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mesterHer Photographic Memory

“I dare!”

Xia Bohe articulated her words loud and clear.

Her original host had always been ostracized by the others and only managed to get a minor role similar to an extra in the annual play.

However, Mi Min received a lot of lines as she mingled around with You Xinji.

She had to appreciate this chance to change her role!

“Then well be working like that first, Teacher Chen,” You Xinji said as she smirked.

The other female students were all laughing contemptuously.

Upon hearing what she said, Chen Jianbang raised his head to look at the clock on the wall and frowned.

“You only have ten minutes left. We will do the final rehearsal at ten minutes to five,” he said.

“Dont worry, Teacher Chen,” You Xinji said while smiling. “Xia Bohe, please stay at the side first. We will go along with Plan A and cancel out the parts of Mi Mins character. Senior Li and Senior Liu from the Screenwriting Faculty, I entrust you to do so. All the seniors from the Directing Faculty, well rearrange the positions while the script is being edited,” she instructed.

Chen Jianbang could only nod in response as he watched her instructing the others in an orderly manner.

He was the mentor of the annual play but was only in charge of providing suggestions and guidance.

The script was written by the students of the Screenwriting Faculty whereas the role selection and control of the camera angle were arranged by those from the Directing Faculty. On the other hand, the first few rehearsals were done by the students of the Performing Arts Faculty on their own.

As a teacher, he would not help the students to make any decisions as this was the students final semester assessment.

He looked at Xia Bohe, who was alone in a corner and holding onto the script and shook his head.

It would be impossible to memorize three pages of lines and be sure of all the positions and emotions within ten minutes.

This girl was pretty on the outside, but she was considerably lacking in terms of her acting talent. She had never improved and did not work hard either.

What a pity.

Thinking about it, Chen Jianbang was about to make his way to the performing team, who was editing the script in a hurry.

As he was about to do so, a soft voice sounded out from the corner.

Her voice was not loud, but it was clear and came upon everyone like a slap to the face.

“Students, Teacher, Ive finished memorizing all the lines.”

It was not even more than three minutes!

The seniors who were editing the script and looking into the new positions were startled, whereas those from the Performing Arts Faculty going over the new lines were stupefied.

The smile on You Xinjis face stiffened.

Chen Jianbang turned his head over in shock.

Xia Bohe, who was standing in a corner, was beaming with innocent confidence.

She shook the script in her hand at them.

“Shall I recite it for you all now” she asked.

“Thats impossible!”

“How is this possible!”

“Are you kidding us”

“Did she memorize it beforehand”

Voices of doubt rang out continuously.

“Li Bin, go recite the lines from the second paragraph with her,” You Xinji said. She had a complicated and embarrassed expression on her face.

Xia Bohe smiled faintly.

[Lines Level 1: Photographic Memory.]

[Ability to memorize 3000 words per day.]

Mi Mins three pages of lines consisted of 1000 words at most.

After scanning through the script just now, she had already memorized everything.

However, as Li Bin made his way forward, Xia Bohe blinked and said, “Wait for a while.”

Mi Mins character was a teenage girl with a terminal illness who was meeting her friends before her final surgery.

The female lead had decided to surprise her by organizing a special birthday celebration along with her parents, teachers, and classmates after discussing it with the male lead.

This female character was weak, and...Endearingly Pitiful.

“What are you waiting for Hah, have you forgotten the lines again”

“Dont say that you only memorized the first paragraph”

“What a joke! Are you wasting our preparation time!”

Everyone glared at her, especially the girls who were jealous of Xia Bohes beauty in the past.

Xia Bohe laughed lightly, ignoring all the gossip.

[Confirmation to level upEndearingly Pitiful]


Xia Bohe muttered in her heart.

[Level Up successful. ]

[Endearingly Pitiful: Level 2]


[Able to evoke pity from honest, good-natured males.]

Xia Bohes eyes brightened instantly.

After leveling up, the target population that she could win over has expanded!

A moment later, she clasped her slender fingers together tightly, raised her innocent-looking and fair face, while biting on her tender lip.

A hint of pain and sadness flowed through her slightly opened eyes, which seemed to glimmer with tears.

However, she tried her best to show a weak smile while gazing at Senior Li Bin, who had already made his way before her.

She said, “I heard that the Multiflora roses by the schools Zhenguan Tower have bloomed in patches of red, just like the cover of the diary Senior had gifted me…”

“Its a pity I cannot see them anymore...”

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Xia Bohe lowered her head. Her shoulders seemed to tremble a little.

Two or three stray strands of hair tucked behind her ear gently fell by the side of her small, porcelain-like face.

Li Bin, who had just stepped forward and was about to practice his lines with her, halted in his steps. His expression could not help but turn into one of agony.


After finishing her lines, Xia Bohe even attempted to remove the fallen leaf on Seniors head according to the script.

However, just as she raised her hand and her fingertips brushed the side of Li Bins face, she felt a cold gaze on her.

It was hot in the summer of July but Xia Bohe shivered.

Looking toward the side, she detected a pair of handsome, cold, black eyes in the audience seat.

The secret husband she got as a steal

“...!” Xia Bohe was startled.

Goodness, her hand would probably be gone for!



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