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Chapter 243: Empty Target

Yu Le cleared his throat and stopped yelling.

Layers of mechanical spiders were still climbing above their heads, sliding their feet over the smooth glass, making an unbearable scratching sound.

Ji Xiaoman emptied her backpack and blocked every gap with solid materials.

However, this measure could only help them buy an extra hour or two at most—those mechanical spiders were already slicing through the glass.

While Ji Xiaoman hadn’t finished blocking the gap, hundreds of mechanical spiders slipped into the space.

Ji Xiaoman activated all her prosthetic limbs and jumped lightly in the entire space, smashing the machines that tried to approach Yu Le with her fists.

“Not calling for help anymore” In a short pause, she looked at Yu Le with a complicated expression.

“It’s good when the effect is there.” Yu Le focused his energy back on the machine in front of him.

“There’s a new signal coming through.

Little Captain, pay attention to it and cover me.

There are programs coming, and I have to work hard to spread them out.”

“The effect has arrived”

“The whole world knows that we are here and knows we’re fighting alone.

Would the rebels guiltily shout for help like this” Yu Le snorted.

“Knowing this, Zhuo Muran won’t focus his attack on us.

On the other hand, if Professor Ruan wants to figure out the situation, we’re his best breakthrough point.”

Now even the Mainbrain couldn’t get them out.

Regardless of what the battle was like on the Mainbrain’s side, Professor Ruan would find someone to protect them so he could get as much information about their plans as possible.

They were in the resource-rich forest petri dish.

There were no worries about reinforcements.

Yu Le purposefully yelled for Tang Yibu, who could certainly guess what his purpose was—knowing that their situation was critical and they needed the help from the rebel army… Aside from this, he was quite happy to give Tang Yibu a scolding.

It felt good.

After enjoying the aftertaste of scolding several war giants at the same time, Yu Le was in a good mood, which made the operation a little faster.

“I don’t understand some of these things.” Ji Xiaoman squished a single mechanical spider, causing sparks to scatter.

“I just want to know, in case they don’t come…”

“If the rebels don’t even have this ability, even if we succeed in escaping here, we’ll die sooner or later.”

Yu Le smacked his mouth as the clattering above their heads started getting louder.

“I haven’t been fooling around in the Sea of Ruins all these years for nothing.

Professor Ruan’s people will come.

Trust me, Little Captain.”

Ji Xiaoman patted off the debris in her hand and rushed to the next one.


It didn’t take long for the scratching sound at the top of the space to suddenly decrease.

Several vague figures appeared on the other end of the glass.

They had no intention of breaking the glass, but quietly cleaned up the mechanical spiders.

The mechanical spiders were scraped to one side of the glass, becoming indistinct.

Ji Xiaoman barely found a relatively translucent place.

Five people appeared on the glass above them, two of whom she recognized…

“This is for the debt for the steering wheel.” Zhong Qing stuck to the other side of the glass with a straight face.

“And there are still a lot of favors left.

Tell Yu Le, I don’t like this place very much, and I still want to go back…”

“Why are you here” Ji Xiaoman cleared the air and interrupted the chattering teenager.

“Shh, shh, shh.

Keep your voice down.

We have to help you secretly!” Zhong Qing quickly waved his hand.

“I help them detect the environment.

Biological detection is difficult to expose.

We have to forge signals to mislead the Order Supervisors that those things are still there.”

Ding Zepeng was hanging a complex mechanical device on his chest and nodded to Ji Xiaoman when he heard the words.

“Then stall for time, they seem to…”

“Let me explain.” A strange man put his face on a glass plate.

“We have someone on the Order Supervisors’ side.

After two hours, he can help you get a chance to safely escape.

The blockade outside right now is very strict.

Even if you go through an escape pod, you will soon be caught.”

Ji Xiaoman wiped away her sweat.

“The Order Supervisors can’t get in, so how did you guys Sorry, I have to be sure.”

“Professor Ruan contacted us urgently just now.

He set up a secret door.

Haiming is his student and has authority and the ability to control it,” Ding Zepeng said.

