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She Succeeded In Provoking Him

Goddamnit, even steel can be broken in front of a goddess...

What did it mean to make emotions fluctuate beyond the normal threshold

Xia Bohe felt like her knees were about to give out.

The indifferent man in front of her had already released his arm and turned away, leaving her a view of his aloof retreating figure.

It was obvious that she had not been given the right to speak at all.

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The original host had reason to be afraid of this man.


But what counted as emotional fluctuation

If she provoked him, then she would probably be nailed to the wall in the next second, accepting deaths gaze.

If she pleased him, haha, this straight Man of Steel was unshakable by a current Level 1 Rookie like her.

What to do

In her past life, she was a hardworking little actress who had dreamed to become a star, but failed and finally died regretfully in a car accident. In this life, she just wanted to continue acting peacefully and fulfill her dream.

She did not want to get a divorce because she preferred her current best solution.

This man did not ask much of her. As long as she knew her place, stayed loyal to him, and went home on time to see his parents, she would be fine.

During critical moments, he would still cover for her.

This way, she felt that it was good for both of them to continue as married strangers.

However, if she had to please him in every way while staring at his cold expressionless face... it was a real challenge for her.

How should she overcome this problem

With an aching head, Xia Bohe walked out of the emergency stairwell and silently led the way in front of the Man of Steel.

However, a transparent panel suddenly appeared in front of her.

[Exchange Mall]

[1. Upgrade Acting Skill (Endearingly Pitiful) to Level 2: 500 Experience.]

[2. Activate Acting Skill (Bright and Brave) Level 1: 300 Experience.]

[3. Activate Acting Skill (Unforgettable Lines Basics) Level 1: 300 Experience.]

[4. Activate Acting Skill (Sadness) Level 1: 300 Experience.]

This series of lists made her pause in her tracks.

What kind of godly system is this

In her past life, she had struggled but failed to polish her acting skills, spent a lot of money on training classes, and watched dramas repeatedly, yet still received a negative evaluation for her rigid performance due to a lack of talent and charisma.

Many people in the industry had said that this job depended on being God-gifted, and acting was a skill that could not be learned.

Nevertheless, she did not believe it and kept on trying, but ended up being ridiculed by various production crews.

She did not know how many negative comments she had received.

However, this system allowed for the redemption of acting skills

If she could redeem these, would she also be able to oust those top actresses in seconds and even realize her dream of becoming a star

Xia Bohes heart suddenly started pounding.

“Lets do it!”

She opened her eyes, her shimmering orbs lighting up with a burning flame.

She had died once and come back to life. Now that she had a system, was it not obviously giving her a chance to score a breakthrough

Now she just had to make this Man of Steels emotions fluctuate.

If she could not even do this, why should she have the gall to dream of being an award-winning star

Xia Bohe pursed her lips and took a deep breath.

Finally, she stopped in her tracks bravely and raised her small trembling face to look directly at the man.

“I wont go back!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she felt goosebumps and chills on the back of her head.

Taking long strides, the man quickly passed by her with a blank expression.

The next second, however, he turned around, a flame of worn-out patience seeming to kindle within his cold gaze. He looked down at her from above in an imposing manner.

His voice was also as cold as ice.

“You think that I cant do anything with you by hiding in school”

Xia Bohe shuddered.


The school director could do whatever he wanted to.

She pricked up her ears, but to her dismay, she did not hear any system notification sound signifying task completion.

Xia Bohe said silently to herself ten times,Im going to be a star,Im a beggar, and a beggar can never be bankrupt!

She then resolutely used [Endearingly Pitiful Level 1] in the system. Holding onto the idea that no gain is too slight to bother with, she squeezed out a sentence from her rosy lips tremblingly.


“Then carry me away if you can!”

After saying that, she immediately felt the mans wrath surging toward her. It was as if she was in a stormy sea and would be broken into pieces any second!

[Ding, Task Accomplished!]

[Man successfully provoked; rewarded with 300 Goddess Experience.]

Xia Bohe breathed a sigh of relief but then forced a smile that was uglier than her crying face. “... Big,” Big Bro, please let me explain.

But before she had time to utter the next word, a pair of arms encircled her small waist tightly, and her white heels were instantly lifted off the ground.

The world spun before her. The next second, she was easily picked up by the man, and with a turn, she was hoisted onto his shoulders.

The faint cool fragrance of green grass on the mans body immediately surrounded her in layers.

Her stomach folded and she almost felt sick.


“As you wish.”


The mans mellow voice rang loud and clear.

“Lets go quit school now.”

Xia Bohe, “!”



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