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When Khalid and his party appeared, people walking down the street stopped and chatted.

“What is that Who are they”

“The pattern on the flag that the flag-bearer is holding…… I think it’s the Khan Kingdom”

“By the way, I remember hearing that a new diplomatic ambassador was coming from the Khan Kingdom.

Is it that person”

Khalid moved his horse, ignoring the gaze and interest pouring onto him.

After passing through several downtown areas, he entered the Fairy Square connected to the Imperial Palace, where the winds carrying the scent of fragrant flowers greeted him.



Exclamations burst among the knights when they saw the square decorated with colorful flowers.

Khalid glanced at the flying butterfly that was showing off its beauty for a moment, then stared straight ahead again.

His eyes narrowed when he saw the man standing on the platform in the center of the square.

“……Is it that person”

* * *

“Are you okay, Your Imperial Highness”


Renato responded half a beat late to the question from behind him.

When he turned his head in the direction of the voice, he saw Louis with a worried expression.

“I think you are very nervous.”

“You can tell that”

Hearing Louis’ words, Renato awkwardly touched his cheek.

He wondered if he was nervous enough for others to notice.

His hands had been trembling since earlier.

“It’s the first time something like this has happened, so I’m a little nervous.”

In fact, there were other reasons too, but he only gave a rough excuse to Louis.

How could he say he was excited and looking forward to meeting that person

He would be able to meet him in a little while.

Renato anxiously looked through the square where he was ready to receive his guests.

A little while ago, there was news that the diplomatic ambassador and his party had entered the capital, so if nothing else happened in the middle, they would be here soon.


Renato took a deep breath in and then exhaled to calm down his trembling chest.

He had thought about how to act when he met Khalid again, and what words he would use to persuade him, but honestly, he was not confident.

‘Your Imperial Highness, will you grant me the honor to dance with you, the descendant of the noble blood’

In his previous life, he first met Khalid at an imperial ball he attended under Blanche’s order.

It was around half a year after the man was appointed as a diplomatic ambassador.

So Renato didn’t know what Khalid was like right after his arrival.

All he could remember was that Maximo hated him very much.

In other words, it meant that the current Khalid and the Khalid in his previous life were the same, yet different people.

Renato continued to try not to forget that fact.

He was afraid that he might make a mistake with Khalid.

For him, it was a reunion, but for Khalid, today would be their first meeting, so he had to be careful not to make the man feel strange.

Above all, it was impossible to rule out the possibility that Khalid’s reaction or behavior would be different from that of his previous life.

In his previous life, Khalid approached Renato first, but in this life, Renato approached him first.

His future had already changed due to his actions, including attending Ludmilla’s funeral and his appointment as the special protocol officer.

It was inevitable that his relationship with Khalid would change.

He had hoped to see the man again someday, but he didn’t want to see him this way.

Renato’s expression darkened for a moment.

He loathed himself for devising a plan to attract Khalid to fulfill his purpose.

But he couldn’t help it.

Unlike in the past, he had Tristan’s cooperation, but Renato’s power was still weak.

It was as if he had gone to the battlefield without properly equipping a sword and armor.

Khalid was the strongest and most attractive weapon Renato could have.

Even if he failed, it would be worth a try.

Renato intended to present conditions that Khalid would be unable to reject for the success of his plan.

“……After work today, how about calling in another palace doctor to keep it a secret from lord Marquis”


Renato, whose mind was filled with thoughts about Khalid, was awakened by Louis’ advice to see a doctor.

“Your complexion has been bad these days, so I’m really worried.”

Louis said with a worried expression.

After Ludmilla’s funeral, Renato was in a bad condition all the time.

At first, he thought it was because of the sadness of losing Ludmilla, but it seemed that wasn’t the only problem.

“With the help of His Majesty the Emperor, I think it will be possible…… Should I ask sir chamberlain”

“I’m fine.

You don’t have to do that.

Don’t worry too much.”

“How can I not worry”

Louis unknowingly raised his voice and put on an upset face.

His worried eyes were filled with affection for Renato.

At that moment, Renato felt his heart overwhelmed with emotions.

Both in the past and now, he could only feel sorry and thankful to Louis and Luna.

‘Louis, Luna.

Listen to me.

From today on, I intend to oppose His Majesty the Empress and Marquis Medus.’

‘Excuse me What does that mean……’

‘If things keep going on like this, Trudy will be in danger.

I want to protect the child even if I have to oppose them.’

‘Are you doing this because of Her Highness’ will’

‘It is also a reason, but…… I can no longer stand the evil deeds of the two of them.

