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Chapter 43.2 – If You Can’t Convince Him With Words, Then Convince Him With Sex!

The silver-white CaiYun Sword carried with it all of its owner’s power as it pierced straight through the seal at the lake’s center.

The water prison shattered as if it were a mirror, and the red-clothed man that had been imprisoned descended softly on the lake’s surface.

Demonic energy circled around his entire body, the strongest demonic cultivator of this generation had been freed, yet his focus seemed to be on nothing.

He Ku put his all into breaking the seal, he was weaponless and, naturally, was unable to block the Xuanmen Successor’s all-out attack.

Seeing his the QingLian Sword sink into the white-clothed youth’s shoulder, Bu Yaolian willed for the moon to fall from the clouds.

The moonlight scattered and the two who had used up all of their spiritual energy fell from the sky.

However, there was no smugness contained within Bu Yaolian’s eyes, only a deep confusion, he asked, “Why”

“People like you are never clear on what they genuinely want.

Bu Qingyun is different from you, his eyes have only ever looked at what he wanted.”

Maybe it was because his shoulder was crying out in pain that the young man’s voice was a bit weak, but even with his white robes stained red and his face so obscured by blood that it no longer resembled an immortal’s, he smiled.

That was a smile of satisfaction, of having gotten what he had wanted, as if the spring flowers and the autumn moon had converged in the young man’s eyes, he had already obtained the best the world had to offer and had absolutely no regrets.

The only expression on his face and in his heart was joy.

This was the first time Bu Yaolian saw such a look on this face, and he knew that it wasn’t made for him.

Just as the two of them landed, the CaiYun Sword suddenly attacked.

Although there was no sword intent, it was enough for the QingLian Sword to be shaken from his hand.

Bu Yaolian only saw a red blur flash past him before he was launched into the air.

When he looked up again, he only saw that demonic cultivator offhandedly sheathe the CaiYun sword and land with the white-robed young man in his arms, his expression full of heartache.

However, when the young man opened his eyes, that look of his regained its previous calm.

It was as if he was still as indifferent to the vicissitudes of the world.

He just sighed, “Is that you, suffering”

He Ku naturally didn’t see the split second change in He Huan’s expression.

In fact, he couldn’t tell if the momentary pain in his heart—as if he was stabbed by a knife—was actually from He Huan’s side or his own real pain, after all, he did get a sword to the shoulder.

He had planned to descend from the sky like he was a heavenly soldier, and after he saved He Huan he would leave in style, but didn’t expect that this heroic reunion would end up like those cliched “leave me, no, save yourself!” male-female lead moments.

Yet, this ‘male lead’ wasn’t cooperative at all, he just put on a deadass “I’m just here to watch” expression.

Just thinking about it made him feel slightly depressed.

His brows came together fiercely, “It’s your fault for giving me this name! Stop being ridiculous, I’m dying, hurry and help me stop the bleeding!”

He Huan had already used demonic energy to help him heal the wound the moment he got to him, seeing He Ku so lively right now, he could only laugh, “It’s not my fault you don’t want ‘Bu QingYun’ such a nice sounding name.”

“You can even laugh at a time like this, you heartless bastard! Wait until I’m healed and see what I’ll do to you!”

Although he was complaining, as soon as he saw this familiar smile, He Ku only felt that all his worries disappeared.

Leaning into the somewhat icy embrace of the spirit body, he let his mind rest, and quietly said:

“Although the name He Ku doesn’t sound great, anyone would know that it pairs with He Huan the moment one hears it, so I like it.”

He was rarely so obedient in front of He Huan, and when he suddenly said this, He Huan only felt his heart thump.

In fact, from the moment He Ku burst into the vicinity of the Fallen Immortal Lake, his heart had faintly begun to stir.

He never really had any morals, but he didn’t expect to have indecent thoughts towards himself.

He even wanted to kiss his teenage self, He Huan, do you have no shame

In his heart, he mercilessly crushed that bud in its infancy, stopped the bleeding from the youth’s shoulder, then changed the topic, “That last strike you executed was quite powerful, when did you learn it”

“When I thought of you on the Snowy Mountains, I named it ‘Moon Ascension’.”

He Ku, himself, didn’t feel like there was anything wrong with what he’d said.

Looking up, he saw that the look in He Huan’s eyes just kept growing deeper and suddenly remembered Bai Chen’s words.

