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263 The Power of the Dark-born Giant Race, Continue to Use the Sacrifice Formation (1)

The eight Earth Dragon Snakes left their previous state, making all the unformed spatial cracks disappear.

However, four dark-born giants still came out from the spatial crack!

Moreover, as soon as the figure of the last dark-born giant arrived, the spatial crack that was about to disappear could not accommodate the other partys body.

When he crawled out, the slowly disappearing spatial crack left a wound on his back and directly destroyed the flesh on his back.

The intense pain made this even taller dark-born giant roar.

The spatial crack formed behind him quickly disappeared, and soon, nothing was left.

The participating new students all gulped after their gazes landed on these dark-born giants.

They sensed dense dark-type power and a huge pressure from these dark-born giants.

The other partys level was at least above level 30!

It was over!

With such a level suppression, even if the other party only had four people, they were still not the other partys match at all.

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All the participating new students eyes revealed despair.

Some of the participating new students bodies even trembled violently.

Clearly, they were very frightened.

Then, everyones gaze landed on Lu Yan.

Now, they could only hope that Lu Yan had a solution.

At this moment, the dark-born giant who was injured by the spatial crack stretched out his hand, and an Earth Dragon Snake quickly headed towards him.

This dark-born giant directly grabbed this Earth Dragon Snake and swallowed it.

The Earth Dragon Snake was much larger than this dark-born giant, but when it entered his mouth, it was perfectly swallowed.

The body of the dark-born giant seemed to be a bottomless pit as he directly devoured the Earth Dragon Snake.

As the Earth Dragon Snake entered his stomach, the damage on the dark-born giant race members back actually quickly healed.

A large amount of flesh surged out and was covered in a layer of faint black skin.

He completely recovered from his previous injuries.

These Earth Dragon Snakes were indeed methods left behind by the dark-born.

Lu Yans expression became solemn.

The auras of these dark-born giants were somewhat too dense, and the pressure they brought made him feel very troubled.

Ao Yun quickly returned to Lu Yans side and said in a low voice, “Master, the combat strength of these dark-born giants is very powerful.

They probably have the combat strength of at least level 35 and 36 lord level.

The dark-born who came out last probably has the combat strength of a level 40 lord level.”

“Moreover, this is after their strength has been suppressed after passing through the spatial crack.

As time passes, their combat strength will continue to recover and become stronger.

Hearing Ao Yuns words, Lu Yans expression became even more solemn.

“Is there a way” Lu Yan asked Ao Yun.

Ao Yun said in a low voice, “Now, we can only barely fight these guys if we continue to use the sacrificial formation and sacrifice our strength to you.”

Lu Yan nodded and then said to the participating new students behind him, “This is the only way now.

With such a huge thing happening in Abandoned City, the military must have rushed over.

They probably cant enter because of the black fog surrounding Abandoned City.

What we have to do now is to stall for time.”

“The combat strength of a level 35 or 36 lord is far from what we can resist.

We can only continue to use the sacrificial formation.

This is the only way for us to survive!”

The expressions of the participating new students who had cozied up to Jiang Shangbai suddenly changed.

Previously, the ones who wanted to sacrifice were Lu Yan and the other top new students.

However, now, the ones Lu Yan wanted to sacrifice were definitely them.

“How can that do We should just escape.

There are only four of them.

As long as we can hide, we will definitely be able to last until reinforcements arrive.”

“Thats right.

Everyone, split up and escape.

Their goal is at most the four of us.

The others will definitely be able to escape.”

“Thats right, thats right.

Lu Yan, you might not be able to defeat them after the sacrifice.

Its better to escape.”

The participating new students who had cozied up to Jiang Shangbai previously spoke one after another, wanting to escape.

Lu Yan sneered.

“Previously, you unanimously persuaded me to sacrifice.

Why Now that its your turn to sacrifice, we should use other methods Im sorry, I have no intention of discussing with you.”

As he spoke, the surrounding undead directly surrounded the participating new students who had cozied up to Jiang Shangbai previously.

At this moment, the three dark-born giants who were the first to come out arrived behind the last dark-born giant.

Clearly, they were under the other partys orders.

After the last dark-born giant swallowed an Earth Dragon Snake, he swept his gaze around and frowned.

“I told you to guard the place where you left your methods previously.

All of you neglected your duties, causing us to arrive too slowly.

Otherwise, that spatial crack would not have disappeared at all.”

The three dark-born giants lowered their heads.

How could they know that almost thirty years had passed and one of the methods they had left behind had actually worked

After reprimanding his three subordinates, the gaze of the last dark-born giant descendant landed on Lu Yan and the others in front of him, and a cold light surged in his eyes.

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