If Maximo becomes Emperor, it will be difficult for you two to survive as well.

So, can you follow my will’

On the day he decided to cooperate with Tristan, Renato revealed his decision to Louis and Luna.

The two supported Renato’s will without any hesitation.

‘Your Imperial Highness, please do not ask us.

If you want to do something, just order it.

I will follow whatever choice you make.’

‘That’s right! The most important thing for me is that you are happy, Your Imperial Highness! So please do whatever you want.

No matter what happens, I will always stand by Renato-nim’s side!’

That day, Renato had a hard time holding back his tears when he saw Louis and Luna’s willingness to obey his decisions unconditionally.

In his previous life, both of them sacrificed their lives for him.

And this time, they gladly volunteered to walk on the thorny path.

What about me

Renato felt his chest become heavy and bit his lip.

No matter how much he thought about it, he was not worthy of Louis and Luna’s sacrifices.

They were his nanny’s children, so they had grown up together since they were little, but Renato was never a good master for the two.

Rather, he had always caused them trouble, and never once did they benefit from him.

Nevertheless, Louis and Luna remained loyal to Renato and showed unchanging affection.

But Renato couldn’t return the love that they gave him.

On the contrary, he caused them trouble until the last minute.

But this time would be different.

Renato vowed to protect the two of them.

To him, Louis and Luna were another family.

“I’m just nervous these days.

I’ll be fine with a little rest.”

Renato smiled to tell Louis not to worry too much.

He was aware that his physical condition was strange these days.

It was the first time in his life that he felt sick like this.

However, there was no solution right now.

“Please just go see a doctor.

It can’t be just simple nervousness……”

When Louis opened his mouth to convince Renato once more, the quiet square turned into a commotion.

At that moment, Renato abruptly turned his head.


A small exclamation burst out from Renato’s mouth as he saw the people who had just entered the square.

Beyond the flying flag of the Khan Kingdom, he could see a black-haired man with a much more imposing physique than the others.

Perhaps sensing Renato’s gaze, the man who glanced at the square with an expressionless face looked straight up to face him.

Although it was quite a distance, the bright red eyes looked straight at Renato just like a beast that had found its prey.

It is that person.

Renato made eye contact with Khalid and inhaled a deep breath.

He recognized Khalid at a glance.

The smooth forehead exposed through the glossy and curly hair, the thick eyebrows and slightly slanted eyes, the red irises that seemed as if they were carved by natural rubies, the tall nose bridge, and the long, elegant lips.

He looked a little younger than the man in his memory, but he was the Khalid he knew.

Renato stood dumbfoundedly like someone who lost his mind and stared at Khalid as he came closer.

The joy, regret, and strange relief of meeting him rushed in all at once.

“Your Imperial Highness”

Louis called Renato in a soft voice when he just stood still, doing nothing.

Renato came to his senses at that moment and hurriedly moved his feet.

Meanwhile, Khalid, who had reached the platform, stopped his horse and jumped off with a light motion.

“Welcome to the Fleurette Empire.”

Renato made sure his voice didn’t tremble as he greeted Khalid.

After being appointed as the special protocol officer, he practiced a natural expression and a soft tone in case he met Khalid again.

He wanted to make a good impression on Khalid.

But when they actually met, the practice he had been doing all this time was useless.

Feeling his mind turn white, Renato repeatedly clenched and unclenched his fists.

He was inwardly worried about whether his expression was awkward, his voice was strange, or whether he was greeting him properly.

“I am Prince Renato El Fleurette of the Empire.

It is an honor for me to take on the role of welcoming our precious guests.”

“Pleased to meet you for the first time, Your Imperial Highness, Prince Renato.

My name is Khalid Nur Hakan.”

Fortunately, Khalid accepted Renato’s greeting without showing any particular expressions.

However, Renato stopped for a moment when hearing Khalid’s reply.

First time.

Those words strangely struck his chest.

In an instant, Renato was at a loss for words. First time…… Having gone back in time, it was true that this was the first time he had met Khalid.

Because he was the only one who had memories of the past life.

Knowing this, he had been determined not to make mistakes to Khalid just a while ago.

Nevertheless, he was momentarily shaken by the man’s greeting.

Trudy, Louis and Luna, Blanche and Maximo…… None of the people Renato had met since he regressed until now remember the past life.

So it was natural that Khalid didn’t have those memories either, but he somehow felt regret.


Renato momentarily fell into incomprehensible confusion.

He was surprised at himself for feeling sad when Khalid didn’t remember.


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