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Sorry, She Dares

“I heard that she fell asleep in the changing room, shes so careless.”

“Ive got to hand it to her. How is she so unconcerned about the annual play Or was she involved in a scheme What was going on exactly”

“Mi Min cannot come, and this one heres not doing a good job either. Is their dorm a joke”

Xia Bohes mouth twitched.

This original host had such poor social connections.

“Thats enough. Be quiet, all of you!”

Teacher Chen, who was the mentor from the Performing Arts Faculty in charge of this major play, walked over.

“There are some last-minute changes to Mi Mins role. Can the students acting scenes with her come forward”

In less than ten minutes, news of Mi Mins punishment had already spread all the way here.

The fact that she could not play her role due to her absence was the key point. Sudden amendments would have to be made to the arranged plot.

“Teacher Chen, Mi Min has so many lines and scenes with more than ten of us. How is this going to work”

“Exactly, what happened to her”

“Theres not enough time.”

Everyone started speaking immediately.

“We can only cancel out her character.”

Teacher Chen furrowed her brows in concern.

You Xinji scoffed, huffing out lightly.

“Whoever instigated this should be held responsible till the end. Does she want others to undertake the responsibility” She questioned.

“Xia Bohe, arent you in the same dorm as Mi Min She told me that she practiced her lines with you every day. If shes not going to act, you should!” She added.

Everyone turned quiet hearing what she had said.

Countless looks of doubt and objection were directed toward You Xinji.

Mi Min had a lot of lines as she held an important role. If they let Xia Bohe take on her role, would she not be given the chance to act more scenes and gain more attention

It was evident that they were reluctant to let that happen.

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However, their confusions dissipated upon hearing what You Xinji had to say next.

“Anyway, Xia Bohe, your original role only has three lines. It would be alright to cancel your character instead,” she stated.

“Id suggest that you try out Mi Mins lines. If you can memorize them within half an hour, you can take on Mi Mins role straight away!”

Would Xia Bohe be able to memorize Mi Mins three-page long lines within half an hour

This was impossible.

All the girls present almost burst out into laughter.

Without a doubt, this would eventually result in Xia Bohe making a fool out of herself, and the boys who were charmed by her beauty would finally see her true skills!

“Teacher Chen, we will be doing our preparations first by changing the lines. On the other hand, it would be alright if we let Xia Bohe try out for Mi Moms role as a backup plan, right”

You Xinji smiled warmly.

After speaking, the girls looked at You Xinji with more admiration in their eyes.

If Xia Bohe were to fail in memorizing the lines, she would not be getting even one line from Mi Mins script. Everyone else would be getting the chance to act in additional scenes except her!

Everyone immediately felt at ease as they all took You Xinjis side supportively.

The smile on You Xinjis delicate face deepened.

“How about it, Xia Bohe Do you dare to try”

Two strong contenders cannot be put in the same place.

It was even possible that behind Mi Mins bold actions, there was this toxic scheme to hit her further when she was down...

Xia Bohe instantly realized how difficult her current situation was.

She puckered her lips before smiling slightly.

Clad in her dandy white shoes while holding up the corner of the pleated skirt of her sailors uniform, she took an elegant stride forward.


If this happened ten minutes ago, she would not dare to agree to it.

She was unfamiliar with even the original hosts lines, but it was all different now.

[Acting Skills (Unforgettable Lines Basics) Level 1 activated! ]

[Deducted Goddess Experience 300 Points.]

[Balance of Experience Points: 300.]

Xia Bohe tucked the strands of her hair behind her ears and grinned like a spring breeze.

“I dare.”



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