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Surely you understand that someone who has an S-rank referral must be at this level at the least.”

I felt that the speed of Luminous’ movements increased once more.

Rei and Ace’s movements faltered as they stopped for a moment, bewildered at the sudden increase.

‘She’s coming…!’

My intuition had told me as much.

“This is the end for you!”

I had expected as much.

But the speed with which she came was more than I expected and the sword saint’s sword flew towards me.


I somehow managed to hastily prepare myself and successfully stop Luminous’ sword.

I just barely managed to stop it… I thought I was going to die…

“Oh That surprised me.

How do you have such a good reaction”

“Trust me; I’m even more surprised than you!”

Acquired the Extra Skill『Superhuman Reaction』due to the status obtained through Ability Absorption.Acquired the Extra Skill『Super Senses』due to the status obtained through Ability Absorption.

That voice sounded in my head again.

I wondered if it was possible that something would happen if I tried to combine these skills with『Superhuman Strength』from the other day.

Still, I never would’ve thought that I would be able to obtain Extra Skills in such rapid succession… it felt like I was living in a dream… it was a great help.

“Yep, you pass.”

Luminous sheathed her sword and said as much.

“In the name of Luminous the Sword Saint, I grant you the title of S-ranked adventurer.”

It was only one short fight, but still, maybe I should be happy to have been able to gain experience through a clashing of swords with the Sword Saint.


“That hurts, Nina-san.”

Before I knew it, Nina-san had appeared and given me her blessing with a huge bear hug.

“You are S-ranked adventurer! That’s a really amazing achievement!”

“It definitely is, huh”

“Yes! And, not only are your familiars growing stronger, Land-san is as well.”

“It does seem that way.”

‘Perhaps that voice sounding in my head is something that happens when I need it.

I wonder if I continue to use Taming and Necromancy from now on, whether it’s possible to reach the point where I have figured out how I am acquiring these skills and status.

They seem to appear at the precise time I need them most.’

“You are both S-ranked solo adventurers, right If you formed a party right this moment, you would both be recognized as heroes.”


That’s an interesting thought, but well, I’d like to enjoy myself while going solo for a little bit.”

“Me too.”

“Is that so… that’s too bad.”

“But well, if this guy said something to me, I might consider it.”

What Luminous said shocked me.

It was an invitation from a living legend.

For a moment, I almost unintentionally followed along without thinking about it.

But, in the first place, I didn’t understand anything about being a Necromancer.

“Well, it’s fun to think about for a bit.”

The Sword Saint gave a broad smile while laughing and held out her hand to exchange a handshake.

“Well then, is that all you need from me”


If something comes up, please come again.”

“Okay! I’ll be messing around with some monsters in the area, since it sounds like a good time.”

With those words, Luminous was gone like the wind.

She was a beautiful woman who seemed to personify her nickname Gale.


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