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Tables Turn At Lightening Speed

After the Liu family member glanced at Hou Junlai, he quickly said, “The Li family called to inform us to postpone the cooperation with the Hou family.”

When Liu Xiner heard this, her expression instantly turned ugly.

What was going on Wasnt this a slap in the face

She had just bragged to Hou Junlai that there was nothing in Sea City that she couldnt resolve and even said that this cooperation was all due to her credit.

In the end, how did things become like this

Hou Junlai said, “Miss Liu, focus on recuperating for now. I still have something on, so Ill be leaving first.”

After Hou Junlai looked at Liu Xiner in disappointment, he stood up to leave.

Hou Junlai suddenly heaved a sigh of relief at the thought that he didnt have to marry Liu Xiner anymore.

However, this meant that the companys problems were still unsolved, making Hou Junlai a little worried.

In the ward, as soon as Hou Junlai left, Liu Xiner jumped up from the bed and kicked the messenger as she said hatefully, “Youve embarrassed me. Why did you have to come in right when I was bragging!”

Liu Xiner wished she could kill the messenger.

The Liu family member was also puzzled. He didnt know what he had done wrong to make Liu Xiner so angry.

In the Li familys manor in Shanghai.

Jian Xinger was treating Old Master Li.

Doctor Lu and the medical team stood at the side respectfully as they helped Jian Xinger. Everyone looked at Jian Xinger with respect and no longer had their previous arrogance!

Being able to help a divine doctor like Jian Xinger was a supreme honor for them as doctors.

It would be something to brag to others about in the future.

Jian Xinger was still cold to this group of people.

The Li familys patriarch and Li Kun stood at the side respectfully, for fear of disturbing Jian Xinger.

A servant came in from outside and whispered, “Master, someone called just now and said that he has something urgent to discuss with you.”

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The Li familys patriarch waved his hand and said, “Im not free!”

The servant said, “Master, that person said that hes from the Zhang family…”

When he heard that it was the Zhang family, the Li familys patriarchs expression instantly darkened. He left the room and went to the living room.

Li Kun thought that something big had happened, so he followed him to the living room.

The head of the Li family went to the living room and picked up the phone.

The Li familys patriarch, who had been furious just now, was full of smiles at this moment. He kept nodding in agreement. His tone was very respectful and even he looked a little comical.

Li Kun was dumbfounded.

He wondered what kind of big shot had called. Otherwise, why would his father act like this

After hanging up, the Li familys patriarch sat down on the sofa and wiped the sweat from his forehead before heaving a sigh of relief.

Li Kun was confused.

This was the second time he had seen his father like this ever since he was young.

The last time was when Jian Xinger came, and this time was the second time.

Li Kun asked curiously, “Dad, what happened”

The Li familys patriarch smiled and said, “The Zhang family called just now and wants to hold a charity banquet in Sea City. The money from the auction will all be donated to the poor mountain area to build schools and other facilities. They asked our family to help with this.”

“The Zhang family holds a charity banquet every year, but its surprising that its being held in Sea City this time.”

Li Kun said unhappily, “The Zhang family is treating our family like lap dogs. They want to hold a charity banquet, but they want our family to pay for it while improving their familys reputation!”

When the Li familys patriarch heard these words, he immediately said angrily, “Idiot, why dont you understand”

“The Zhang family is ranked at the top in the entire business world, especially Saint Zhang. Hes a very powerful person. Many people are begging to attend this charity banquet!”

“This is a great thing for the Li family. Money is a small matter. Befriending the Zhang family is the most important thing.”

Hearing his fathers words, Li Kun immediately understood.

The Li familys head continued, “This matter is very important. We cant be careless at all. Our family must handle it well.”

Li Kun hurriedly said, “Yes, Ill gather them for a meeting now.”

The Li familys patriarch said with a serious expression, “Theres one more thing. Since weve agreed to help Miracle Doctor Jian establish a faction in Sea City, we cant forget it. We have to complete it as soon as possible.”

Li Kun nodded and replied, “Yes, Father.”

After instructing them, the Li familys patriarch returned to the ward and stood at the side respectfully.

Seeing that Old Master Li looked much better than before, the Li familys patriarch was overjoyed.

He couldnt help but marvel that Jian Xingers medical skills were too miraculous.

Doctor Lu and everyone on the medical team was even more surprised.



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