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Shangguan Dings Identity

When the people below the stage saw that it was Zhang Jun, they exclaimed.

“I didnt expect the Zhang family to let Zhang Jun come.”

“Thats right. Even if we cant successfully bid on anything, since we were able to see him with our own eyes, coming here was worth it!”

“Im really excited to see Zhang Jun, the legend of the business world!”

Many people secretly made up their minds to perform well during the auction.

If they could get Zhang Juns approval and befriend him, not only would it be a matter of pride, but there would also be more benefits for them.

Hou Junlai and Liu Xiner couldnt sit still anymore.

Liu Xiner didnt expect the Zhang family to let Zhang Jun come.

Only Jian Xinger remained calm.

When Zhang Jun saw Jian Xinger, he smiled and nodded at her.

Liu Xiner was sitting behind Jian Xinger. Thinking that Zhang Jun was greeting her, she immediately stood up in surprise. Not knowing how to respond, she bowed.

After sitting down, Liu Xiner looked very smug as she said, “I didnt expect Zhang Jun to know me. Its such an honor!”

Liu Xiner looked at Hou Junlai smugly and said slowly, “Junlai, after this is over, Ill talk to Zhang Jun about your company. I think he will give you the green light on my account.”

When Hou Junlai heard this, he was immediately pleasantly surprised.

Hou Junlai said gratefully, “Thank you, Miss Liu!”

Liu Xiner said, “Junlai, theres no need to be so polite. It makes it seem like were very distant. I told you last time not to call me Miss Liu. Call me Xiner!”

Liu Xiner looked at Hou Junlai gently. Hou Junlai fell silent, but eventually forced a smile.

Jian Xinger suddenly looked at Shangguan Ding and asked, “Zhang Jun is also from the capital. Do you know him”

Shangguan Dings eyes flickered as he said indifferently, “I dont know him…”

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“Who are you Even someone like Zhang Jun greets you.”

Jian Xinger smiled and said, “Im just a useless daughter-in-law who was chased out of the Hou family. Dont you know that”

Of course, Shangguan Ding didnt believe it.

Shangguan Ding guessed that Jian Xinger was definitely not an ordinary person.

Shangguan Ding smiled and said, “Its fine if you dont tell me. Ill eventually find out anyway. Im even more interested in you now!”

Jian Xinger remained silent.

Jian Xinger didnt care if Shangguan Ding was interested or not. She wasnt interested in Shangguan Ding at all.

When that organization appeared, Jian Xinger would get the clues she wanted and chase Shangguan Ding away.

Zhang Jun glanced at everyone and began to say, “Everyone, thank you for coming to this charity banquet. On behalf of the Zhang family, I want to thank you guys.”

“Now, lets begin!”

With that, Zhang Jun got someone to bring the auction items to the stage.

Zhang Jun said, “The first item for today is an emerald jade. The bidding price starts at 100,000!”

The people below the stage immediately began to bid.

In order to attract Zhang Juns attention, Liu Xiner raised the price to 1.5 million.

This jade was only worth about 500,000 yuan.

Many presidents and bosses began to raise the price from 1.5 million to 3.5 million in order to please the Zhang family. There were still people bidding.

Although they knew that they were just giving money to the Zhang family, they were still very enthusiastic!

To these rich bosses, a few million was nothing compared to currying favor with the Zhang family, so they were willing to spend more.

Jian Xinger had already seen the auction list. She wasnt interested in the first few items at all and just sat there while watching.

Ding ding ding…

Shangguan Dings phone suddenly rang.

After looking at the number, Shangguan Ding didnt pick up. Instead, he stood up and walked out.

At this moment, more than ten luxury cars were parked at the entrance of the hotel.

Dozens of bodyguards stood by the car. A few had even won international competitions, but they still stood by the car obediently.

Then, an old man walked out of the car.

The old man held a walking stick in his hand. His gaze was sharp and he exuded a terrifying sense of intimidation.

Seeing Shangguan Ding come out, the old man immediately went forward and said respectfully, “Young Master…”

Shangguan Ding asked unhappily, “Who asked you to come over”

The old man immediately said, “Master ordered me to!”

“Master heard that you were in trouble in Sea City, so he sent me to bring people over to protect you!”

After a pause, the old man continued, “Young Master, dont worry. Even if I search through Sea City, Ill find those killers and definitely wont let anyone dare to attack you!”

With the Shangguan familys power, it wouldnt be difficult for them to search through the entire country, let alone Sea City.

Shangguan Ding said, “Go back to the capital immediately. I can settle my own matters!”



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