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Reiner never saw Rosie after that day. Rosie completely disappeared. Reiner fell into agony. Rosie is presumed dead, even though the police never found her body. A month after she disappeared, they found a bone fragment from Rosies left arm in the same spot where blood was found. It was a white bone covered in a bit of skin, surrounded by flies, and smelling awful. The cut of the arm is neat; its truly not torn. Its a sign that someone had indeed killed Rosie and cut off her arm with a knife.

After that, Rosies disappearance case was closed. They conclude that she died by mutilation. Rosies murderer was very intelligent; he or she didn leave any traces.

Reiner did not give up. With the help of his cousin, Noramaya, he tries to find Rosie.

"I am aware that my wife now has mental retardation. However, for me, she is still the same as before—still the beautiful and innocent girl I married five years ago, to whom I promised to love, a place to live, and happiness so that she would leave her hometown and marry me. I love her very much. I beg you, my only cousin, help me find her," Reiner said to Nora.

Noramaya agreed with the polices conclusion that Rosie had died due to mutilation. She wanted Reiner to forget Rosie. However, seeing Reiners dire condition, Noramaya decides to help look for Rosie. However, Reiner is his only remaining blood relative.

Month after month passed, and they were still searching for Rosie. However, they did not find any clue to Rosies whereabouts.

Amid despair and longing for his wife, Reiner

goes crazy. He rarely bathed and changed his clothes. His blue eyes are glazed and always wet with tears. Her lemon-yellow hair was limp and odoriferous. His beard grew long. Hes like a madman roaming around the street. He looks sad and confused.

And according to the neighbors, he had truly gone mad. Previously, they understood that Reiner was in mourning after the death of his beloved wife. They are, however, increasingly disturbed by his bizarre behavior. He usually walks.

shuffled by clutching a photo of his wife. He speaks for himself in the photo. He kissed the photo, dancing with it in the crowd.

"Is that the man who went mad after the death of his wife?" people said while pointing at him if he appeared in a public place.

Everything was so painful for Reiner. Every night after Rosie went missing, he couldn sleep properly. Reiner looked at the entire world blankly; only at Rosies picture did he gaze with passion. Reiner waited for Rosie to return. He knew that one day Rosie would be separated from him by death, but he was sure now was not the time. They had only been together for five years. Reiner

has not fulfilled his promises to Rosie. He hasn confessed how much he loves her. Reiner believed the universe could not take

Rosie has left him so early.

Rosies search was never successful.

A month before their sixth wedding anniversary, a month before

Rosie has been missing for a year, and Reiner has a good dream. That night, he fell asleep on the couch. He dreamed that rose vines were growing from his chest. The rose was shackled and spread all over his body. He couldn move. His chest was tight with something. He had trouble breathing. Slowly, a blue butterfly colony and his blood came out of his mouth. And he died in that dream.

Reiner awoke from his sleep and felt that the dream was a good omen. The roses are Rosie, and he is the blue butterfly. Roses grow thickly, which means Rosie is still alive. Thats how Reiner looks for a glimmer of hope about Rosie.

even if that hope is unreasonable.

"Blue butterflies flew out of my body. It hurts, and I swear

The pain felt real. The whole dream felt real. I guess It was the universes way of telling me that Rosie was still here."

Reiner said to Noramaya.


e making this up. You

e not clearheaded, trust me. Right now you

e grief-stricken, and I know your heart will seek any hope. no matter how stupid the hope is. Do you believe in dreams? You are testing my patience. I guess, Reiner, my dear cousin, it is time for you to accept reality. She has gone. Can you see the arm bone and the blood? Find another woman, Reiner. Forget Rosie."

"No way. Until I find her, dead or alive, I won forget.

to her."

"Do you want to spend a lifetime in this madness? Can you see

How are people already complaining to me about your weirdness? They laughed when you fed sushi to that picture of Rosie."

"She loves to eat sushi."

"Oh, for gods sake. I could go crazy too."

"What if... What if shes still alive? Shes somewhere, alone.

frigid and hungry. She was waiting for me to bring her home, to

save her. If I gave up, she would be miserable. She will wait.


"If she exists somewhere, then that place is the underworld," Nora said fiercely.

Nora decided to give up. She is no longer helping Reiner. Reiner decided to do the last step. He has reached the endpoint. Its time he asked the universe where his lover is. Reiner went a long way. He went to the place where the universe met him and Rosie for the first time.

It is a tiny island in western Asia. The island is named Anjani Island, Rosies hometown. an island that has been well-known internationally for its beautiful beach collections. Reiner first met Rosie on a beach when he "escaped" from his boring routine for a while.

Rosie was not an elegantly beautiful girl when Reiner first saw her. She looked dirty. She is thin and malnourished. weak and simple.

They were by the beach, and Reiner was watching her from afar. Reiner was amazed when he realized that she was the girl in the painting that he had always wanted. Reiner found a painting years ago. That painting shows a pretty girl with blue eyes and blonde hair. Reiner fell in love with the girls the moment he saw the painting. And that moment, when he sees Rosie for the first time, he realizes that he has found the girl from the painting, but this real girl has black hair and brown eyes. Apart from that, everything is the same. The face, smile, and even the waves of her hair are the same. Their names are also the same: Roxelana.

Reiner immediately thought that the loneliness in his soul would soon end because the universe

has brought him together with the "dream lover" he has been

asked for. He has found his soulmate. And the woman is so young.

beautiful and exciting. Reiner is a very lucky man.

Now, he was back on the beach, hitting the same sand where he had seen Rosie for the first time. It was night, and Reiner brought up Rosies picture. He looked at the dark ocean. Then he kneeled and spoke to the universe. He let out all the anger and sadness stored in his heart.

"Universe, why does it have to be Rosie? She never does anything wrong. She never hurt anyone. The truth is, Im the one to blame for everything. When you entrusted Rosie to me, I was hurt and abandoned her. I have ruined the life of a little girl who loves and trusts me. I hurt her heart, soul, and body. Thats the reality. If anyone deserves to be punished, then its me, not her. It should have been my blood that they found.

And after death, I will burn in the deepest hell because of my sins. I accept it as punishment. There are only two things I ask of you: First, please give her health and happiness, wherever she is. The second: let me always live by her side. I no longer want children, love, or happiness. All I want are those two things. I have buried my other desires. Im also willing to exchange whatever I have as long as you grant my wish. You can take my eyes, my mind, my wealth, my health, and even my life. Im willing to exchange it all. Let me live with her. Bring her back to my arms. I will continue to look for her, and I believe that you will bring us together."

Reiner continued his search for Rosie after that. He returned to Mayakarta and his tiny house. On the eve of their sixth wedding anniversary, Reiner decorated the house and organized a celebration.

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