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Divorcing Is Fatal

“Does the school nurture such a teaching environment”

As the mans words fell, an oppressive energy immediately hit everyone present with the force of a mountain.

Xia Bohes hand, which was fumbling with her skirts hem, could not help but clenched tightly.

In her mind, the original hosts memories of marriage surged.

She was eighteen years old when the two families came to an agreement and she had gotten married secretly. She did not like the mans cold personality at the time. During the three years of marriage, she had repeatedly run away from home. She had even declared that her heart belonged to another person and she would divorce after graduating from university.

Since they got married, they had been staying in separate rooms and had never lived together as a couple. However, it was unknown why the original host was naturally afraid of him, and she could not even bear living with him under the same roof.

“Director Luo, I assure you that we will investigate this matter thoroughly. We will identify and solve the issue, and carry out the relevant punishments and improvements.”

Zheng Qingshan hastily promised in an eager voice, pulling Xia Bohe back to her senses.

However, at the next second, Xia Bohe thought of the novels following plot.

Framed, the original host was caught by Zheng Qingshan in the changing room not long before her director husband had arrived at the school. After hearing of the scandal and further relating it with the original hosts continuous fuss over divorcing, he became enraged on the spot and went to the Civil Affairs Bureau with her the next day to arrange a divorce.

Since then, the original host, initiallythe rich wife befitted to possess the best resources, successfully brought about her destruction.

In the later stage of the plot, the original host was a nobody who had neither resources nor a good reputation. She was bullied by a group of female supporting characters, serving as a foil to the heroines beauty and goodness, and finally met a miserable end by suicide.

Xia Bohe shuddered, goosebumps breaking out all over her body.

This divorce... cannot happen!

Being divorced was the biggest reason why the original host was met with a cannon-fodder-like fate, leading to her decline all the way.

If she was not divorced, she could enjoy a luxurious life as the lady of a wealthy family as long as she returned home regularly and took on the superficial duty ofthe wife.

Living in a villa and being taken care of by servants... if she acted cutesy she might get exclusive resources in the field. It was a script that would allow her to win effortlessly no matter what!

The original host was a good card played terribly.

Xia Bohe took a deep breath.

No way, she must explain this clearly first. She must not be divorced!

She had thrown the phone out of the window just now, and he had probably picked it up from the flower bed downstairs.

However, he said that he saw it in the corridor. Was he saying this to help her

Then, did he believe that she was innocent

“Director Luo, th...thank you for picking up my phone. I fell asleep just now. I dont know who stole my phone and send the message…”

After Xia Bohe finished saying that in her heart, her cheeks reddened slightly, and she turned her small face away uncomfortably.

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The angle at which her small face turned happened to allow the man to take in her gorgeous, delicate features and the little button imprint.

She then stepped slightly to the left, leaned forward, and bowed, as if she was extremely respectful.

Her straight, silk-like black hair fell from her shoulders instantly. She handed the phone out again, but her slender fingers accidentally brushed against the mans long fair fingers.

The air in the whole corridor seemed to freeze.

The touch of their fingers and the warm temperature between them seemed to go still.

Xia Bohes heart was pounding.

Did he see the sleep marks on her face

Did he believe her Would he divorce her the next day like what had happened in the novels following plot

After a while, just when she was about to die of nervousness, the mans mellow voice finally sounded coldly again.

“Check the surveillance monitors.”

As soon as his words fell, everyones expressions in the room changed.

Liu Qichen clenched both his fists, and Min Mins face turned pallor!

Xia Bohe, however, heaved a sigh of relief. Her back was practically drenched in sweat.



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