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She Was A Different Person

As Xia Bohe was talking, she glanced sideways at the housekeeper and servants.

Their sights were mostly focused on Luo Tianlin and did not even bother to look her way.

In theory, she was the Young Mistress of the family. Although her status was nowhere near that of Luo Tianlin, she should not be given the cold shoulder like this.

Xia Bohe blinked. She immediately recalled some memories.

The original host had stayed here for a few times only.

She had not bothered to interact much with the Luo family as she had her heart set on getting a divorce.

She was born a commoner and had always felt that everyone in the Luo family, the servants included, derisively looked at her. Hence, she was extremely unwilling to get along with them.

She did not dare to do anything toward Luo Tianlins family.

However, she had often ignored the servants and constantly reprimanded them severely.

She hid her low confidence behind a cold and haughty facade. Therefore, they could not be blamed for not daring to even send a casual glance her way.

Last time, one of the female servants got scolded harshly just for staring at the original host. The original host had been furious as she had thought that the servant was ridiculing her for dressing inappropriately. She had even requested for the housekeeper to deduct the servants wages as a punishment.

Xia Bohe inhaled sharply as she recalled these memories.

This original host was unconfident and dumb.

If one was not confident in themselves, how would others be able to look highly upon them

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Lashing out at others would only reveal her inner vulnerabilities.

“Young, Young Mistress, what, what did I do wrong…”

While she was lost in thought, one of the female servants, which she had been staring at, had started trembling in fear.

Xia Bohe immediately snapped back into reality.

Taking a closer look, she did not know if she should find the situation humorous or sad. Was this the female servant that was previously scolded to tears

“No, you look adorable today. Your hair clip is really pretty.”

An impeccable smile was plastered on Xia Bohes good-looking face. She exuded a sense of friendliness and gentle kindness.

The warm sunlight cast down upon her, causing her milky white skin to appear glowy and radiant.

Stunned, the female servant by the door side raised her head in fear. She could not resist blushing after catching a glimpse of Xia Bohes gentle yet outstanding looks.

At first, Luo Tianlin frowned as he thought that Xia Bohe was making things hard for the servants by the door side. She must be up to no good again. However, just as his face was about to harden, he registered what she just said.

Looking up, he saw a joyous smile on her radiant, small face. The delicate, petite build of her body resembled the elegance of a swan. At the same time, she exuded a sense of friendliness and gentleness.

Deep in thought, Luo Tianlins black eyes flickered.

In the past, she had always behaved haughtily before the servants.

Things seemed to be different this time around.

“Husband, thanks for holding onto me. My strength is back again~”

Xia Bohe said coquettishly, her doe-like eyes glancing at him gratefully.

Luo Tianlin raised his brows.

Xia Bohe was anxious. She had to manage her relationship with this man while acting within the personality boundaries of the original host. It was way too difficult not to look suspicious before him.

Eventually, though, she would have to live as herself.

She could not live unconfidently as the original host did. She still wanted to shine bright on the screens!

Furthermore, she was not well off herself either. She could not bring herself to bully the servants.

Xia Bohe mustered up the bravery to smile faintly at her husband, who was looking at her suspiciously.

“Get in the house,” Luo Tianlin said, frowning slightly.

“Okay.” Xia Bohe said while nodding obediently. She quickly followed behind him.

After she left, the housekeeper and servants showed looks of utmost shock and surprise.

“Do you guys think that the Young Mistress has become prettier She seems to be in a rather good mood today. She treated Xiao Wen so nicely.”

“Yeah, she smiled so gently at Xiao Wen just now.”

“Silence! Are you guys in the position to gossip about the Young Mistress”

The housekeeper instantly scolded them.

The servants stuck their tongues out. However, they yearned to continue gossiping all the same.

Xia Bohe had always been pretty. Like a blinding ray of light, she was the type to outshine others in a crowd.

However, she was always in a negative mood when she was here. Her gaze was always dull whereas her head was constantly lowered unconsciously. Furthermore, she was always frowning and scolding. Her behavior thus caused her outstanding looks to be reduced to half of what it actually was.

She was a different person today, however.

Her face raised in confidence with a brilliant smile etched on it. It was as if she was a pearl that got uncovered from the dirt within a day.

[You have accumulated Focused Views from 500 people today.]

[Rewarded with one Goddess Roulette Wheel.]

A pleasant voice rang out just as she arrived at the great hall and was about to remove her shoes.



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