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They Want To Touch Her Hair

Every one of them was pretentious bitches!

What kind of school was this!

Xia Bohe rolled her eyes in her heart.

The very next moment, she took a step forward without hesitation. Her soft, willow-like posture faced You Xinji.

“Yes, Im not willing to,” she said.

You Xinji grinned.

However, her smile froze at the very next second.

With her slender hand, Xia Bohe tucked the strands of hair upon her shoulder to the back of her ear. “But, Im willing to make this sacrifice as Im an actress,” she stated.

Her eyelashes trembled lightly and lowered against her fair and delicate face, casting a light shadow on the area under her eyes.

“Therefore, Ill go along with the directors arrangements,” she said. Xia Bohe turned toward Teacher Chen Jianbang and Senior Lin Zhenhui...from the Directing Faculty.

[Confirmation to activate the skillEndearingly Pitiful]

Xia Bohes shoulders trembled slightly.

Slowly, she uttered a single word in her heart.


[Level 2 skill activated for a two-minute duration.]

Suddenly, Mentor Chen Jianbang and Senior Lin Zhenhui, who were at a three to four-meter distance away from her, felt a certain stiffness in their chests.

Looking a distance ahead, they noted Xia Bohes gaze on them. Her doe-like dark eyes were full of unwillingness and weakness. Nevertheless, she nipped lightly at her red lips with her white teeth, her fair and delicate face expressing a strong determination.

It seemed as if she were bearing her humiliation and carrying a heavy load, her eyes gradually reddening. The glint in her eyes was fixed and unmoving with a steely determination as she appeared to have prepared to make sacrifices for the benefit of everyone.

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At this moment, they discovered that this girl before them was more courageous than anyone else despite appearing weak from head to toe.

A hint of heartbreak flashed across Chen Jianbangs wrinkled face.

Lin Zhenhui, who had a sturdy build and stood almost six feet tall, could not help touching his stuffy chest.

“I can do that if the director requires me to do so,” Xia Bohe said. If one listened closely, they could detect a tremble in Xia Bohes soft, gentle voice tone.

“You dont have to,” Lin Zhenhui said, almost blurting the words out at once.

He took a few steps forward hurriedly toward the crowd of girls as if he was afraid that the endearingly pitiful girl before him would be disgraced if he were to be a second late. “You do not need to cut your hair, just wear a hat,” he said.

“Senior Lin!”

The girls by You Xinjis side exclaimed straight away.

“This is inappropriate, is it not”

“This is not professional at all.”

“The film we made still has to be sent out.”

“Even if she does not shave her head, she has to at least cut her hair short, right”

Xia Bohe lowered her head and stared at her toes without saying a single word. Strands of her hair fell upon her shoulders.

In Lin Zhenhuis eyes, she looked small and pitiful.

Just as he was about to speak, You Xinji said, “Senior Shuang and Senior Qin, what do you think” she inquired.

Lin Zhenhuis expression changed.

He was in his fourth year of university this year and held the position of Head Director this time.

However, the other two, who were the class monitors of the third year and fourth year class, were the Assistant Director and Head Screenwriter respectively.

“This is just a minutiae matter, it will not bring much harm. However, youll only be getting one chance to act formally in the play. Regret cannot be cured by any medicine. If you can do better, why not” Liu Qiushuang said. She stood up and smiled. “Your hair will still grow after cutting it short,” she added.

“Thats right, thats what I mean as well,” Qin Hai, the Head Screenwriter, said while nodding with a wide smile on his face. “Zhenhui, I know you want to protect the girl. Haha! However, there are many girls in our production team. You cannot be giving up on the others just because of one. Thatd be too cruel of you,” he said.

Lin Zhenhuis neck stiffened as his expression darkened slightly.

However, after taking a few breaths, he took a step back.

“I was the one who did not think this through. I did not think that there was a need to at first,” he said.

Be it qualification or votes, he was not in an advantageous position right now.

Xia Bohes beauty aside, even You Xinji was far from being on the same level.

If he made a name for himself by playing favoritism to a pretty girl on his first time as Head Director, that would be way too unfavorable toward his future developments!

No matter how much empathy he felt for her, he could not be sacrificing his future.

“Then Im sorry you have to do so, Junior Xia,” he said.

Xia Bohe swore almost three hundred times in her heart!

She had succeeded in using Level 2 ofEndearingly Pitiful.

Alas, she fell short on the cusp of winning them over!

“Alright...” she sighed, tugging the hem of her dress while taking a deep breath.

If she had to shave her head, she would just have to do it!

As an obscure, little-known actress in her past life, she had also shaved her head before for a role.

She was willing to do anything if that meant that she could act!

Just as she was grieving that she had not had the chance to admire her thick, black hair, a mans cold and mellow voice rang out. The voice was tinged with an imposing sense of authority that allowed for no interference.


“Do the students of this school always waste time on such petty matters” he asked.

Xia Bohe closed her eyes and shivered a little.



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