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Boss Grinding!


So the next day.

Today, in order to raise my level, I came to the boss room of the Demon Dog Dungeon early in the morning and started the boss rounds.

First time

I defeated the high kobold using the same method as yesterday.

-Level increased by 15-

Second time

Using the same method as yesterday, I defeated the high kobold.

-Level increased by 14-

Third time

Same as yesterday.

-Level increased by 14-

The fourth time

I changed my fighting style a little.

My long-range attacks were deadly, so this time I shot two arrows made with [Magic Arrows] at the same time.

I wasn’t sure if I could hit the target with two arrows at the same time, but I know that it would hit.

I was able to kill them without any problem.

-Level increased by 13-

Fifth time

I guess the level has gone up too much, but the squeaking sound from the bow was louder than I heard yesterday.

But I guess it’s still possible.

-Level increased by 13-

The sixth time

I wonder if my level has gone up too much.

(abbreviated below)

-Level increased by 12-

Seventh time

After eating lunch, I fought against the high kobolds.

He was full of energy!

So maybe I put too much effort into it, but I heard more squeaking noises from the bow.

……I guess it’s time to change to a new bow that fits my status.

-Level increased by 12-

Eighth time.

I shot three [magic arrows] at the same time.

It was harder than when I shot two arrows, but I managed to do it.

I want to practice this more to get used to it.

-Level increased by 12-

Ninth time

The following is an abbreviation!

-Level increased by 12-

Tenth time

That is the tenth time to commemorate this event.

This time, I decided to fight it fair and square from the front.

When I entered the boss’s room, I saw a high kobold as usual.

When I entered the boss room, High Kobold instantly closed the distance and swung its sharp claws at me, just like the first time I fought it.

But this time, my agility status had improved with my higher level, so I could avoid them with a little more time to spare, combined with my experience from my solo fight.

Then I shoot an arrow.

The high kobolds that catch my arrow are blown away and slammed into the wall, and it gets back up with a grunt.

But before it moved again, I continued to shoot [Magic Arrow] once, twice, three times, four times, five times, six times, and seven times.

Then the high kobold stopped moving on the spot.

-Level increased by 11-

I think I will finish defeating the boss ten times this time.

I’m going to finish the boss ten times this time, or rather, I have to finish it.

“The bow is.”

As expected, the bow made a squeaky sound,  because I used it too much while my stats were rising.

The most important thing to remember is that I can’t just buy a new bow at this rate.

I have to buy a new bow before that happens.

……This bow was quite expensive, and since people rarely use a bow, people rarely sell bows, and if it is better than this, it is more likely that I will not find it.

“…… I don’t have a choice.

I’ll sell the magic stones I’ve saved and make some money to buy a bow.”

Fortunately, I have some magic stones and kobold materials in my [Item Box], so I should be able to make some money.

I wonder what to do about high kobolds.

A few days ago, I was diving in an E-rank dungeon, but if I suddenly put a C-rank monster on sale, it’s like saying something might happen.

I don’t want people to find out that I have two unique skills.

“It can’t be helped, but for the time being, high kobolds are not used for the wardrobe, but the [Item Box] as well.”

High kobolds are quite unpopular among explorers, so I don’t think the supply is keeping up with the demand, so I’m sure I can sell them at a high price.

Well, it can’t be helped.

“Let’s go outside for now.”

I checked the time on my wristwatch and it was still around one o’clock, so if I go outside now, I’ll have plenty of time to look for a bow, even if I have to move around and buy one.

Worst case scenario, I can take tomorrow off from exploring the dungeon.

All right! I’ll look for a bow!”

Thus, I proceeded toward the exit to leave the dungeon.

I proceeded carefully, but Kobolds kept popping up, so I kept on going to the exit while defeating them.

After about an hour of continuous progress, I finally make it back to the first level.

“Kuh~…… so close to the exit.”

Almost there.

Let’s not let my guard down, be careful, and be vigilant.

I hope I don’t get injured in any strange places.

“Oh no! Somebody aaaaaaah!!!!!!!”

“……! Someone’s creaming!”


“The voice is young ……, is the voice you just heard a child!”

The voice I heard earlier sounded hardly like an adult’s voice.

I don’t know why a child is in the dungeon, but I run toward the voice I heard.

After running for a while, I saw two children sitting on their butts crying and Takuto was being lifted by a white kobold holding him by the neck.

Takuto is trying to get the white kobold to let go of his hand and continues to kick the white kobold while he is being lifted.

But the white kobold won’t let go of the child’s hand and keeps smiling at him.

“……! Let go of Takuto-kun!”

The white kobold caught  Takuto-kun.

But before I could think about that, I had to get Takuto-kun!

I shoot a [Magic Arrow] at the kobold.

The arrow will hit the target if I use [Lock-On], but I don’t know what trajectory it will take.

So it might hit Takuto, and I can’t use my [Lock-On] skill.

Aim and fire with pure archery skill.

The arrow flies into the white kobold, thanks to my improved dexterity status.



But the white kobold easily avoids the arrow as it drops Takuto to the ground.

I continue to shoot at the white kobold, but the white kobold backsteps so fast that it can avoid the arrow one after the other.

But as I had hoped, I succeeded in making Takuto and the others keep their distance from me.

“Are all three of you okay”

I approach Takuto and the others, who are coughing, wary of the white kobolds.

“Gee! Gosh! Ni, bro ……”

“Okay, it looks like you’re okay.

Takuto, why are the three of you in this dungeon I’d like to ask you why you three are in this dungeon, but I’ll leave that for later.”

I’ve been on guard since a while ago, but I only have a bad feeling.

The unusual backstep speed with which it dodged my arrow and its white figure is different from that of a normal kobold.

And the claws and fangs on his left hand are so well-developed that it’s almost comical.

I can think of a white kobold that is different from normal kobolds.

“You’re a mutant monster.

…… I’ve never seen one before.



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