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Her Hand Slipped And Pressed On…

Luo Tianlin squinted.

He had never known that this girl felt so good about herself.

Did she cry at her beauty

He glanced coldly at the driver and his assistant, who were both seated in front of the car and were trying very hard to hold back their laughter while he stroked his knuckles rhythmically.

His handsome face turned to look outside the car window after they shivered in fear. Xia Bohe pursed her lips tightly.

Cold air instantly circulated the interior and exterior of the car.

The sounds of the birds chirping seemed to have stopped in the back entrance of the school, which was already quiet.

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“Luo, Luo...Hus, Hushus...Husband!”

Xia Bohes small face turned pale.

She had embarrassed herself big this time.

However, her voice was soft. Upon hearing the words being articulated in such a coquettish tone, everyone in the car was startled.

Even the driver and Assistant Chen, who were both seated in front of the car with their heads lowered, turned around to look at her in shock.

Meanwhile, Luo Tianlin raised his eyebrow, his gaze sharpening.

Xia Bohe blinked. She just recalled that the original host had never addressed him as her husband.

She had always addressed him by his name.

“Get in the car.”

Luo Tianlin pursed his lips together and commanded.

Assistant Chen came to his senses. He opened the car door and got down in a hurry to help put her luggage into the trunk of the car.

He bowed respectfully and opened the car door for her.

Was this the treatment for a wealthy Madam

Xia Bohe, who had always been bullied in her past life, instantly felt as if all the cells in her body were floating.

Nonetheless, she still managed to hold herself back and thanked him politely with a smile.

“Thank you.”

Under the radiant sunlight, the lethality of her goddess-like visuals and sweet smile doubled.

Assistant Chen blushed.

Luo Tianlin was seated at the back of the car. His cold expression immediately darkened.

“Chen Xin, hurry up,” he ordered.

Assistant Chen stiffened at once.

Xia Bohe stuck out her tongue and raised the hem of her dress carefully as she got in the car.

This man had such a fiery temper.

[Bohe, youre not crying by the roadside, right (Laughter)]

Mi Mins text reached her quickly.

Xia Bohe rolled her eyes. She took a photo and send it over to her immediately.

From the customized Hermès logo on the leather seats to the imported carbonated drinks from France placed beside the seats, the high affluence of the cars components had shocked her when she got in.

Let Mi Min laughed...she could laugh till her jaw dropped!

As expected, Mi Min sent her three continuous texts after a while.

[Is this a taxi that you called]

[No, this is a picture you got from the internet, right]

[You live in the countryside, how are you able to call for such a luxurious car]

Countryside… Hehe, she should get to know the large, four-story, 1652 square-meter size manor that she lived in.

[Lil Minmin, I was so tired that I could not walk anymore while pulling my luggage after me. A handsome man then parked his Maserati beside me. I guess I have done a lot of good things in my past life to get the good luck of meeting him today.]

[Thank you so much, Lil Minmin. If you did not tell me that the school bus had left, I would not have left from the back entrance. I would have missed out on this opportunity.]

[By the way, did the dean make things hard for you You will not be penalized, will you]

Xia Bohe typed rapidly. Hot blood surged through her as she got into a war-machine mode.

If she had another chance at living, she would never compromise and stand for others bullying her ever again.

In this life, she would take an eye for an eye. She would return those who bullied her double the taste of medicine to those who bullied her!!

With one pretentious and manipulative b*tch against another, who was afraid of whom!

Mi Min must have been angered.

She did not reply to her text messages at all.

Xia Bohe could not resist chuckling.

She was raising her hand in joy and making an exaggerated movement when the car made a sudden sharp turn. Whoosh! Her phone flew out of her hand.

The phone formed a small parabola while flying through the air.

The color drained from Xia Bohes face as she reached out to catch it hurriedly. Unfortunately, she only managed to grab the edge of the phone, which sent it flying into the air once again before dropping onto the thigh of the man seated by her side.

Shocked, she reached out unknowingly and grabbed at that area.


The air instantly went stagnant.

Her entire body shivered when she felt the warm, solid sensation of hard muscle under her hand.

She lowered her small face and looked down to glimpse where her small hand was pressed on.

Raising her head once again to look at the man, his handsome face seemed to be...turning dark with fury as he clenched his toned muscles.

“Oh, my mistake, my hand just slipped.”

Xia Bohe laughed dryly.

“...!” Assistant Chen and the driver were lost for words.



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