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She Did It!

Xia Bohes hand shivered slightly. The very next moment, she pulled back her hand obediently.

Love is a ray of light, green makes you shine bright. (TN: Beinggreened refers to a mans situation when a woman he is in a relationship with is having an affair with somebody else.)

She was touching other men in front of her current husband. How was this tolerable

She bit her lip.

Albeit it being all an act, she still felt an inexplicable sense of guilt.

The key point was that the essence within her body has changed. She could not let this man find out.

From her reincarnation up till now, she did not have enough time to learn and understand the original hosts habits in the past. She could only pray that she did not make a big mistake.

The moment her hand retreated, she felt the pressuring gaze on her diminished.

It was so scarily quiet that you could hear a pin drop.

You Xinji, who was holding the script in her hand, looked over the lines word by word and sentence by sentence, clenching at the paper till it almost tore apart.

It was all correct!

She did not even get a single word wrong!

Looking at the sorrow on Li Bins face once again, it seemed that he was brought into the characters emotions by Xia Bohes acting!

How could it be

Chen Jianbang, the mentor, also had a shocked expression. “You memorized all three pages of the lines, Student Xia Bohe” he asked.

Everyones gazes landed on on Xia Bohe upon his question.


Xia Bohe smiled faintly.

“I memorized everything,” she said.

Everyone instantly erupted into a bout of uproar. They could not help but look down at their phones.

Just how much time had passed exactly

“Not bad at all.”

Chen Jianbang showed a rare sign of admiration.

Xia Bohe pursed her lips in a humble manner and shook her head bashfully. “My memory is rather poor, Im just better at memorizing lines,” she said.

The girls expressions almost turned distorted.

If she referred that to be poor memory, then what were they considered to be

You Xinji, the one who came up with the idea, was so angry that her eyes could seemingly shoot lasers of fire.

She was upset beyond death!

If she knew that Xia Bohe could memorize all these lines, she would not have even suggested this!

Xia Bohe originally had very few parts. She was almost an unremarkable passerby.

Now...she had upgraded her role thoroughly!

This person was still saying that she was only better at memorizing lines She was ridiculing them on purpose, right!

This was like a hard slap on her face!

You Xinji grinded her teeth. “Student Xia surprised me, but this character is supposed to undergo many rounds of chemotherapy. Everybody knows that chemotherapy will lead to a large volume of hair loss. Look at Student Xias waterfall-like long black hair. Im afraid that she would not suit the role,” she said.

Upon hearing what she said, the eyes of all the girls present lit up at once.

Xia Bohe always took extremely good care of her appearance. She even applied makeup when going out to throw rubbish.

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She always had a long mane of silky black hair. She never tied it back except during physical education classes, what more cutting it short.

This was Xia Bohes lifeline!

She treated her hair for two hours a day. Asking her to give up her long hair just for a role in the annual play was akin to taking her life away from her!

“Thats right, Xia Bohes hair is long and thick. With such a thick mane of hair, she does not look like a patient at all. Even if she were to wear a bald cap, she will have to cut her hair to fit it in, right”

“Thats right, otherwise it would be exposed!”

“Also, shed have to apply makeup to look like a patient. She cannot be applying blush or any lip color. The makeup artist would have to whitewash her face to the point her skin tone looks greyish white...”


Everyone kept adding on to the heated discussion as if they were being considerate of her and helping her to plan on how to portray the character better.

Nevertheless, each word and sentence consisted of the girls devious schemes.

If she were to act as this character, she would have to shave her head and apply makeup that made her appear sickly. Without her beauty, she would not gain the liking of the invited talent agency representatives and seniors.

Her hair would not be able to grow long within a short time, and she would not be able to accept most of the female character roles in contemporary dramas.

If she chose not to act, not only would she be losing this role, Teacher Chan Jianbang would also have a bad impression of being one that was reluctant to sacrifice for the script.

News of this would then spread out among the mentors and this would be a huge blow to Xia Bohes final semester results. It would thus be difficult for her to be fancied by the mentors in the future and get recommended for acting work.

How evil!

After returning to life once again, Xia Bohe was not the naive, ignorant young girl she once was.

At that moment, she realized the voracious nature of the situation she was in.

Despite what she decide, she would be acquiring considerable losses either way.

Upon gaining everyones support, You Xinji smiled as radiant as a flower in bloom.


“Student Xia, never mind if youre not willing to cut your hair. Our senior from the Screenwriting Faculty is almost done editing the script. Well just go with the second plan and cancel out the character,” she said.

They were closing in on her!



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