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I Am Not Strong Enough

Not long after, the car made its way onto an overpass.

The further they went, the more remote their surroundings got.

After half an hour of traversing away from the bustling roads and buildings, Xia Bohe caught a glimpse of an estate full of lush vegetation.

She looked out of the car window with her mouth agape.

She suddenly recalled the description from the novel.

The entire piece of land was private property and was over two thousand square meters in size.

Luo Tianlins parents and grandfather all stayed here. The Luo family resided in this luxury manor.

From what she read, it took three years alone for the architects to design and construct the manor.

Other than the main residence, the estate also consisted of Old Master Luos treasured orchard, a golf course, and an exhibition hall for their private collection.

Soon after, Xia Bohe spotted a sleek, silver-grey helicopter with a rigid body structure parked on the rooftop of the three-story manor.

As the car took a turn, beds of bright red and yellow roses lining the pathway came into view. The flowers, which had been imported from a French estate, were spread throughout the region to the right of the manor and tended to by the gardeners meticulously.

The more she saw, the more astounded she was.

Each corner was capable of inducing tears from the poor.

Xia Bohe was truly a poor girl in her past life. She could not resist using her pointer fingers to pinch her earlobes.


“We will have dinner with my grandfather tonight,” Luo Tianlin said lightly as he glanced at Xia Bohe, who almost had her face stuck to the car window.

Getting her to come home every month was just like a punishment to her.

If they were not obligated to have a mandatory family dinner, he would not even bother to even look for her.

“Ooh, is that where we will be staying for the night” Xia Bohe asked.

Xia Bohe turned over, her small face flushed a bright red and her eyes glimmering.

She was excited.

She had never acted as a wealthy missus nor had she stayed in a manor in her past life.

Not even once!

“You want to stay the night” Luo Tianlin asked, sounding rather taken aback. He closed the tablet pad before him with his fingers.

She would whine non-stop whenever he made her stay the night in the past. It almost seemed as if he would act like a savage toward her if they were to stay for the night.

She had been reluctant every time.

On the other hand, she was all the more unwilling to stay with him in his house in the city district. She only wished that he would be working overtime in the company or staying the night somewhere else.

“Uh huh.”

Xia Bohe nodded, a look of anticipation on her face.

She did not transmigrate into the story for no reason at all!

She wondered how different the bed in a wealthy persons manor would be.

“I am not going to the company today,” Luo Tianlin said, raising his brows slightly.

“I will stay the night then…” Xia Bohe blinked.

What if she transmigrated back once she closed her eyes

She would have to experience everything to the fullest before she slept tonight!

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“Suit yourself,” Luo Tianlin said while pinching the area between his brows.

His cold gaze swept across her abdomen, and could not help to be reminded of the painful look on her face due to her period cramps. As he thought of this, the rigid lines on his face relaxed slightly.

“Just be careful of what you say,” he said.

They did not have a good relationship and were pretending to be a loving couple behind their families backs, especially Old Master Luo, who was almost eighty years old and had previously recovered from a stroke.

“Sure!” Xia Bohe agreed immediately.

After the car stopped, Assistant Chen immediately got down and hurried open their car door.

Stepping on a slab of granite marble by the doorstep, Xia Bohe took in the view of the faint gold lines on the ground, the transparent, all-glass great hall of the first floor, which could be seen from the manors main entrance, and the spiral staircase. She instantly felt faint.

“Young Master, Young Mistress.”

The housekeeper and four servants, who were all dressed neatly in their uniforms, stood in two rows and greeted them in unison.

Xia Bohe almost knelt as her legs turned into jelly.

Nonetheless, she went along with the situation at hand and grasped the tall mans strong arm.

“What funny business are you up to again” Luo Tianlin asked in a raspy tone, the look in his eyes changing.

Xia Bohe felt like crying.

She did not and was not trying to do anything. He should not be spouting nonsense.

She was just shocked.

Oh gosh, her small, poor heart.

“I am not strong enough…” she said bitterly.


Luo Tianlins temples hurt.




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