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Im Not Worth It for You

Shangguan Ding looked at Jian Xinger and said, “Its not worth it for you to spend so much money to buy so many useless things to anger your ex-husband!”

Jian Xinger was about to speak when the alarm outside the villa suddenly sounded.

Jian Xingers gaze became sharp as she stood up and walked out.

Jian Xinger glanced at the courtyard but didnt see anyone.

Jian Xinger felt puzzled.

When she turned on the surveillance camera on her phone, Jian Xinger realized that a wild cat had barged in.

In order to prevent such a situation, Jian Xinger adjusted the alarm.

After Shangguan Ding walked out of the living room, he stared at Jian Xingers side profile with a gentle gaze.

At this moment, in the Li familys villa in Shanghai.

The Li family was reporting to the Li familys head about the charity banquet.

Hearing that it had ended without any incidents, the Li familys patriarch revealed a satisfied expression.

The Li familys patriarch said, “This time, Li Kun didnt disappoint me. He didnt let me down.”

When the Li family members saw the family heads expression, they didnt know if they should continue.

The Li familys patriarch asked indifferently, “Is there anything else you guys havent told me”

The Li family members hesitated.

The Li familys patriarch was enraged and immediately asked, “What are you hiding Dont hesitate. Tell me now.”

When the Li family members realized that the family head was already a little angry, they didnt dare to hide anything and immediately told him about Li Kun helping Liu Xiner.

When the Li familys patriarch heard this, he was so angry that he threw the teacup and it shattered.

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The Li familys patriarch said angrily, “This bastard doesnt understand anything. If Doctor Jian finds out about this, he will definitely offend Doctor Jian. He actually did such a stupid thing because of Liu Xiner!”

When the Li family members saw that their master was so angry, they didnt dare to say another word.

At this moment, Li Kun walked in.

After Li Kun left the charity banquet, he drove straight back to Shanghai to tell his father about the banquet.

He thought to himself that his father would definitely praise him later.

Li Kun entered the house and shouted with a smile, “Dad, Im back.”

The Li familys head was filled with anger and didnt say a word.

Li Kun said smugly, “Dad, who provoked you again Tell me. Ill help you vent your anger.”

“The Zhang family is also very satisfied with the successful conclusion of this charity banquet.”

The Li familys patriarch scolded sternly, “Idiot, how dare you have the nerve to say that!”

“Youre hopeless. You clearly know about the relationship between Divine Doctor Jian and Liu Xiner, but you still dare to help Liu Xiner. Are you crazy”

Hearing his fathers words, Li Kun said indifferently, “So this is what made you angry!”

“Liu Xiner served me before and has a good relationship with me, so I helped her. As for Jian Xinger, Grandpa has already recovered. Theres no need to bother with her anymore.”

The Li familys patriarch was even more furious after hearing this.

Seeing that his father was silent, Li Kun thought that his father agreed and continued, “Jian Xinger has no power or influence. Shes completely useless to us…”


The Li familys patriarch slapped Li Kuns face.

Just as the Li familys head was about to continue teaching Li Kun a lesson, a servant hurriedly ran down from upstairs and shouted, “Theres bad news. The old man cant hold on anymore…”

Hearing this, the Li familys patriarch immediately panicked. He didnt have the time to continue dealing with Li Kun, so he turned around and ran upstairs.

As soon as he entered the house, he saw that the old man had vomited a lot of blood and fainted.

The Li familys patriarch roared angrily, “What exactly happened”

The servant said with a pale face, “The… the old mans alcohol addiction kicked in. He just secretly drank some wine and…”

The Li familys patriarchs expression was extremely ugly.

Before Jian Xinger left, she had repeatedly said that the old man couldnt drink alcohol, or his old illness would relapse.

Old Master Li had already recovered, but because of his alcohol addiction, he became like this again.

After Li Kun ran upstairs, he was stunned when he saw the old mans condition.

The Li familys patriarch looked at Li Kun and roared angrily, “Go to Sea City now and invite Miracle Doctor Jian back. If you cant, you can forget about coming back!”

Li Kun looked helpless.

The Li familys patriarch trembled and roared, “Why are you still here Get lost!”

Li Kun said helplessly, “Im afraid I wont be able to invite Doctor Jian this time. I helped Liu Xiner at the banquet previously. Doctor Jian probably knows about it.”

The Li familys patriarch said angrily, “Think of a way to remedy your mistake!”

“If you cant invite Doctor Jian back to save the old man, Ill chase you out of the Li family. I dont want an idiot like you as my son!”



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