He didn’t know what this person was thinking right now.

He’d always hated beating around the bush, so he simply said, “Don’t die, I want to be together with you.”

Hearing this, He Huan felt his thoughts going astray once again, and used his cultivation to calm his heart.

He inwardly admonished himself, He Ku was different from him, he must have a bright future and couldn’t be ruined by a demonic cultivator’s shameful thoughts brought about by feelings of loneliness.

Thinking of this, his rationality returned, he shifted the person in his arms into a more comfortable position, and quietly urged:

“He Ku, you don’t actually like me.

You still retain what’s left of Bu QingYun’s heart, that is why you can’t stand to see the injustices of this world and why you defend and stand by me.

However, when are things ever so black and white in this world Think about it, how many people have I killed How many of them were innocent”

“As long as you think back to the time we spent together, you will realize that while I had the world in mind, in the end, I am not innocent either.

Saving a demon and reigniting the battle between good and evil, this isn’t your kind of justice.

As long as you don’t think of the past, you will realize that the sect you love the most is still the Xuanmen Righteous Sect.

You are me, none of your feelings can be hidden from me, so, the future that I won’t be able to see, you have to see it for me.


At this moment, He Ku suddenly understood why Bai Chen had warned him, under any circumstance, to never listen to He Huan talk.

He came with the resolve to take He Huan back, now, after He Huan’s careful persuasions, his resolve had begun to waver.

His original excitement had dissipated somewhat, and he thought, The Grand Monk really was right, this person really had the potential to become a monk.

He knew that he definitely wouldn’t be able to convince him with words, and Bai Chen’s five words of wisdom echoed in his mind again.

He Ku realized that he wasn’t as averse towards the ‘If you can’t convince him with words, then convince him with sex!’ idea.

He thought, how can this person be so awful He already came all this way, and yet he advised him to hurry back and just let him die.

Well ** you too, there’s nobody who tries to off themselves like this ah!

His blood surged and immediately pulled He Huan towards him by the collar.

Completely ignoring his startled expression, he aimed a kiss directly at those thin lips.

The soft press of their lips was like a cloud with no real sensation.

With the mentality of doing things properly, he pressed the tip of his tongue inside and ~explored~.

With only a light touch, the warmth of the other man’s tongue transferred over and made him shiver.

A surging blush belatedly made its way to his face, he hurriedly turned his face away and gasped for air.

He also didn’t dare to look at He Huan’s expression and could only steel himself and say,

“I didn’t come here to listen to you talk nonsense! He Huan, I’ll say down these words right here and now, if you don’t leave, then I’ll die with you here!”

The force behind these words was extremely powerful, the moment they fell, countless sounds rang out simultaneously.

Crash——— The mask-like smile the number one demonic cultivator, He Huan, wore on his face completely shattered.

Even the gaze he directed towards the person in his arms became somewhat stupid.

It was completely different from his previous lascivious one.

Plop——— The current Xuanmen Successor, Bu YaoLian, was as steady as could be, even his sword intent was as serene as water.

Now, he toppled into the Fallen Immortal Lake.

His face was full of doubt as he wondered if he was sleep walking or not.

Snap—— The Xuanmen Sect Leader, Qing XuZi, was always loving towards all things, now the date tree that had been snapped in half by his palm was enough to express his current emotions.

Amitabha——— Fine, the Grand Western LeiYin Temple’s Grand Monk, Kasyapa Bodhi, showed that this one buddhist phrase was enough to express a hundred different feelings.

His gesture had been enough to make the four most powerful people in the Jianghu lose their ability to fight, He Ku felt that his actions were simply god-like.

However, he still had to sigh in order to express what he thought, so… when exactly did the old cultivator behind the tree and the Grand monk get here!

End of Chapter 43.2

The author has something to say:

He Huan: Don’t stop me, I have to send Xuanmen to godhood!

You Jiang: F***, all the stupid Palace Master knows is how to send it, I’m not fighting anymore, end call!

He Ku: If you f***ing dare send it again, we’re over!

Qing Xuzi: What The one I captured with my own abilities was actually sent to me by my disciple from the other side

THISBRO: Much love to my fellow tler @death for tling with me.

Also, let’s welcome the latest addition to the FDL team, Amyy! Who is joining as my editor/pr!


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