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Extra Chapter by Luce


What is it This time

It’s been an hour since then.

More explorer reinforcements have arrived, but now everyone is picking their noses together and watching the orcs get killed by the scent.

“It’s amazing~ that guy~.”

While I’m talking with Rin and the others, I stare at the man who continues to be a warrior alone.

How long will that person keep posing

Starting with the side chest–


–Side triceps.


–Front Lat Spread.

“Whew! ……”

–Back Lat Spread.

“…… yeah!”

–Abdominal & Thigh.


–Hind Squat.

And one after another, he posed and spread the smell.

I’m not tired of watching this situation, and it’s pretty funny

But at first, I’m pissed! I coughed in the middle of the session, as if I was choking on my breath, then I almost lost consciousness.

From there on, no one took their hands off their noses to watch, and I moved to a place where the smell was a little better.

I finally stopped picking my nose.

“Hey, Amamiya-san, is that okay”

“Hmm What”

“No, we’ve gotten used to it, but I think it’s pretty tough.”


As Rin said, it is a quite shocking sight when you see it for the first time, and some women may be close to their limits.

And now the men are killing the orcs that come up to them with their hands blocking their noses, tightening off the orcs with their nice bulk, and forcing them to sniff their breath.

Yeah, I feel like this is too tight.

I mean, not just the ladies, but me too.

It was disgusting.

I mean.

How much does that man need to spread his odor all over the place

He was taking out more perfume from his [Item Box], and the smell never stopped.

“Oh, here they come again.”

And the orc that just appeared was the 43rd wave.

He must have already defeated nearly 300 of them by himself, right

I think it’s time for him to get tired here.

“I haven’t lost my …… odor yet!”

Saying this, the man starts posing again.


He’s still awesome, this guy.

“He’s awesome.


“I think he’s awesome.

He’s fighting alone all the time Yeah.

Because he’s fighting.

But that’s weird, right”

“What’s wrong”

He looks at me with a strange look when he hears me.

“No, I thought the party was supposed to defeat the boss and secure Tagaya hasn’t come back.”


It’s been an hour since then.

There are five floors in this Rock Cave Dungeon, including the boss room.

Considering that the number of orcs coming out had decreased after the party that went to that boss room entered the dungeon, and that the number of orcs coming out returned to normal, they must have reached the boss room as well.

And yet, there’s still no sign of them coming back.

The monster stampede shows no sign of stopping.

“Sure …… it’s a little slow …….”


Then it’s still fine.


No matter.

If I start thinking about it, I get more and more anxious.


I stand up after regaining my composure from my once-distracted state.

“I’m going to go see the boss for a bit.”

“What It’s dangerous!”



“Yes, it is!”

“No, it’s too late for anything to happen.

Besides, we have that guy now.”

Yes, there’s the ultimate weapon that’s still fighting the orcs, so we should be safe here now.

“Well, I’m off then! If I don’t make it, I’ll be right back, don’t worry!”

“Wait, wait!”

I’m sorry!

Apologizing to Rin for trying to stop me, I ran into the dungeon and headed for the boss’s room.

At that time, I had to hold my nose to avoid inhaling the stench.

The orc ran through to the boss’s room, chopping away with my Dagger of Speed, and soon came in sight of the door.

And when I checked, the door was open.

The door broke into a sticky mess.

“Oh, come on, are you serious”

Did the boss knock them down

But then it’s odd that the door is sticky, and there were no people in the dungeon before us until we got here.

“What is this Don’t tell me they were all wiped out”

If so, that would be terrible.

The party that went in first was strong enough to defeat a C-rank monster.

If that party was wiped out.

Either the boss or Tagaya’s power is at least C rank over.

“I should pull back once here – Woah!”

As I thought that, something tentacle-like thing suddenly caught my arm, and I was dragged into the boss’s room.

“Damn! What is this”

I looked at the thing that grabbed my arm and saw it was a grotesque lump of a flesh-like tentacle.


When I confirm it, I immediately sever it with my Dagger of Speed.

“Huh …… what the hell is that”

But where on earth did this thing come from

I looked around with alarm and saw a large pool of blood and people lying in it.

“Are you kidding me”

That is dead.

And it’s not orc blood or anything, it’s people.

Some of the people were just lumps of flesh that had no shape left, and I could tell by the equipment that was left that the chunk of meat were people.

Some barely have any human form left, but as far as I can see, they are all dead.

“Seriously, ……!”

And there he was.

The guy still looked like a high orc, but he warped into an abomination, a head with the lengthened fangs of a high orc.

It had four arms, which had grown to four.

It also had four legs to support its huge body, and several tentacles sprouted from its body, which I think it used when it dragged me in.

And embedded in the giant body was.

“Is it Tagaya, ……”


It is Tagaya.

However, its arms are embedded, and although only the upper half of its body is visible, it is discolored black, and its eyes are reddish and glowing.

I’ve never seen this monster, but I know this much.

That is neither a person nor an ordinary monster.


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