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There Was A Weight On His Thigh

Xia Bohe clutched at her abdomen. Her bangs were drenched in cold sweat whereas a few droplets of sweat beaded the tall tip of her nose.

As she bit at her small lips, which were free of lip tint, they turned into shades of red color.

Her small face was as pale as paper. Her doe-like eyes were also almost overwhelmed with pain and suffering.

She bent over in pain, the large hospital gown draped loosely and flowy on her. It was one size larger than her original size, thus it further accentuated the petiteness of her body frame.

The ridiculous green hat on her head had fallen away, her long black hair scattering about her like seaweed. Her hair reached the middle of her waist, vaguely highlighting her soft, beautiful curves.

Luo Tianlin was met with this vision upon lowering his eyes.

He furrowed his brows immediately.

He instantly unbuttoned his suit with his long and slender finger. He removed his suit, which held the scent of green grass on a wintry ground.

The suit fell on her head.

“Ill wait for you in the car,” he said.

Pulling open the smoky grey tie on his collar, Luo Tianlin squinted his eyes and looked down at the woman before him.

Nevertheless, he only took one step before someone pulled at the cloth of the right leg of his pants.

Lowering his head, he saw that a slender and fair arm had lightly grabbed hold of his pants.

“...Please...please buy a sanitary pad for me…” she muttered.

Xia Bohes small face turned bright red.

After being tormented by the cold sweat and stage lights, all that was left of her sickly makeup was a thin layer of foundation. Her well-hydrated, milky-smooth skin gradually showed up under the foundation. Her skin blushed pink from embarrassment.

“My dormitory is a little far from here,” she said.

Xia Bohe bit her lip.

Furthermore, she just took over the memories of the original host. If she were to run back right now, she would most likely get lost.

Also, this body seemed to be having a rather high volume of period flow on the first day.

After she finished speaking, she added something just in case this coldhusband of hers did not agree to do so.

“Im afraid Ill dirty your suit,” she said.

Luo Tianlins cold expression changed continuously. Finally, he glanced at her flushed face. “...Alright,” he said.

Obviously, he had never purchased such items for women before.

Relieved, Xia Bohe let go of his suit obediently. “Thank you,” she said.

She was in so much pain that she could not stand up just now. Only being able to get up to a half-squat, she could only grab onto the cuff of his pants by accident.

However, at the very next second, she clutched at her abdomen and let out a hoarse scream as a wave of intense pain tormented her to the point that she felt suffocated.

A rush of dizziness overcame her, almost causing her to collapse.

Luo Tianlin took two steps forward and immediately felt a weight on his thigh.

No one grabbed onto his pants this time, but an additional item was stuck to his thigh instead.

“...Let go,” he said.

Boo hoo…This Pain Experience Pill was too painful.

It amplified the pain of her period cramps by ten times, bringing her so much pain that her head felt numb.

Xia Bohe hugged the mans leg and let out a pitiful whimper.

“Please, can you help me get a hot patch too” she asked.


“It would be great too if you could get me a cup of brown sugar ginger drink too,” she added.


The man almost gritted his teeth out loud.

“Ill ask the driver to send it over,” he said.


Ten minutes later, Xia Bohe drank the brown sugar ginger drink in a thermal flask sent to her by the driver while discreetly putting on a hot pack. Shen then put on the black jacket that he brought to her before returning the suit, which was full of the mans scent.

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She glanced at it furtively. It seemed like it did not get dirty.

The time for the painkillers effect to set in had also passed.

She was alive again!

“Thank you, Brother Li.”

She called after him politely after recalling the drivers name.

She was an obscure actress in the past. If she went to a filming crew, everyone from the drivers to the prop teachers and even the floor managers were seniors that she had to be respectful to.

Therefore, she had the habit of being polite to everyone, no matter who was it.

However, the driver, Li Peng, was momentarily stunned.

“Madam…Ah, Miss Xia, its nothing at all. This is my duty. Just let me know if you have anything you need. Im going back first. Boss asked you to return as soon as possible,” he said.

He almost called her by the wrong title. He had gotten reprimanded harshly by Xia Bohe before when he had addressed herMadam.

Every time Madam and Sir got into an argument, it was the small nobodies like them who got unlucky as they always took it out on them.

“Brother Li,” she said.


Xia Bohe smiled sweetly in a sincere manner.

“Tell your boss that Ill be back after having a word with the teachers,” she said.

Li Peng was slightly shocked. She was rarely in such a good mood. Nevertheless, he responded immediately.

Xia Bohe also got up to tidy herself. Upon seeing that the bloodstain on the back of her hospital gown was not obvious, she put on the jacket and took hold of the thermal flask, then headed back to the performance hall from just now.

Nonetheless, the director and teachers that she was looking for were all nowhere to be seen.

Only You Xinji and a bunch of other girls were left waiting for her with smiles on their faces.

“Ooh, look! Our up and coming star is here.”

“What a genius actress. Not only does she have photographic memory, but she can also get into character within a second...Tsk tsk.”

“The capable ones always try hard and do more work. Sure enough, she is indeed capable.”

The girls all laughed as they spoke.

You Xinji stood in front and center among the girls. She reached out her hand to open up a piece of paper.


“Congratulations, Student Xia. You were the only one who won the big lottery to clean up the venue today,” she announced.

The girls by her side, who were holding brooms, mops, and pieces of rag cloths, threw them all on the floor before Xia Bohe abruptly!



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