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The Schools Security Needs to Be Tightened

Moted dustlight floated and scattered down to the ground.

Xia Bohe suddenly realized that she had made contact with the mans warm and slightly calloused finger. Her fingertip felt tingly with a sense of numbness.

Letting go, she took a step back in surprise.

Before dying in her past life, she had never even been in a relationship before.

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She was a relatively unknown and lowly actress. She was not very beautiful and did not have many admirers. The only time she spoke the most with the opposite sex was during filming on set.

She had become a married woman as soon as transmigrated into the book!

Her heart trembled slightly.

Backing up against the wall, she cradled the phone and shakily raised her small, coquettish face that looked as delicate as a flower bud.

In an instant, against the light, the mans extremely strong, dignified and chilly presence hit her on the head.

Her gaze trailed on his lanky legs, moving up to see his slim waist, broad back and tall build.

With this physique alone, he had already outshone all the male models she had seen in her past life.

Above this mans sexy Adams apple was an angular face with a cool skin tone. He had starry eyes, well-defined brows, a high nose bridge and thin lips. He was handsome and noble, emanating a distant feeling as if he some how did not belong to the mundane world.

Xia Bohe gulped down her saliva with much difficulty and shifted her gaze toward the side.

Liu Qichen who was still standing by the side, was said to be almost six feet tall. With his good looks, he was considered to be one of the better looking students from the Performing Arts Faculty. However, next to this tall man, he seemed short and his features seemed undefined, fading immediately into obscurity.

This man, who was more handsome than a top male celebrity, was also a high profile character as the school director, was the original hosts secret husband

Xia Bohes heart lurched.

Did she hit the jackpot upon transmigrating here

“Director Luo.”

Zheng Qingshan greeted him in an excited, but shocked voice, bringing Xia Bohe back to reality.

Mi Min and Liu Qichen were brought to attention instantaneously as well, immediately following suit and giving their greetings.

They all seemed to have forgotten where they were right now, their expressions full of the greatest respect and excitement.

Luo Tianlin is the film schools most authoritative director. It was said that he was involved in many industries in the country, and his company was worth over ten billion dollars in market value. He was also the boss of one of three largest talent management company in the country, Chong Yi Entertainment.

However, he never accepted press interviews nor did he attend public gatherings. His private life remained a mystery.

Countless female artists dreamt of getting on his good side, but none have gotten the chance to approach him.

This year, however, he had suddenly visited the film school, citing that he would like to watch the annual play. Rumors had it that he was on the lookout for outstanding, fresh talents as part of his plan to invest heavily in the film industry.

Two months before the annual play, countless girls from the film school got wind of the news and were in a frenzy of excitement.

As such, all rehearsal rooms were running on high tension.

“Director Luo, thank you for finding the phone. Do you know how to get to the venue Ill bring you there.”

Even Mi Min had discarded her scheming plans and devious strategies aside.

She was anxious to try all means to get close to this mysterious man, and raised her chin at a forty-five degree angle to give a smile that she perceived to be the best.

Her yearning was so great to the point that she stepped forward to cleverly block Xia Bohe behind her.

Unfortunately, the mans cold gaze did not even look at Mi Mins face.

Xia Bohe, who was blocked at the back, raised her head just to be caught in the mans dark, intense and fiery gaze.

“The schools security needs to be tightened.”

He articulated the words in a calm and forceful manner, his voice tinged with a faint of hoarseness.

His gaze passed by everyone to fall onto her.

His attention was directed solely to her.



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