“I know what you want to ask—sorry, I’m afraid you two can’t use it.

Its location is quite remote.

It’s easy to get in, but hard to get out.

When the matter is over, we will go with you to the escape pods.”

Then he took a few deep breaths.

“This is Zhang Yazhe.” He pointed to the strange man who had just spoken.

“…The one over there is Chi Lei.

They are the top explorers of this refuge, and they are all credible people.

Don’t worry, Miss Ji.

Continue to assist NUL-00.”

“What did I just say” Yu Le’s tone had a smile in it.

“And you were worried no one was coming.”

Ji Xiaoman pursed her lips, nodded to Guan Haiming, and jumped back to the ground from the glass ceiling.

Her sturdy prosthetic limbs crushed the last mechanical spider.

“Lao Yu, continue.” She sat back in the co-pilot seat and began to adjust the parameters.

There were still remnants of blue fire on her prosthetics.

“I seem to remember someone saying there’s only one escape pod left Oh my god, I’m so touched.

Comrade Ji Xiaoman, if you want to stay so badly, next time you can just—”

“Shut up.”

In the desert.

Zhuo Muran didn’t have time to change his exoskeleton.

As soon as he stepped into the cabin of the spacecraft, he strode to the command room.

The Mainbrain had always maintained contact with him, and the news he just received wasn’t optimistic.

“Activate the backup equipment in the Western District and be ready to turn off the energy supply here at any moment.”

He pulled up a chair and sat down.

Tang Yibu’s attack left him with many deep cuts.

Zhuo Muran took two bottles of R-β blood extract and drank it.

“Turn off protection protocols 18, 33, and 47.

Place the heavy-duty units according to the diagram to ensure that the energy supply can be turned off within 90 seconds.”

If the worst were to happen and NUL-00 was really able to capture all the calculation cubes, Zhuo Muran could stop it by cutting off the energy supply—although the Mainbrain had added countless insurances to this supply, it can approve removing the protection and have them destroy the energy supply device.

Zhuo Muran glanced out the window gloomily.

The night was like ink.

Everything was going to be fine.

There was still a backup.

…Even if the ones they were facing were the original Ruan Xian and NUL-00.

Ruan Xian was in a bitter fight.

R-β went completely crazy.

She no longer maintained the appearance of a beautiful woman, but grew abnormal hyperplasia all over her body, making it more suitable to advance through the currents and crevices.

He wasn’t sure if this was a special improvement by the Mainbrain.

Anyway,  Ruan Xian himself didn’t realize the S-type Prototype could be used in this way, but he didn’t regret it at all.

The hot air brought convenience instead—the deadly germs spewed out by R-β couldn’t float too far.

As long as she wasn’t allowed to approach Tang Yibu, he would be safe.

Ruan Xian glanced at Tang Yibu beside him.

The android’s eyes were closed tightly.

His whole body was tense, and his back was slightly arched.

Protruding blood vessels could be seen in his neck and temples.

The brilliant golden color was slowly eroding the blue arcs.

Originally accounting for one-ten thousandth eroded, it gradually became one-thousandth, one-hundredth, and one-tenth.

R-β continued to attack in the direction of Tang Yibu, and every time was blocked by Ruan Xian.

Although she had lost her human body form, her facial features could still be clearly seen on her head.

“Are you going to die for it” she hissed.

“It’s not you that MUL-01 is unwilling to give up.

It’s NUL-00.

With Professor Ruan around, you are a target that can be killed… Once the protection is opened, this area would be attacked with concentrated fire, and at that time, I will crush your brain with my own hands.”

“Surely you can guess this.

You’re not going to really die for it, are you According to your usual style, you’re not like that—”

“Of course not.” Under the cover of another dense burst of blood bullets, Ruan Xian shot off the limbs of R-β that was trying to get close.

“If I die, Yibu won’t be able to find me.”

He answered quite calmly.

“He’s actually not courageous and worries easily, although he doesn’t want to admit it himself… I have already told him, ‘Don’t be afraid’.

Why would I do something stupid like dying without authorization.

What’s more—”

“What’s more”

“Believe it or not, I’m not the type who dies easily.” Ruan Xian’s voice was a little hoarse.

