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Chapter 13

Translator: Yonnee


It’s clear that he’s scolding me, but because he didn’t raise his voice, he didn’t seem angry.

‘Was there a scene like this in the original novel’

No way.

I’m sure Roella got in real big trouble.

After this incident, the gap between father and daughter grew even further.

However, I pushed aside my surging confusion and instead replied with a nod.

“Yes, I’ll keep that in mind, Father.

I’m sorry.”

“About what you sold…”

The duke contemplated for a moment.

Still, I was confident this time.

‘Just like how it happened in the original, I’ll be grounded for six months without any allowance.

I’m sure.’

“…So that you learn your lesson and be more careful in the future, I will not be giving you any allowance for three months.

In the meantime, make use of the precious items that you already have and raise your own money.”

See, look at that.

Three mo—

“Huh, three months”


Three months.

Is there a problem”

For an instant, the look in the duke’s eyes changed sharply.

It seemed like he was misunderstanding my reaction as dissatisfaction.

At this, I immediately waved my hands and shot that thought down.

“I don’t have a problem with that.

Nothing at all.”

It wouldn’t be fair to say that I had any problems or complaints.

Well, if I had a problem now, the only thing that could possibly be a problem was how my heart was beating so fast that it could burst through my chest—hearing that it was just three months made me shake in excitement.

Soon, a smile found its way on my lips.

‘Only three months’

The punishment given to Roella in the original novel was ‘no allowance for six months’.

However, that period had been cut down in half.

The fact that I didn’t get into big trouble… And the fact that the period had been reduced…

‘Did my confession make him lower his guard’

Good lord, this is why people have to live honestly.

“I only asked because I thought I didn’t hear you correctly.

I will reflect on my actions during my three-month suspension.

Thank you, Father.”


“Ah, and thank you very much for taking care of this matter for me.

Today as well.”

I smiled and added the last thing politely.

Of course, saying these otherwise trivial words was a way to improve my score in the other person’s book.

“…Yes, then.

Go and rest.”

“Thank you, Father.

Please have a good evening.”

Despite his dismal goodbye, I replied with all the earnestness of my heart and soon hurried out the door.

If I trigger something for no reason here, I’d just get in trouble and he might say, ‘On second thought, three months is too short.’

So I left his office without looking back.

Then the mission success notification popped up just as I left the duke’s office and headed back to my room.




〈 Tutorial Mission, success!

Would you like to receive your rewads

( YES / NO ) 〉


‘What a relief.

It’s a success.’

As Charlotte was being dragged out earlier, I got a little nervous because I didn’t see any notifications.

Still though, this system window still had no conscience at all.

All the nonsense missions it gave me had just ‘Yes, all yes!’ options, but when it came to doling out rewards, it now had normal ‘yes or no’ options

At this point, the evil god of this world known as ‘Arhopev’ would drop to the ground and start rolling.

Clicking my tongue, I pressed the ‘yes’ button.


〈 Tutorial Mission, success!

– Charlotte, the maid, has admitted her faults and cried out, ‘I will live an honest life!’

– Success!

– Rewards for your success

: Reputation 3 / Coins 3 / Special stats 3 〉


As soon as I got my rewards, I smiled.

My meager reputation points had now gone up to six.

‘By the way, can’t I check my current reputation points’

And the moment this thought crossed my mind, a status window popped up.


〈 Current status : Roella Brietta

– Reputation : 9 ( 6)

– Special additional stats : 3

– Coins : 3

※ You’ll be able to see the rest of your stats once certain conditions have been met! 〉


Feeling my heart skip a beat, I paused right then as I looked perplexedly at my current stats.


There’s something weird.

Why is my reputation at 9 points instead of 6

‘My reputation points were just 3 before though, and my mission success reward is 3, so it should just be 6 right now.’

I have no idea where the other 3 came from.

By any chance…

‘From the Duke’

This was the most plausible guess.

I didn’t get berated as much as how it was in the original novel, and my only punishment was no allowance for three months.

Maybe that got reflected with my reputation points

‘But I think it went up too much for just that.’

I wasn’t complimented—my scolding just lessened, but then the increase in reputation was the same amount as my mission success reward.

It doesn’t add up.



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