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“Friends… Friends…”

“Is it no good”

“N-no, it’s not no good! It’s just… you are a human, right The atmosphere just feels a little different.”

“Huh Is that so”

I was curious about what was different about the atmosphere, but it was probably best not to stray from the conversation.

“Umm… Well… ”

“What is it…”

Milim started to moan.

I waited quietly for a while.

“I’m afraid of humans.”

“Afraid…” It was an unexpected sentence.

While it’s common for humans to fear vampires, I hadn’t thought about the opposite being true.

“We are aware that we are creatures that cannot coexist with humans.

But even those who did not interfere with humans have been completely harvested.

None of those around me have become sacrifices.

So I don’t hold a grudge, but… it’s been ingrained in my consciousness that humans are scary.”

“Is that so…”

The vampire girl spoke timidly.

There was a time when vampire hunters flourished, a hundred or more years ago.

There might also be a difference in how time is perceived between humans and vampires.

“Can’t humans be trusted”

“Yes… that’s right.

If they are my kin, they won’t betray me.

Kins are subordinates and comrades… and children.”

I didn’t know how I appeared in Milim’s eyes that were now dripping with tears.

But I felt like it was not just self-conceit that made her feel a little different, for me, the fear that should have been directed towards humans.

“In that case, let’s do this.

Make me your kin.

I am a Necromancer and I am able to make contracts with undead creatures like you, Milim.”

“A Necromancer… I see…”

I knew she was curious about it, but I put it off for now.

“Mirim, make me one of your kin.”

“What happens when we make a contract”

“Well… I wonder…”

“Wait a minute!”

“We’re both new at this…”

“Hmph, well… I guess that’s true.

If you put it that way, I guess I can do it with you!”


Not only did I escape the danger of death, but I also managed to bring her over to my side as an ally.

She seemed like a powerful companion.

“By the way… I’ll wait a little bit before making you my kin.”


“Well, you see… being someone’s ‘kin’ is a contract that can’t be undone.

Breaking it means death.

So, shouldn’t we start off on something a little lighter first”

“I see.”

“Besides, as far as I know, contracts made with necromancers don’t involve the undead being subjected to their masters unilaterally.

So, if we’re going to be companions… it might be better to go that route.”

I wonder what’s going on.

As she told me this, her face turned red and she averted her eyes while giving off an aura that made me want to protect her.


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