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Chapter 125: Little Master (Part 1)

November 21, 2022Ai Hrist

The baby ginseng was not very interested in the cave.

He ran around at the entrance of the cave, and then he climbed into the tree and fell into the snowdrift, leaving only two fat feet pedaling outside.

Lin Qingyin grabbed the chubby ankle and took out the baby ginseng: “Let’s go, let’s go into the hole with Master and play.”

As soon as the baby ginseng heard it, he immediately jumped and ran into the cave, but after just two steps, he rushed out like seeing a monster, hugged Lin Qingyin’s thigh, and trembling: “The baby doesn’t like it, it’s scary.

“Then you can play outside.” Lin Qingyin touched the baby ginseng’s fat face.

She was not worried that he would get lost.

There was no place he can’t reach in the mountains and plains.

If there will be any danger, he can dig into the ground to escape.

When the baby ginseng heard that he was asked to play by himself, he immediately waved his fat hand happily: “I’ll find something delicious for Master.”

Lin Qingyin thought it was interesting to see the back of the baby ginseng jumping and running away, she felt a bit like raising a child.

Lin Qingyin looked at the baby ginseng and smiled, while Jiang Wei looked at Lin Qingyin’s smiling face by the side and unknowingly lost his mind.

Lin Qingyin turned around and saw Jiang Wei staring blankly at her.

She grabbed the snow from the tree on the side and smeared his face: “Why are you so confused Still don’t want to lead the way!”

Jiang Wei was stimulated by the snow and regained his senses.

He wiped his face a little embarrassed.

He always felt that he was a little weird these two days.

Although the little master looks better the longer she grows, she was the little master.

Staring at her in a daze, he was simply asking to be beaten!

Jiang Wei calmed down and took out a flashlight from his bag: “Little Master, I’m here to take care of you, we’ll go wherever you want to.”

Lin Qingyin was amused by Jiang Wei’s glib tone: “Go into the cave, we’ll go wherever you think we should go.”

Jiang Wei touched his nose and always felt that his purpose was similar to that of a police dog.

The police dog helps the police find evidence of crimes.

While he was responsible for finding treasure for the master.

It seems that he was more advanced.

Jiang Wei became complacent, with his head held high and his chest raised in a proud look.

Lin Qingyin glanced at Jiang Wei suspiciously, always feeling that her apprentice seemed to be missing more and more screws in the head.

The cave was relatively spacious, but it gradually narrows after entering five or six meters.

The two stone walls were almost touching each other, leaving only a sideways distance for one person.

Jiang Wei stood in front of the stone crevice for a long time, he was afraid that he would get stuck in the middle of the stone crevice if he walked, but it seemed that something was tempting him if he didn’t go.

He wanted to go in and have a look.

Lin Qingyin stood on tiptoe from Jiang Wei’s shoulder and glanced at the crack in front of the stone, then turned to ask Jiang Wei: “Why don’t you go”

Jiang Wei felt Lin Qingyin’s breath brush against his cheeks and involuntarily blushed again.

He doesn’t dare to turn his head back.

According to the usual plot in the novel, there was a huge chance that their lips will meet when he turn his head! Thinking of this scene, Jiang Wei’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated, and there was even a little excitement in his heart.

Feeling his heart pounding faster and faster, Jiang Wei’s throat was also a little dry.

He coughed lightly and mustered up his courage.

Just as he slightly turned his head, he saw Lin Qingyin raise her hand and slapped the wall.

The stone wall of the road collapsed in half in an instant, revealing a spacious road.


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