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Im Safe

When the old man heard Shangguan Dings words, he was a little helpless and said, “Young Master…”

Shangguan Ding didnt care so much and said directly, “Go back and tell the old man that Im very safe!”

Seeing how determined Shangguan Ding was, the old man could only say, “Yes, Young Master!”

Shangguan Ding continued, “By the way, dont let me see the Shangguan family appear in Sea City in the future. I dont like to be followed.”

The old man nodded.

Then, the old man left with his men.

The old man didnt go far.

It was their duty to protect Shangguan Ding.

Seeing that everyone had walked away, Shangguan Ding looked around. Since there was no one else around, he turned around and entered the charity banquet.

When Shangguan Ding sat back in his chair, he saw that Jian Xinger was actually dozing off, so he said in a low voice with a self-deprecating expression, “Its only been a few years, but you actually forgot about me and still cant recognize me.”

Jian Xinger stretched and asked curiously, “What did you say”

Shangguan Ding was stunned.

He didnt expect Jian Xinger to wake up.

Shangguan Ding took a deep breath and said indifferently, “A few years ago, I was hunted down and almost lost my life. Someone saved me and even took advantage of me, so Ive been looking for this person to settle the score, but this person hid herself and even married another man.”

Jian Xinger nodded calmly.

Seeing Jian Xingers reaction, Shangguan Ding was a little helpless, but then he felt relieved.

When Shangguan Ding looked at Jian Xinger again, he saw that she actually began to doze off again.

Helpless, Shangguan Ding took a sip of water and looked back at Hou Junlai from time to time.

Hou Junlai also realized that Shangguan Ding sized him up from time to time, so he only nodded and smiled with a hint of bitterness on his face.

An hour later.

More than 50 items had been auctioned off at astronomical prices.

Liu Xiner didnt bid for anything. She just deliberately raised the price every time to attract Zhang Juns attention.

Liu Xiners method was very effective.

Zhang Jun didntice Liu Xiner.

However, Zhang Jun ignored Liu Xiner.

There were many people who wanted to curry favor with the Zhang family. Liu Xiners method made Zhang Jun feel disdain.

Zhang Jun said calmly, “The auction begins now! The starting bid for the Longevity Jade is 100,000!”

In everyones eyes, this jade pendant was the least valuable item.

However, there were still people bidding.

Liu Xiner was still the first to bid. She said directly, “500,000…”

After Liu Xiner finished declaring the price, she didnt forget to nod at Zhang Jun.

Zhang Jun ignored her.

After Liu Xiner shouted the price, everyone gave up.

Everyone wanted to curry favor with the Zhang family, but they didnt want to waste too much money on such a worthless thing.

In everyones eyes, the Longevity Jade was worthless.

At this moment, Jian Xinger shouted, “600,000…”

Everyone immediately looked at Jian Xinger and when they realized that it was her, their eyes were filled with mockery.

When Liu Xiner saw that it was Jian Xinger, she immediately mocked, “Jian Xinger, a sugar baby like you actually dare to bid”

Jian Xinger said calmly, “What does my financial situation have to do with you”

Liu Xiners expression darkened as she sneered and said, “Its indeed none of my business! But I can continue to increase the price!”

“One million…”

Since there was such an opportunity, Liu Xiner naturally wouldnt let it go. She had to mess with Jian Xinger.

Jian Xingers expression was calm as she continued to raise the price.

Jian Xinger had come for the Longevity Jade this time. Of course, she wouldnt give up so easily.

Liu Xiner kept increasing the price.

Jian Xinger didnt back down either.

In less than three minutes, Liu Xiner raised the price to 20 million.

At this moment, Liu Xiner had already planned to give up if Jian Xinger raised the price again.

A smile appeared on Jian Xingers face.

She had already guessed Liu Xiners intentions.

Jian Xinger didnt lack money. The Li familys head had given her 100 million yuan and she still hadnt used it yet.

Since Liu Xiner dared to be so smug, Jian Xinger wanted to teach her a lesson.

Jian Xinger smiled and said, “I forfeit…”

Hearing Jian Xingers words, Liu Xiner was stunned.


Zhang Jun looked at Liu Xiner and said, “Congratulations. This jade pendant is yours now!”

Liu Xiner forced a smile and said, “Thank… thank you, Mr. Zhang…”

Liu Xiner was filled with anger, but had nowhere to vent it.

Originally, she wanted to scheme against Jian Xinger, but in the end, she shot herself in the foot.

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Liu Xiner didnt bring much money to the charity banquet this time, so she could only secretly call her father and ask him to pay.

Otherwise, she wouldnt be able to explain it to Young Master Zhang later!



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