The high temperature was steaming all the moisture off his body.

He raised his gun again.

The upper half of R-β’s face was almost blown away, and a piece of her brain spilled out.

“Ruan, you can’t…”

“Don’t bother.

The Mainbrain has already used this trick.” Ruan Xian didn’t stop shooting.

“Sorry, I have a problem with my brain.

I’m not a good person, and I wouldn’t cry for an empty shell.”

R-β let out an angry hiss and didn’t maintain her facial features or voice anymore.

She—or rather, it—transformed its body into a multi-legged fleshy snake.

It started swimming through the gaps between the cube and spouted poisonous mist from its head.

The gold color was getting larger.

It was about to occupy half of the mountain from the blue color.

The temperature was boiling.

Ruan Xian bit the tip of his tongue and gave Tang Yibu another bloody kiss.

This time, he wouldn’t let anyone take him away from him again.

It wasn’t about cherishing one’s own work; it wasn’t about memories.

So far, Tang Yibu was the only good thing in his life.

Unable to break through the opponent’s carefully set defenses, and unable to obliterate the S-type Prototype in one breath, R-β began to panic.

It abandoned its last defense and began to drill in Tang Yibu’s direction in spite of everything.

It elongated its flesh and broke into three pieces, each squirming into smaller pieces of flesh, hoping to break through Ruan Xian’s defenses.

The cubes with golden arcs suddenly moved and broke away from the formation and floated to Ruan Xian’s side.

Tang Yibu, who was in a semi-sleeping state, stretched out his hand and grabbed Ruan Xian’s hand and clasped it.

Ruan Xian smiled.

He put on the head device that Tang Yibu had taken off and inserted the probe again.

This time he didn’t enter a white system space but looked up into the darkness.

The other little projections had long disappeared, leaving only Tang Yibu’s golden spiritual core in the middle of the void, cautiously sticking out a little soft tentacle.

Ruan Xian knew what the other party was doing.

…The android had opened up some of his core permissions to him.

Ruan Xian kissed the ray of light without doing anything extra.

He took over the calculation cube next to Tang Yibu and directly smashed it into R-β a hundred meters away.

The two split pieces of flesh were crushed into meat sauce.

The golden color continued to swallow everything.

As if perceiving a change, the Mainbrain suddenly gave up resistance.

Tang Yibu, who was holding back his strength, stepped forward and almost bumped into the cube in front of his face.

At the same time, the closure of the “last line of defense” was abruptly withdrawn, revealing a sky packed with armed aircraft.

Dense spots of light lit up in an instant, and all kinds of shells and artillery rushed towards them, for fear that Tang Yibu would forcibly seize control before the energy supply device was destroyed.

In a short moment, the “body” that originally belonged to the Mainbrain was completely taken over by Tang Yibu.

The Mainbrain stopped most of the calculations, stuffed itself into the spare body prepared by Zhuo Muran, and flew away like an arrow…

This was a serious war.

They were competing in speed to see if they could cut off the energy supply faster than if “NUL-00” could control this precious “body” and swallow up all the large piece of fat.

…At least, this was what the Order Supervisors thought.

In fact, they were indeed competing for speed.

The second the surrounding dead wall was withdrawn, Tang Yibu grabbed Ruan Xian and put him behind his back and ran away.

He didn’t care about the extremely precious hardware equipment in front of him and left behind a group of heavy spaceships attacking an empty target.

Ruan Xian hugged Tang Yibu’s neck tightly.

For the first time, he saw Tang Yibu running so desperately—he left behind a string of afterimages, and the wind was blowing against them so fast it almost peeled off their skins.

Then the android jumped high, stretched out his arms, and lunged forward.

The spare body of the Mainbrain that was flying at a low altitude was pounced on.

Tang Yibu’s sweaty face was covered with dirt.

He slammed into the ground in an undignified manner, causing Ruan Xian to fall off his back.

“I caught you, little brother,” he said happily.

The author has something to say:

Mainbrain: …This is different from what was said.

Tang: (ψ°▽°)


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