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Li Kun immediately said to the security guards, “Get over here and apologize to Miracle Doctor Jian immediately until shes satisfied.”

A dozen security guards immediately lined up in front of Jian Xinger and said respectfully, “Miracle Doctor Jian, were sorry!”

Jian Xinger didnt say a word. She just drank her water silently.

Li Kun could tell that Jian Xinger wasnt satisfied.

Li Kun said angrily, “Slap yourselves. You can only stop when Miracle Doctor Jian says so!”

The dozen security guards immediately looked helpless.

The security captain knew very well that the person he had offended this time must be extremely powerful. In order to survive, he immediately took the lead to slap himself.

In a few minutes, all the security guards faces were swollen.

However, they still didnt dare to stop and continued to slap themselves.

Jian Xinger remained silent and continued to drink water.

Liu Xiners expression darkened.

After all this trouble, she didnt manage to get Jian Xinger in trouble. Instead, she harmed the security captain.

Liu Xiner was very puzzled as to why Li Kun was so respectful to Jian Xinger.

After thinking for a long time, she still couldnt figure it out.

Hou Junlai and Hou Xiaoyu were also very surprised.

At this moment, Jian Xinger said, “Alright! Its not a big deal. Lets leave it at that!”

It wasnt that Jian Xinger was soft-hearted, but that she had a sense of propriety. No matter what, she had to give the Li familys patriarch face.

If this continued, the charity banquet wouldnt be able to be held on time.

Jian Xinger came for the Longevity Jade this time.

Li Kun immediately said to the security guards, “Miracle Doctor Jian is kind-hearted and spared your lives, so hurry up and thank her!”

The security captain and more than ten security guards immediately said, “Thank you for your magnanimity, Miracle Doctor Jian!”

Li Kun scolded, “Hurry up and get out…”

Afraid that Jian Xinger would teach them a lesson, the security guards immediately fled.

After Li Kun dealt with the security guards, he realized that Jian Xinger was still unsatisfied. He knew that there was still one person that hadnt been dealt with.

That was Liu Xiner.

Li Kun immediately said, “Doctor Jian, I wont let Liu Xiner off. Dont worry.”

With that, Li Kun called Liu Xiner out of the banquet.

Jian Xinger wasnt stupid. She knew that Li Kun would let Liu Xiner off.

Previously, when Li Kun said that he wanted to get rid of Liu Xiner…

Jian Xinger could already tell that Li Kun was only saying that to please her.

Jian Xinger just didnt want to expose him.

It was too boring to kill Liu Xiner just like that.

Jian Xinger planned to toy with Liu Xiner and let Liu Xiner know what despair felt like.

On the other side, Li Kun brought Liu Xiner outside and immediately said, “Youre not allowed to cause trouble at todays charity banquet. Otherwise, I wont be able to protect you!”

Liu Xiner asked curiously, “Brother Kun, whats going on”

“Why are you afraid of that bitch, Jian Xinger”

Li Kun only said, “There are many things that you wont understand even if I tell you. I still have something urgent to do, so I have to go.”

Li Kun didnt say anything else and turned to leave.

Liu Xiner could only watch Li Kun leave.

However, she still didnt believe that Jian Xinger was a big shot, since Liu Xiner had already asked someone to investigate Jian Xinger in the past. She just thought that Li Kun had been deceived by Jian Xinger.

Liu Xiner sneered and turned to enter the charity banquet venue again.

Seeing that Liu Xiner was fine, Jian Xinger sneered.

She was right.

Liu Xinger and Li Kun were really close!

Shangguan Ding looked at Jian Xinger and said indifferently, “I didnt expect you to have such impressive abilities. Im getting more and more curious about you!”

“I can see through many people, but I cant see through you. You seem to have a layer of fog that makes you seem very mysterious.”

Jian Xinger smiled, but didnt say anything.

There was no one who could see through Jian Xinger!

Sometimes, Jian Xinger couldnt even see through herself.

At this moment, the host walked onto the stage and began to say to everyone, “Everyone, let us welcome the organizer of this banquet with applause!”

Before he went on stage, everyone was already clapping hard.

They all knew that the organizer was from the Zhang family.

Soon, an aloof-looking man in a suit walked onto the stage.

He was about the same age as Jian Xinger.

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The man was very handsome, but he exuded an aloof aura and a piercing gaze that intimidated people.

This person was Saint Zhangs grandson, Zhang Jun!

Zhang Jun was a very capable person. He was a legend in the capitals business circle and was born to do business. Saint Zhang often lamented that even he wasnt as capable as his grandson! Now, a portion of the Zhang familys businesses were handed over to Zhang Jun.



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