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The Beauty of Terminal Lucidity

“Xia Bohe, its your turn. Remember to look like youre sick.”

In the first scene, the female lead went to visit her sick roommate.

It was raining that day but she did not have an umbrella. She then met the male lead, and both of them got soaked to the bone.

However, when they arrived at the ward, they found that their old friend was miserably preparing to meet her death.

Therefore, shortly after You Xinji went onstage, a production assistant came to notify Xia Bohe to get ready.

“Yo, good luck.”

“Hehe, a terminal patient, remember to act well~”

“The mostbeautiful actress today is none other than you, Xia Bohe!”

A chorus of laughter rang out immediately.

Hearing this, Xia Bohe yawned and stretched.

She stood up slowly in the corner and did not even bother to look at the girls who were making trouble.

“Okay, thank you for informing me.”

Her lips parted, her slender fingers straightened the collar of her hospital gown and she smiled at the production assistant boy.

The sunlight streaming through the window beside her shone on her nothing-but-white face, and she almost seemed transparent.

In an instant, the boy at the door blushed.

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At the timely system sound, Xia Bohe quirked the corners of her pale mouth.

Yes, thats it.

As she was not attractive enough in her past life, she had worked hard on how to appear more beautiful.

When the sunlight shone at such an angle on her slightly turned cheek, it made her face appear small and three-dimensional.

The dazzling sunlight could also correct some disadvantages on the face.

Also… Wearing a pair of pale pink slippers, she slowly dragged her feet toward the door. As she passed by the whole room of girls laughing at her, she pursed her lips.

They really did not understand that a white complexion is enough to hide seven faults.

She had put on the lightest foundation and sacrificed her youthful vitality, but it also made her endearingly pitiful to the extreme.

Although the heavy shadows under her eyes and the makeup on her cheeks and jaw highlighted her sickliness and reduced the suppleness of her collagen-rich face, it also made her originally palm-sized face even smaller.

When she lowered her head, squinted her eyes, and appeared lethargic, she looked super-duper ugly!

However, if she smiled with her eyes open as usual, because of her small face, it would make her look as if she was wearing colored contact lenses and eyeliner and give her the effect of big sparkling eyes!

She was like a weeping beauty; on the edge of withering but, on the contrary, blooming with breathtaking beauty.

Beauty and ugliness are far apart but could also be very close at the same time.

“Its okay to be ugly, but you have to learn to take care of yourself. Find your beautiful self in your limited looks.”

A makeup artist in her past life once told her.

Xia Bohe walked to the stage with a smile. Half lying on the hospital bed behind the curtains, she took a deep breath.


“Lil Wei.”

As soon as the stage curtains opened, You Xinji, who had been waiting in the dark, jogged over toward Xia Bohe who was under a dim light.

Following behind her was the plays male lead actor, Zhao Wenxu.

However, You Xinjis hand froze as soon as she touched the bedside.

Xia Bohe was like a frail, dying beauty, and she gave her a weak, poignant smile like a water lily bathed in rain.

Her starry eyes were shockingly bright and appeared especially radiant on her pallor white, shriveled little face.

It looked like she was experiencing terminal lucidity but in a very beautiful way.

How could this be!

She should be looking ugly!

You Xinji felt a choke in her throat and was almost unable to utter her lines.

On the other hand, Xia Bohe let out a heavy pant and started coughing vigorously.

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What was this rocket-speed efficiency!

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Having suffered a lifetime of being calledthe ugly girl, Xia Bohe felt a lump form in her throat. She could not hold back the tears in her eyes, and her eyelashes were wetted instantly.

Thank God for letting her become a beauty in this life.

The original hosts beauty was truly unrivaled!


Even when looking this horrible, all she did was make a heart-touching expression and she immediately attracted peoples attention!

In the past, she did not even dare to think about such a thing and could not do it even if she tried.

“Thank you… cough cough…”

Triggered all of a sudden, Xia Bohe started weeping tears that she had failed to shed in her previous crying scenes.

After letting out a heavy gasp, she finally recited her next few lines to You Xinji.

“Thank you... for coming to see me... cough…”

What an endearingly pitiful and delicate big-eyed fair-skinned beauty!

The flowers that You Xinji was holding in her arms fell to the floor with a thud!



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