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Khalid truthfully told Nasir what had been bothering him for a while.

Since his meeting with Renato, there was some kind of problem that continued to make one side of his chest uncomfortable.

“Ayy, how is that possible If that was the case, both you and I would have remembered him, your highness.

And as far as I can remember, today is the first time we met.”

Nasir immediately denied Khalid’s words.

As he lived as Khalid’s aide for the past few years, they had many mutual memories.

And Renato was not in Nasir’s memory.

“It’s the same for me as well.

But he feels strangely familiar.

Did I perhaps see him before when we came to the Empire”

“We have been to the Empire a few times for military aid negotiations, so it’s not impossible that the two of you have already met…… But if that was the case, I’m sure you must have remembered him.

To be honest, he doesn’t have the kind of look that can be easily forgotten, right”

Nasir asked back while referring to Renato’s appearance.

He knew it was impolite to judge other people’s faces, but Renato had a beautiful appearance and a unique aura that would make anyone admire him.

“You’re right.

His face isn’t common, so if I had passed by him even for a moment, I’d definitely remember him.

So it’s even weirder.”

Having spent years on the battlefield where a moment’s inattention could cost his life, Khalid had a habit of observing and memorizing details wherever he went.

Just like Nasir said, if he saw that face properly even for a brief moment, he wouldn’t easily forget.

“He doesn’t look like anyone I know, and I’ve never met him before, so what is this feeling”

Khalid muttered as he couldn’t understand.

And there was another strange thing.

It was Renato’s attitude that seemed to be very delighted toward him.

A grand prince who was an illegitimate child, and the youngest Knight Commander in the kingdom.

Due to the circumstances in which he lived, Khalid was quicker and more sensitive than others.

He could read the emotions in those lavender-colored eyes that were reminiscent of pale violets.

He could clearly tell the joy and delight in Renato’s eyes and expression toward him.

Since he said he had wanted to meet Khalid a long time ago, it was not strange that he expressed goodwill, but what about his delight Didn’t he seem to have met someone he already knew

Khalid crossed his arms and fell into deep thought.

After a while, he made a decision and spoke up.

“……Send someone to the Imperial Palace early tomorrow morning to tell them that I will accept Prince Renato’s request for escort.”

“Excuse me I don’t think that’s a very good idea.

Wouldn’t it be better to have Dame Alia as your partner to prevent useless gossip”

“If I go together with Dame Alia, those kinds of words will still come out anyway, no They will say that we are sticking together or something.”

“That’s true, but……”

“Anyway, even though it was a request that the Prince made first, I don’t think it’s polite to just refuse.

We’ll see each other often, so I should just go with him.”


Then I’ll ask the janitor if there’s anyone I can send as a messenger.”

Nasir nodded his head with a slightly disapproving expression and went outside to find the janitor.

Khalid, left alone in the office, stared at the majestic Imperial Palace in the distance with eyes noticeably darker than before.

He wondered if he would be able to know for sure the identity of this strange déjà vu he was feeling now if he met Renato again.

* * *

“Grand prince Khalid accepted my request”

Renato, who finished breakfast a little earlier than usual, opened his eyes wide in surprise when hearing the news that Louis had brought.

“Yes, his aide just contacted us a little while ago.

He asked you to take good care of him.”

Louis answered while clearing the tableware with mechanical motions, then looked at Renato’s face and tilted his head.

“Why do you look like that Do you perhaps not want to be the grand prince’s partner”

“I do want that, but…… I thought of course I would be rejected.”

Renato answered Louis’ question with a puzzled expression.

He brought up the escort offer to Khalid without much expectation.

Because anyone that knew even the slightest bit about the imperial family would likely reject Renato’s offer.

Knowing this but still wanting to take a chance, he sent an escort offer to Khalid’s aide through Louis.

It was to get close to Khalid as quickly as possible.

He did so because it would be better to bring it up now rather than regretting that he should have tried it later, but now that he got an unexpected result, he was more surprised than happy.

“Uhm Why did you think you would be rejected”

“Why else……”

Renato awkwardly smiled, slurring the end of his words.

Louis could deduce the answer from that smile and frowned.

He hated Renato’s self-blame or self-deprecation because of his trait.

“What’s wrong with being a Beta! I told you over and over already, right Your trait is by no means a flaw!”

“It’s not because of my trait, but my situation.

Even the grand prince would know how I am treated…… If he hears bad things because of me……”

“What are you worrying about I’m sure he accepted it despite knowing that as well.”

“Is that so”

“Of course! And what will happen if you already show a weak appearance like this You said you need the grand prince’s power to protect His Imperial Highness Trudy, right Then please don’t worry about what goes on behind the scenes or whether he is getting into gossip, and just work hard!”

“That’s right……”

Renato’s face darkened when Louis spoke sternly just like a teacher who scolded a child.

As Louis said, Khalid was essential to his plan.

It was also true that in order to confront Marquis Medus, he must use everything he had.

However, when things went according to his intentions, he felt anxious about whether it would turn out well, and guilty about whether this was the right thing to do.

He lacked confidence because he had never succeeded in anything until now.

How are you going to get through this difficult world

Louis looked at Renato with his shoulders drooping and clicked his tongue internally.

He already guessed this since yesterday, but the tender-hearted Prince-nim seemed to feel guilty for bringing Khalid into his scheme.

Indeed, he didn’t fit well in the Imperial Palace, where all kinds of conspiracies and veiled enmities were taking place every day.

“If you have made up your mind to do this, please don’t be swayed, Your Imperial Highness.

If you hesitate, things that were supposed to be good will not work.”


“If you can’t do it, please just stop now.

You can do so because we haven’t even started properly yet.”

Louis held Renato’s shoulders with both hands and looked at him, giving advice more seriously than ever.

In the 20 years since he entered the Imperial Palace with his mother who became the Prince’s nanny, he had been with Renato and had seen many things that he had never seen before.

So he was worried.

Having personally experienced how shady politics was and how terrible power was, he both understood and didn’t understand why his Prince-nim, who was already struggling enough, was walking down an even more thorny path now.

He decided to support him because it was something Renato really wanted, or else he would have stopped him.

“I also like His Imperial Highness Prince Trudy, but…… The most important person to me is Renato-nim.

So if you are tired, you can stop here.”

At the words full of worry and concern, the violet eyes shook like fluttering petals.

Renato slightly moved his lips, perhaps not knowing what to say, then let out an awkward soft laugh.


It seems that I showed weakness again.

You’re right.

I haven’t even started properly yet, so I can’t be like this already.

I’ll pull myself together.”

“You thought well.”

Louis confirmed that hesitation had disappeared from Renato’s face and gently curled his eyes.

He always thought that it was a mystery how such a kind and gentle person could have come out of the vicious Blanche’s belly.

“I’ll just add one more word.

Your Imperial Highness, you need to be a little brazen.

Just look at Marquis Medus.

How thick is his skin…… Ugh, I’m not saying you should be like him, but you have to be more determined than you are right now.

Do you understand”

“I got it.”

“Now then, shall we prepare for the banquet”

Louis let go of the hands that were holding Renato’s shoulders and clapped once to change the heavy atmosphere.

“Are you preparing for the banquet already”

“If you want to escort the grand prince tomorrow, we’ll only have barely enough time even if we prepare right from this moment! So please get up now!”


“To decide what clothes to wear to the banquet, you have to try them on one by one.

I was in a hurry to prepare, so I could only complete three sets.”

Louis clicked his tongue in regret.

He originally had to make about five or six sets and choose from there, but time was too short.

Fortunately, he could obtain these sets by pestering the imperial seamstresses every day.


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