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Hes My Ex-Husband

Hou Junlai pretended not to care and said, “I have nothing to do with her anymore. Whats there to be jealous about”

Although he said that, Hou Junlai still felt a little sad.

Hou Xiaoyu said happily, “Thats great! Brother, youve thought it through!”

Hou Junlai stopped talking. He didnt want to show his discomfort.

He didnt want anyone to find out he was jealous!

He didnt want Jian Xinger to notice his jealousy the most!

When Jian Xinger saw Hou Junlai, she glanced at him before retracting her gaze.

Shangguan Ding asked curiously, “Is that man related to you”

Jian Xinger took a deep breath and said, “We just divorced. Hes my ex-husband!”

This was the first time Jian Xinger had said the word ex-husband.

A smile appeared on Shangguan Dings face as he slowly approached Jian Xinger and hugged her shoulders.

Jian Xinger frowned as she asked, “What do you want to do”

Shangguan Ding smiled as he said, “Of course Im helping you anger your ex-husband!”

Jian Xinger immediately reached out to push Shangguan Ding away.

Shangguan Ding looked into Jian Xingers eyes as he said, “You wont push me away.”

Jian Xinger immediately stopped what she was doing and eventually let Shangguan Ding hug her.

Jian Xinger felt bitter inside.

However, Jian Xinger didnt know why she agreed.

Perhaps she really wanted to anger Hou Junlai.

From the looks of it, Jian Xinger still couldnt let go of Hou Junlai. Otherwise, why would she do such a childish thing

Liu Xiner added, “I didnt expect Jian Xinger to be such a slut. She seduced a rich guy in just a few days. Fortunately, Hou Junlai dumped her. Its troublesome to keep such a woman!”

Hou Xiaoyu added, “Brother, Sister Xiner is right. If you want a wife, you have to find someone like Sister Xiner.”

“Sister Xiner is a good woman. Brother, youre really lucky to be able to marry her!”

Hou Junlai couldnt hear what the others were saying at all. His mind was in a mess.

Liu Xiner didnt have the guts to attack Jian Xinger at the Zhang familys charity banquet, but she wouldnt miss this opportunity to humiliate Jian Xinger.

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Liu Xiner tidied her evening gown and walked towards Jian Xinger.

When she walked closer, Liu Xiner had a smile on her face as she questioned, “Jian, youre a piece of trash who relied on seducing men to survive. How are you qualified to attend the charity banquet organized by the Zhang family”

Jian Xinger immediately retorted, “If Im trash, what are you Youre worse than trash!”

Liu Xiner was furious. How dare Jian Xinger call her worse than trash

Jian Xinger said coldly, “What Did I say something wrong Can you compare to trash”

“If you were not the daughter of the Liu family, you would be a nobody. What right do you have to show off Do you dare to say that you earned everything you have now”

Liu Xiner was rendered speechless.

She didnt want to embarrass herself at this banquet!

Especially since Hou Junlai was right behind them.

Liu Xiner said proudly, “No matter what, Im still the daughter of the Liu family. In a few years, Ill become the CEO of the Liu Corporation.”

“What about you Youre nothing. If not for the Hou family taking you in back then, you would have starved to death on the streets. Now that youve been divorced by Hou Junlai and chased out of the Hou familys home, you cant rely on Junlai anymore. You can only beg on the streets!”

Hou Xiaoyu also walked over and said viciously, “Jian Xinger, youre too shameless. My brother doesnt want you anymore. You guys are already divorced, but you still followed him to the banquet”

Jian Xinger had a calm expression. She didnt want to talk to these two idiots at all.

Liu Xiner and Hou Xiaoyu were like mad dogs that bit anyone they saw. Jian Xinger didnt want to lower herself to the level of mad dogs.

Hou Xiaoyu turned to look at Shangguan Ding and immediately said, “Sir, you have such bad taste!”

“Youre so handsome, so why would you be with someone like Jian Xinger When she was still the daughter-in-law of the Hou family, she was very promiscuous. Her only ability was to act like a slut!”

Shangguan Ding was clever, so by now, he could tell what was going on.

Shangguan Ding found it funny.

From the moment he saw Jian Xinger, Shangguan Ding knew that she wasnt an ordinary person.

Shangguan Ding said coldly, “Its not that I have bad taste, but you people have bad taste.”

“The Hou family will definitely regret it. I havent known Jian Xinger for long, so I dont know her capabilities. However, from my experience, Jian Xinger is a capable person. I can only say that you people are short-sighted. She is way out of the league of you people.”



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