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A Turtledove Takes Over A Magpies Nest

You Xinjis soul had left her body.

Other people, such as the mentor Chen Jianbang who was watching, were also shocked.

He had attended several rehearsals and had even given certain students one-on-one coaching.

For example, for a healthy female student like Mi Min, it was difficult to stay in character when playing the role of a terminally ill girl who had lost all hope of living.

For this reason, he had given Mi Min exclusive advice and inspired her acting emotions.

Despite them going back and forth several times for nearly two months, even if there was sorrow in Mi Mins performance, she still could not convey a real feeling of morbidity.

Now, however, Xia Bohe had managed to do it.

Her coughs, tears, and even gasps were completely in line with the state of a real patient. Moreover, the way she gazed at You Xinji as a friend, showed gratitude but with a trace of resistance, frailty yet with a sliver of strength!

She was like a pear blossom bathed in rain but refusing to bend no matter what.

She was so ill that she would die at any point, yet she also lamented God for being unfair.

Xia Bohe completely delivered this feeling!

Chen Jianbang, who was standing by the stage and watching this scene, only felt that the performance was absolutely smooth and stunning.

In just ten minutes, she had managed to recite the lines and even got the acting right.

She was much better than Mi Min who had spent two months trying to figure her part out.

“Such God-gifted talent.”

He could not help but sigh in amazement.

“How unexpected that this childs talent was suddenly awakened.”

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A slightly low and raspy female voice suddenly spoke next to him.

Taken aback, Chen Jianbang turned his head only to find that the dean, Zheng Qingshan, had arrived at some point.

Seeing a look of appreciation on her usually stern and serious face, Chen Jianbang also breathed a sigh of relief.

“Maybe she had a similar experience, or someone around her has experienced death before, and she was there to see it.”

Chen Jianbang thought for a while before adding a conservative remark.

Zheng Qingshan nodded. “Some children lack stimulation. All she needed was someone to give her a push from the back.”

Chen Jianbang was startled. “Does it have something to do with Mi Mins case”

“With good looks and a bit of charisma, she will soon be flying higher than the others.”

Zheng Qingshan did not answer directly.

After all, the changing room scandal concerned a girls purity.

If Xia Bohe were to become a first-class actress in the future, she had better not have any dirt on her.

“Lets pay more attention to her in the future.”

Chen Jianbang could not help nodding upon hearing her words.

Paying attention to a promising student and helping her was something that any teacher would be willing to do.

As they talked, the scene on stage also gradually progressed.

You Xinji finally came to her senses with the reminder of the senior next to her, but her expression was extremely ghastly.

When the scene ended, the curtains closed.

Even then, she still could not recover from her shock for a long time. As she stepped off the stage, all her fingers were almost digging into her palms.

Xia Bohe had dealt her a mighty blow!

She had planned to publicly embarrass Xia Bohe and let the teachers and students know that she was all beauty and no brains. In the end, not only did she win the role, but she had also acted it out perfectly, crushing her with her acting skills on stage!

It could be said that she went out for wool and came home shorn.

“I didnt expect that I underestimated you.”

In the backstage corridor, You Xinji took a few steps with her high heels and walked past Xia Bohe, blocking her from the front.


The corners of Xia Bohes eyes were still shimmering with tears.

It was all because of her shock from her swift task completion just now that she had choked on her saliva and coughed to the point of tearing up.

It was unexpected that she hit the mark by a fluke and met the scripts requirement forbreathing difficulty.

“Dont play dumb. If you could perform on such a level, youve probably been practicing in secret for a long time.”

You Xinji smiled sarcastically.

“Its because Director Luo is coming today, so even the last-place holder is working extra hard.”

Xia Bohe blinked, not expecting her to think that way.

“Unfortunately, even if you perform well today, a sparrow will always be a sparrow and can never fly onto a high branch. The phoenix tree will always belong to the phoenix. You better remember that clearly.” (TN:A sparrow flies onto a high branch and becomes a phoenix is a Chinese idiom that has the same meaning asrags to riches”.)

Xia Bohe tilted her head, feeling a little sympathetic toward the other girl.

That Luophoenix tree had already been occupied by a sparrow since long ago.

“Youre wrong. A sparrow can still occupy a phoenixs nest by accident.”



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