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Whose Eyes Were Being Stung

The stage lights bounced off the girls figure like soft silk, halation lights gently accentuated her petite silhouette.

Her hair was thick and long, her waist slim and well-defined, together with her voluptuous bosom, her figure was undelineated and sensual.

She had very light make-up on her face, her eyelashes fluttered like butterfly wings, her red, round lips were like apricot.

Luo Tianlin squinted. He gazed sharply across everyone on stage. He maintained a poker face, making it impossible to detect any other forms of emotions that he has.

However, the few school leaders following by his side had begun to get nervous.

“Director Luo is right. Theres only half an hour left till the actual performance. You guys are still arguing over makeup matters” A male leader with reading glasses and dressed in a suit voiced out immediately.

“You guys are still not clear about when to set your makeup and when to rehearse Director, whats going on! Assistants, crews, what is going on!”

“And the others, you are talking more than the director. Who are you Are you actors or investors! Do each of you not know what youre supposed to do!”

The faces of the girls gossiping on stage just now, including You Xinjis, turned pale.

Looking at the tall and cold man sitting downstage who suddenly appeared out of nowhere all of a sudden, their chests heaved as they felt slightly suffocated.

They had heard earlier that he would be attending as the school director today.

It was said that with just a nod of his head, even a talentless pile of mud could become an A-list actor and earn big bucks and receive awards.

They had practiced so hard just because he was coming today. They wanted to perform well to catch his attention.

They unanimously targeted and oppressed those like Xia Bohe, because even though she does not have an illustrious background, she had the potential to go from rags to riches with her beauty.

However, it was beyond their expectations that he had arrived so early.

You Xinji clasped her hands together tightly, trying hard to recall if she had said anything inappropriate.

Did he see her aggressive, overbearing side

With her family background, she would never lack the resources to grow in the entertainment industry, but...

When she looked at the mans handsome and outstanding appearance, her heart could not help beating faster and she blushed slightly.

This man was a legend within the entertainment industry. He was celibate, outstanding, and very rich, making him the best marriage partner.

If she could make him fall in love and marry her, she would be looked highly upon by all women and become the true winner in life!

“Director Luo and President Fang are right, we were wrong,” she said. Since she had done her makeup, You Xinji took a step forward while smiling.

She stood before all the girls like a bellwether.

“We should not be arguing over petty matters like this, or waste the directors effort over such minute matters.”

“Ill rehearse my lines one more time. Student Xia Bohe, please go to the makeup room and get ready,” she continued.

Xia Bohe, whose name was called out, could not resist rolling her eyes ungraciously behind her.

She was such a b*tch!

The original hosts husband could summon all sorts of b*itches to appear!

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Hiding behind You Xinjis back, she pouted contemptuously.

However, standing onstage, she was not aware that the weird expressions she made were in plain sight.

The details of her every movement were all registered by the man in the VIP seat downstage.

The mans gaze swept over her lively face, the black orbs of his eyes glinting. “Student Xia, you seem to have some more to say” he said with an indifferent expression.

Xia Bohe almost froze while making a funny expression on her face.

“Nothing...Yeah, Ill cut my hair if I need to,” she waved her hand.

Shaving her head bald would sting his eyes anyway!

Spouses lived under the same roof and slept on the same bed. It was alright as long as he did not scare and pee himself in the middle of the night.

As for future acting jobs, she would figure out a way to mingle with the traditional dramas filming crews and wear a wig cap. She was the best at acting as a young lass in her past life.

Xia Bohe gripped the hem of her dress and turned around to walk away.

The gaze of the man downstage burned hot like fire as his slender fingers twiddled his square and silver cufflink.

“Those who attach their hopes on aesthetic appearances are the most foolish ones.”

His magnetic voice rang out coldly within the venue.

The mans thin lips were slightly pursed together, as if he was displeased with something.

Upon hearing this, the old principal frowned and waved his hand toward the stage. “Forget about the hair! Just perform like this and tell the world that you are a patient with your acting skills!” he exclaimed.

Xia Bohe was stunned.

She did not have to shave her head anymore

So her husband was helping her

However it seemed like he was scolding her for being foolish

You Xinji, who was standing before her, raised her brows slightly.

Very quickly, however, her brows loosened up and she grinned. “Student Xia, quickly go on and get your makeup done,” she said.

She had left a bad impression on the school director and was reprimanded before him.

Even if she managed to evade Mi Mins scheme, Xia Bohe was also done for.

Hur hur.



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