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Tagaya’s Revenge

“You three, especially Tagaya-san.

Why are you here”

Well, I can still understand the suspicious two.

It’s possible that when they came down to the level where this boss room was, they thought the door was open, no one was there because Rin and the others had defeated the high orcs.

But, strangely, Tagaya is here.

Tagaya is supposed to be under house arrest right now to take responsibility for that incident at the Demon Dog Dungeon.

“Ah, Amamiya-san.

Who are those people”

Rin, who had approached me, asked me a question.

“It’s a little hard to explain …… but one of them is a guy who can’t be here.


I glare at him while explaining, but keeping my guard up.


Well, that’s the way it is.

I’m sorry I got you and the girls involved in this.”

The language and attitude in that apology are different.

He has a thuggish tone, his eyes are vacant, and he has a thin smile.

That is not good.

He is insane.

“If it’s bad enough that I’m involved in this, then the objective is me.

What do you think you’re doing You.”

“I’m not going to do anything about it.

I’m just here to get revenge on you.”

“Revenge ……”

Maybe he’s still bitter about what happened and has been looking for an opportunity to get revenge.

If so, I should consider the other two as collaborators.

“Yes, that’s right.

I haven’t forgotten what happened then.

Because of you, I was suspended.

And I have to spend the rest of my life under surveillance at the branch.

It’s all your fault.”

“So you’re asking the two guys there to help you get revenge.”

“Yeah, that’s right.

But that’s not all.

But that’s not all.

I haven’t forgotten that you set me up by lying to me about defeating a mutant monster.

I’m going to make you suffer a lot for that too!”

“What’s that! You’re saying you’re holding a grudge!”

Rin, who heard Tagaya’s story, became angry and glared at Tagaya.

Anju and Rina also glared at Tagaya with anger, though they didn’t say it out loud.

“Han! What about it I ain’t getting my future life back no matter what I do! Then I’ll have to kill that guy and get rid of my sorrow!”

He’s crazy.

His eyes are out of focus and don’t seem very normal.

“Sorry, but I’m not going to be killed either.

I’m going to resist.”

I can see Tagaya’s level isn’t that high, and the other two are D-rank dungeons.

That’s about the level of monsters they can defeat.

At least they are not my enemies who can defeat D-rank dungeon bosses solo and head-on.

“Oh yeah, kill him! You guys! Show them that it’s useless to resist now! But don’t kill the women!” ” …… Roger.”


Tagaya orders his two companions behind him.

I immediately ready my Dagger of Speed, expecting them to attack.

But contrary to my expectations, they didn’t attack me.

They just held up their guns and pointed them at me.

So, what should I do

It would be easy just to beat them.

But if I do it without holding back, they will die from my attack.

While I was thinking about how to defeat those two, Rin, who was standing next to me, took a step forward and stood in front of me.

As if to protect me.

“Rin! What are you doing!”

I couldn’t help but raise my voice.

“What do you mean …… I thought it would be too hard for two people to be alone, Amamiya-san.


“No, I’m glad you’re worried about me, but there’s no problem.

Rin and the others should let me deal with them and escape.

So leave this to me…”

“No, you can’t do that! Besides, we’re already involved too! Let’s go! [God Speed]!”

“Oh, you idiot!”

Before I can stop her, Rin uses her unique skill, [God Speed], to instantly move in front of the man with the Saw Off Shotgun, and she swings down with the sword still in its sheath.


However, the man grabs the sword swung down with one hand, and stops it.


Then, in a fluid motion, he fires a kick toward Rin’s stomach.

“Ugh …… kuhaaa…….”

The man’s attack hit Rin beautifully.

Fortunately, thanks to his protective gear, it doesn’t seem to be a fatal wound, but it still seems to be quite effective, and Rin is blown away by us as it is.

“Rin! Are you okay


Rina shoots out a light and activates her recovery magic.

Then, Rin’s HP recovered as fast as she could see it, and soon she was on her knees, holding her stomach.

“Rin’s enemy ……!”


The moment Anju holds up the dagger, a bullet fired from the sniper rifle held by the man who is not the one who kicked Rin away blows away the dagger held by Anju.

“……I’ll hit you next time.


“Ha! These guys are explorers who usually hide in D-rank dungeons! There’s no way they can lose to guys like you who hide in E-rank dungeons!”

Indeed, Tagaya is right.

These three are as strong as if they were only diving in a D-rank dungeon.

Their equipment is of good quality, and the atmosphere they wear gives the impression that they have been in battle for a long time and are used to it.

But still, he’s no match for me right now.


The man with the sniper rifle who shot Anju’s dagger now adjusts his muzzle to me.

“Do it!”


I silently continued to stare at the muzzle of the sniper rifle.

After a few moments of staring, fire erupts from the muzzle.

But the bullet never hits me.


I blocked the bullet by cutting it with my Dagger of Speed.


Tagaya is astonished by my action.

Well, if it was just a gun that wasn’t enhanced with magical tools, this would be a piece of cake at my current level.

And since my level is over 600 agility, and my mental power specialized BP swing, even the slightest gunshot would not be able to catch me.

Besides, I’m already compensated for my agility by the Demon Dog’s Bracelet, so a mere bullet is so slow.

“What the hell”

“What was that”

I took the Dragon Tree Bow from [Item Box], created two transparent arrows with [Magic Arrow], and attached them to the bow.

“Multiple multi-lock on …… shh!”

Then, I aim the sniper rifle and shotgun with [Multiple Lock-On] and shoot the arrows out with the bow pointing upward to hit them.

Then, the two arrows shot out in an upward direction bend gnarly as they are flying upward, and each one pierces the sniper rifle and shotgun.

They then went straight through, shattering both the sniper rifle and the shotgun.


“…… what!”

“Hey, hey, what did you do!!!!!!!”

The three of them shouted in confusion at the unexpected attack I unleashed.

I ignored their voices, put the Dragon Tree Bow in the [Item Box], and took out the Dagger of Speed.

“This is the end.”



I aim at the two remaining men, one with a knife and the other with a fist, and swing the dagger horizontally like a fan.

Then, a tremendous wind pressure is generated from the trajectory of the dagger, blowing the bodies of the two men away.

What a surprise, I was able to do this.

Various statuses, right



When the two are blown away, they are slammed against the wall and stuck.

They still have some HP left, so they won’t die.

I mean, they won’t die, right If it’s just me, it’s fine, but since Rin and the others got involved, I have no intention of forgiving them.

And I tried to get Tagaya involved, too.

I tried to aim at him, but unfortunately, I don’t know if it was wild intuition or not, but I didn’t hit it because the wind pressure didn’t reach him.

“Wha, what’s this”

“Wow, that’s amazing.”


I checked to see if Rin and the others were involved.

Rin was shouting, seemingly surprised by what had happened in front of her.

And Rina looked surprised but somewhat impressed.

Finally, only Anju was nodding and hm-hming, as if she was satisfied with what I had done.

But now I’ve neutralized Tagaya’s forces for revenge.

“Well, I’ve defeated the explorer you were relying upon.

Shall I ask you to surrender meekly”


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