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“This is…”

I asked Milim to explain again the skill she showed me.

“『Black fog』, the ability to literally generate fog or vaporize oneself.”

“That’s amazing…”

If you can vaporize, physical attacks should hardly have any effect on you.

“And 『King of the Night』.

The ability to generate familiars using one’s own magical power.”



There are various other ways to use it, but I mainly use it for that.

Oh, I also used it to heal your arm earlier.”

“Is that so What an incredible skill!”


It feels good to become stronger again after such a long time.”

“I’m glad.”

“So, what are we going to do next Become kings that control monsters together”

‘What’s with that Quit being an adventurer and become a demon king’

I decided to ignore it.

“If you don’t mind, how about we go on an adventure together as adventurers”

“That’s fine with me! It looks like it will be interesting.”

That’s good.

I said we would become companions, but I didn’t know if she would go along with me.

It seems he liked the idea though.

“Then, let’s go back to the guild…ah, a place with a lot of humans…”

“It’s okay with me as long as you’re there.”

“I see…”

I thought she had forgiven me, being a human, quite quickly.

Could this be due to the influence of necromancy

“My name is Land.”


“I didn’t tell you my name.”

“Land… Land! It’s a nice name! ”

I ended up returning to the guild with a strangely, high-tensioned, Milim.

“Oh, wait.”

“What’s wrong”

“I feel like these guys said they wanted to go somewhere.”

I was originally dragged along by Rei and Ace.


“They’re cute, these guys.”

Rei, being petted and wagging his tail, was definitely cute.

“They wanted to go to Milim’s place, right”


“I see…”

“Wait a minute! I don’t understand what they’re saying! ”

“Oh, right.

Uh… can this be modified”

I took out Rei and Ace’s bodies from the 『Spirit Coffin』.

“Ace said to give their corpses to Milim.”

“That was the 『Twilight Coffin』, right”

“No, it’s the 『Spirit Coffin』.”

“Probably the 『Twilight Coffin』 would be more convenient.

Try using it.”

‘Easily said than…’ 

I was thinking that when that voice echoed, interrupting me.

You have obtained the 『Twilight Coffin』.


“So we don’t have to carry all our belongings by hand anymore.”



Ace, who had been carrying the baggage, howled.

He looked and sounded worried about his work being taken from him.


I’ll be relying on you more from now on.”

It looked like what I had told him motivated him.

He had a tough appearance, but he was actually quite cute and simple.


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