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Contract Beast, Flame Lion!

Although Xiao Lanmei’s concession caused a lot of discussion, with the start of the third match the entire royal arena became quiet again.

“Third match, Nangong Aochen vs.

Gong Shaoqing!”

Hearing this, Baili Hongzhuang and others’ eyes fell on Gong Shaoqing.

This was a battle without much suspense.

Even though Gong Shaoqing successfully broke through to the Red Realm, it still pales in comparison to Nangong Aochen’s fifth-level strength in the Red Realm.

It’s not that Gong Shaoqing’s strength is not strong enough, but Nangong Aochen is really too perverted.

After all, their cultivation conditions are not as good as Nangong Aochen which is the reason for the cultivation gap.

“Gong Shaoqing, go for it!”

Baili Hongzhuang had a faint smile on her face.

Even if it couldn’t change the result, the competition was still a way to gain experience.

Fighting against the strong often allows them to understand more about the power of the strong, which will be of great help for their cultivation.

In her previous life, she competed with the masters of the family from time to time.

From the initial rout to later being able to persevere, this kind of progress often makes people feel more accomplishment.

For cultivators, mindset is extremely important.

Failure is not terrible, every cultivator will fail on the road forward, what is terrible is not daring to face failure.

“Go for it! Just show the Canglan Academy spirit!” Cui Haoyan shouted.

In this case, it was difficult knowing it would be a loss, but they wanted to encourage Gong Shaoqing, so they could only offer such encouragement.

Feeling everyone’s goodwill, Gong Shaoqing’s iceberg-like face also melted a bit, “Don’t worry, I will do my best.”

After coming to Lingyin Academy and seeing the strength of Nangong Xiujie and others, he understood that although he was quite famous at Canglan Academy, there was still a big gap with other cultivators.

In fact, it is not without reason that Canglan Academy has been at the bottom in the last two academy exchange competitions.

With harder conditions, Canglan Academy does have a considerable gap with the other two major academies.

If Baili Hongzhuang hadn’t had a chance to change the rankings, he wouldn’t have been able to help Canglan Academy regain its honor.

His mood had been depressed and helpless, but he had finally returned to the current calm.

It is not terrible to lag behind, as long as he continues to work hard, it is not impossible to close these gaps in the future.

The phrase “give up” did not exist in Gong Shaoqing’s dictionary.

“I’m going.” After he said this, Gong Shaoqing immediately walked to the high platform.

Liu Qinyue looked at Gong Shaoqing’s back as he left, wanting to say something but unable to say anything in the end.

No matter what, Gong Shaoqing will always be the hero of her heart.

Nangong Aochen stood on the competition stage again, beside him, a flame lion was looking at Gong Shaoqing aggressively.

“My God, this is the contracted beast of His Royal Highness, the flame lion!”

“I heard that the flame lion has the strength of the fifth level of the Red Realm.

Ordinary contracted beasts are no match for the flame lion.”

“Does His Highness the Crown Prince need to do anything himself As long as the flame lion makes a move, Gong Shaoqing has already failed.”

Everyone’s eyes were attracted by the majestic flame lion.

They saw that the beast had red flaming hair all over its body.

It was a lion with the attribute of fire, and its attack power was also very powerful.

The royal family had spent a lot of effort to help Nangong Aochen find this flame lion.


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