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Her Husband, The School Director

“I lost my phone.”

Xia Bohes breath was uneven.

Her words stunned everyone.

“You lost it” Zheng Qingshan asked as she frowned hard.

Mi Min almost ground her teeth and wanted to yell out loud.


After sending out the text message, she had put the phone back in the locker. How did it get lost

However, she instantly realized that she should not be overwhelmed and tried her best to lower her voice. She asked, “How did it get lost Who sent the text message to Senior Liu”

This toxic b*tch!

Xia Bohe returned her gaze and smiled at her. “I supposed the person who took my phonealso knew the password to unlock it.”

Mi Mins expression changed immediately. “H...How can it be...who would know your password”

It was definitely somebody she was usually close to.

Anybody close with a heart to do so would be able to peep at her password.

Xia Bohe smiled without saying a word.

Mi Min felt coldness seep through her back. She turned and chuckled. “Are thieves who steal phones nowadays that capable...Hmm, Xiaxia, did you leave your phone in the locker”

As she spoke, she glanced suspiciously at the locker incessantly.

Finally, she caught sight of the corner of a bright red phone case in the locker!

“Eh, whats this!” She exclaimed.

Mi Min took a step forward excitedly, getting on the ground to pull it out from the wool blanket.

Nonetheless, the moment she had it in her hands, she stopped and her face stiffened.

“Have you found the phone” Zheng Qingshan approached her gravely.

Mi Min broke out into a sweat, her hand frozen on the spot. She could not proceed and neither could she retreat.

Everyone soon saw clearly what was in her grasp. It was a thin phone case, and not a phone at all.

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Xia Bohe glanced at her lightly, then lowered her head and sniffled, “That little thief is so mean, even leaving the phone case behind for me.” Her soft voice sounded innocent and pitiful, tinged with a hint of woeful accusation.

“...!” Mi Min was shocked.


Just at this moment, a row of men in formal suits passed by the changing rooms opened door.

The man in the lead was tall and sturdy. He wore a tailored black three-piece suit.

The light from the hallway shone onto his broad back. It was as if he was making his way forward against the light.

His layered, black hair cast a shadow over the high bridge of his nose, accentuating his handsome and muscular side profile. His tight jawline emanated an aura of elegance and noble.

Two middle-aged men with reverent and fawned looks on their faces followed behind him, along with a group of young teachers.

When the wordsleaving the phone case behind sounded out in that soft, woeful yet accusatory tone, the tall, sturdy man in the lead halted, his straight back stiffening slightly.

“My apologies, I have some private matters to take care of. Everyone, please go on first.”

His voice was low and mellow, his tone dignified and stern.

The two middle-aged men immediately nodded and led the group of teachers away.

The tall, sturdy man stood right where he was for a while. Hearing voices of interrogation from the room behind him, he entered it.


“Xiaxia, you were looking at your phone before I left. How did you lose it within such a short period Are there thieves in our school Everybody in the changing room knows each other...” Mi Mins voice started to get loud.

Not only did her words reveal her true intentions, but it also instigated the possibility of Xia Bohehiding her phone seeing that her act has been discovered.

As she said that, Liu Qichen nodded in accordance by the side. He asked, “Why would the thief send a text message to me”

Xia Bohe lowered her eyes. This senior was not up to any good either.

Before Liu Qichen made his way to her, however, she already knew from the books storyline that the phone was a critical plot.

How could she allow herself to be caught without putting up a fight

She had hurriedly put on the outfit, while adjusting the skirts hemline, she had forcefully pressed the sleeve button onto the side of her face to create thefell-asleep-after-changing mark.

At the same time, she took out the phone from the locker and threw it out of the side window into the flower beds.

It was the only way she could think of during such a critical moment.

As long as there was no evidence, they could not deem her guilty no matter the circumstances.

“I really cant find my phone...” she said, biting on her lip as she looked at the dean innocently.

She walked up to the locker and removed the towel, wool blanket, and makeup box that were in it, and displayed them one by one.

Mi Min looked around suspiciously. Very soon, her eyes were blinded for a while from the suns bright rays shining in.

She could not help looking in that direction and caught sight of the slightly opened window.

Mi Mins eyes lit up. She questioned, “Did you throw your phone away Are you trying to deny that you sent the text message by doing so”

Dean Zheng was not a fool either. Following Mi Minsenlightening gaze, she discovered the window as well.

Xia Bohe swore internally, her slender fingers gripping the corner of her shirt tightly.


Was she really done for

Her mind churned quickly, her back felt chilly. Under such pressing moments, she could not think of any method that would make her look innocent.

She closed her eyes, her lashes trembling. She gritted her teeth and was ready to deny everything till the very end.

Before she could say anything, a low and mellow voice sounded from the door.

“Theres a phone at the stairwell by the side. Did you guys drop it” The voice asked.

Xia Bohe was startled.

Everybody was stunned.

The rhythmic, heavy sounds of footsteps stopped by the side of the door in a gentlemanly manner.

Zheng Qingshan took the lead and walked out. Xia Bohe and the others followed her.

Just as she reached the side of the door, a tall figure emerged and entered above Xia Bohes view.

A scent reminiscent of green grass after a winter rain accompanied the figures appearance, enveloping her sense of smell.


She raised her head to be faced with the sight of a tight, angular jaw.

The next instant, a familiar-looking phone with a cracked screen was shoved in front of her.

She felt slightly dazed. She instinctively reached out her hand to take the phone...

Their hands overlapped momentarily.

The sun dimmed.

The phone screen lit up suddenly.

The phone was unlocked via a fingerprint reader.

Xia Bohes mouth gaped open, looking at her thumb furtively. It was precariously close to resting on the mans slender, good-looking pointer finger.

This touch, it was evident that she did not press the phone.

It was not her fingerprint that had unlocked the phone…

She lowered her head to look at the phone screen, the wallpaper was a selfie taken by Xia Bohes original host. She raised her head to look at the vaguely familiar silver-striped black tie on the collar of the mans shirt. Her temples convulsed.

Her vision darkened, a string of curse words emerging in her heart.

The original host from the novel…was married.

Her husband, the school director.



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