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Chapter 34 Smooth Return

Their carriage quickly left the country of the Yuling Kingdom.

At the time of their stay, Yuzhen was bedridden and never left the compound of Wan Demonic Sect.

That’s why he always had to stretch his head to the window of the carriage as they drove back, looking like a naughty child.

He is a Prime Minister.

Why so curious about these basic things Yan Tenghua’s mouth was silent, but his thoughts weren’t.

Liu Yuzhen’s behavior was beyond his understanding which made Wan Xunye’s guess more reliable.

But if Liu Yuzhen was not the real Liu Yuzhen, who could he be Which killer would be so short about a country’s basic knowledge, and which country’s spy would be willing to give up to save him

There were too many things to consider, it was better to believe him for the time being.

Except that he shouted Liu Ling’s name in his dream, which made his sense of vigilance soar a few times in an instant.

He could tolerate other things because Liu Yuzhen did not say that he hated him and helped him find Zhijun.

Although the whereabouts of Zhijun were still unknown at the moment.

“What are you thinking” A crisp and loud voice interrupted his thinking.

“I’m talking to you, why are you ignoring me”

“What did you say” He looked back and was greeted with Liu Yuzhen’s innocent eyes.

Liu Yuzhen thought that this person was deliberately ignoring himself, However, in actuality, Yan Tenghua was in a daze! In a daze! When he relaxes his vigilance again, he should be able to escape.

With such a small number of guards, and his experience of escaping as an agent,  it would absolutely be not a problem.

He even heard that they had found Yan Zhijun, therefore there’s nothing wrong with him escaping.

He couldn’t help but smile, dismiss Emperor Yan, and continued to lie on the window to see the scenery.

The Yuling Kingdom was west of the world territory and borders the Liu Kingdom.

If it was not for the Yuling Kingdom’s combat power that was not as good as Great Yan, and the Liu Kingdom offending Great Yan first, it would be estimated that the small country such as Liu Kingdom would be integrated into the Yuling Kingdom based on the scope.

Going westward was the desperate sand impasse- Feng Kingdom.

It is said that sand was the natural barrier of the Feng Kingdom and outsiders cannot easily enter.

Even if they could break in, few could only survive.

After listening to those legends, Liu Yuzhen, a kid who grew up in the Gobi desert couldn’t sit still.

If he escaped, his first choice must be the Feng Kingdom.

The carriage passed through the mountains and valleys, and flew past the remote villages of the Yuling Kingdom.

The scenery before him was much more than that of the remote villages in his time.

It was one thing to see the green scenery and pleasant scenery, and it was another to see the simple and people’s bitter life.

Yuzhen was lying on the window with one hand supporting his cheek when he suddenly heard the sound of an approaching horse in front. 

At that moment, as they bypassed each other, Liu Yuzhen saw a man wearing a straw hat, but with a very beautiful face.

When the other person looked up and as soon as their gazes met, Liu Yuzhen instantly felt shocked.

His eyes were clear and gentle, and Yuzhen unconsciously stretched his head outside and chased a look at the man riding a horse.

If he hadn’t felt that Yan Tenghua’s breath was very close, he would have not shrink back and let go of the opportunity of snatching a horse to escape.

Emperor Yan’s eyes were scary as ever and were undoubtedly aimed at him again. 

“Are you looking at him Why Do you know him”

Liu Yuzhen did not hesitate, turned his head and said, “He could be your opponent.

That person looks good and feels more comfortable in the eyes.”


Yan Tenghua’s anger rose rapidly.

However, seeing  Liu Yuzhen’s wound that relapsed due to their tossing just now, he chose not to be rude. 

“Liu Yuzhen, you’d better not forget to bring the eldest princess back.

She hasn’t come back for a day.

Your life and others’ lives are still in this King’s hands.

This King hopes you can think it over before you look at others casually.

If you’re not happy, this King can let you die at any time.”

Still saying such disgusting words. Liu Yuzhen only stared at him. Even if you want to threaten others, don’t mix such an ambiguous premise. 

“Speaking of Princess Zhijun, did Zipei really meet her”

The carriage was still moving at a fast pace and the bumps were annoying.

Yan Tenghua’s eyes still stared at the direction where the man disappeared, never moving his gaze, as if he really was angry. 

“He saw her.

It’s a pity that she was taken away by others again.”

Liu Yuzhen leaned against the window and sat on his side with his knees bent, looking very chic.

 “It’s strange that you sounded like you don’t care about your sister anymore.

However, when we first met, you were so adamant and even told me to pay you with my life if your sister was not returned.

Why don’t I see you being worried about her now” 

His eyes suddenly became keen, and even his breath became serious.

“Could it be that she’s already returned to the palace, and you just deliberately made an excuse to not let me leave Great Yan”

Emperor Yan’s face suddenly changed, and his attention immediately shifted from outside the carriage to Liu Yuzhen’s body.

Prime Minister Liu was a well-known counselor.

Just now, he really exhibited such a powerful insight.

But should he praise him at this time It might be wise to still be on guard against him.

Emperor Yan showed a guarded expression.

Liu Yuzhen also knew that he was very talkative.

He clearly knew that Emperor Yan would likely be happy imprisoning him and looking for the princess was just a guise, nevertheless couldn’t help but want to expose him.

The temperature inside the carriage suddenly dropped several degrees, which made people almost want to shiver.

“This King can’t rest assured of Zhijun’s affairs.

But since you said it was not you’re doing, this King is willing to believe you in your performance during this period.

But don’t get carried away.

If this King finds out that this is just your plan with Liu Ling, this King will definitely make your life worse than death……So Liu Yuzhen… Even if you cheat on this King, never let this King know the truth or you will regret it.”

Yuzhen swallowed his saliva.

Recently, Yan Tenghua has become more and more frightening.

He doesn’t know what has irritated him like this.

He looked like a bully.

Now I don’t know what will happen if I want to escape from Yan Tenghua.

The hesitation in his heart slowly spreaded to his limbs.

He stared at Emperor Yan’s face, that was a completely man’s face! If he stayed, wouldn’t he acquiesced to being with Emperor Yan Pondering the words he had just heard, he always felt like he wanted to be together with him.

Wait, a romantic relationship Is this a joke

In a lush green area, the man took off his straw hat and looked back at the far away carriage silently.

His eyes were as clear as before and he was so beautiful that his face seemed to be carved by the gods.

“Guards.” His lips opened slightly, and his words were like falling beads.

Immediately, three men in black kneeled in front of him.

The guards appeared out of nowhere and without a sound, their posture was neat and appeared well trained.

“Go and check for me who that was.”


“If it wasn’t for Emperor Yan, I would have invited him.

If it is…….”

The man’s smile suddenly became more charming. What does the smile contain Unfortunately, only the guards around him know…….


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