Yue Hanjiang a question.

Yue Hanjiang was so excited that she clutched his masters arm tightly.

“Master, are you really asking me to give this skill a name”

Yuchi nodded.

“Im not good with names.

In fact, the nameHellfire Dance was given by Sister Cofuran here.”

The matter was just as Yuchi had said.

The names of all the skills that Yuchi had mastered were given to him by Cofuran, and they were displayed in his skill repository as such.

Yue Hanjiang nodded instantly.

“Life and Death!”

After she finished speaking, she looked at her master nervously.

At the same time, she briefly glanced at Cofurans smiling face.

Life and Death


This was interesting.

“Okay,” Yuchi agreed.

Yue Hanjiang broke into a wide smile.

“Master is the best!”

A faint smile appeared on Yuchis face.

Then, a ball of Heavenly Dao spiritual liquid, which was emitting a faint green light, appeared in his hand.

There were more than 1,000 drops of Heavenly Dao spiritual liquid.

Yuchi was prepared to give the Heavenly Dao spiritual liquid to Yue Hanjiang.

However, at this moment, Cofuran said in a helpless tone, “Hanjiang, your master is really generous.”

“You can use the Heavenly Dao liquid as you please.”

“However, your current cultivation level has yet to reach the Dao heart realm, so this stuff is not of much use.”

In essence, only a Dao heart without a soul like the sea heart could condense Heavenly Dao spiritual liquid.

On the surface, the Heavenly Dao spiritual liquid was related to the Heavenly Dao and would be helpful to anyone in the Dao realm.

However, in reality, it was only beneficial to those who had reached the Dao heart realm.

It was useless for everyone else.

Yuchi looked at her in confusion.

In any case, he really did not know what Heavenly Dao spiritual liquid was.


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