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Chapter 4

Translator: Yonnee


At the sudden sound, I yelped as I jumped out of my seat.

I placed a hand over my pounding heart, then I looked around to find the source of that sound.

But there was no one else in the room except for me.

‘Am I hearing things’




However, as though it was making fun of me, the sound went off again.

I felt my shoulders and spine stiffening with tension.

‘I didn’t hear it wrong.’

It wasn’t just once.

I heard it twice.

Gulping down a shuddering breath, I looked around again.

But this time, once again, I couldn’t find anything there.

I was quivering all over trying to find just what on earth that was, but then something popped up right in front of me.

“Ahh, SHI—!”

Astonished, I freaked out and fell on my back on the bed.

However, as I fell back, that same thing stubbornly followed after me.

As if it was fixed right over my face.

Huk, huuk.

I tried to calm down my pounding heart and unsteady breaths, then I slowly looked up.

Peeking through one very slightly opened eye, I glanced sideways and saw its visible figure.

When I figured out what that unknown thing was, my eyes grew wide.

‘System window’

Floating in front of me was something that looked like a system window, with the opacity of about 30%.

Why though.

Weren’t status windows more common in games

‘No, I mean, why is this here’

I rubbed my eyes thoroughly and checked again—just in case I’m imagining things.

If I really am just seeing things, then that would put me in a difficult spot.

An auditory hallucination, and then an illusory phantasm.

Wasn’t this a one-way ticket to the loony bin route

However, both fortunately and unfortunately, it seems I don’t have to worry about that.

The opaque system window was still floating in front of me.

‘No way, can I touch it’

Gulping, I slowly reached out one hand.

But my fingers passed through the rectangle system window without any resistance.

I couldn’t seem to touch it.

However, it’s not as if it didn’t do anything.

Some words began to appear on the empty rectangle window.


〈 User : Kim Hyun-joo

( Recognition complete )

Conditions : Roella Possession (Complete)

Roella Synchronization (In Progress) / (Complete) 〉


Kim Hyun-joo

“That’s my name, but why…”

Kim Hyun-joo was my name in my previous life.

Besides that, it’s saying something about ‘Roella Possession’ and ‘Roella Synchronization’.

What’s with those question marks though

But the system window didn’t even give me enough time to understand.

It soon showed a different set of information.


〈 Ppa-bam! User recognition, success.

◆ Final goal : Complete the mission, raise □□, and protect □□ from □□ and □□ !

For the sake of the final goal, your mission starts now!

Would you like to accept

( YES / I want to ♥ ) 〉


One after another, it just said things that were more difficult to understand than the last.

I don’t know what’s there to understand because, in the first place, there’s too many blanks.

Amidst everything that it said, there’s one thing that caught my eye the most.

‘…What the hell are these gangster-like options.’

Should it not be ‘YES’ and ‘NO’, or ‘I want to’ and ‘I don’t want to’.

The only two choices here were ‘YES’ and ‘I want to’.

I’ve never seen such choices in my life.

Even my boss back then, who didn’t know how to be sensitive to other people, would at least give the choice of ‘Are you gonna do it or nah’

‘…If I just pretend that I don’t see it…’


〈 Please select one option.

The mission window will not disappear until you select one.



Guess not.

Somehow or another, this mysterious system window seemed to be reading my mind.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t have given such a threat with such good timing.

I thought about it for a moment, then my gaze furtively headed towards 〈 I want to ♥ 〉.

It’s compulsory anyway.

Since it’s like this, maybe it’s better to go for the one with a heart.

‘How do I pick it though’

While thinking about it as I stared at the black heart, the option 〈 I want to ♥ 〉 lit up.

Seems like the options could be chosen in such a way that all I had to do was decide on it while looking at it.

Seriously, it really must be reading my mind.

Before long, those words disappeared and new information came up again.


〈 Mission : A villainess, but forcibly turning over a new leaf!

◆ Detail : Until Sylvia has been recognized as the real saint, please raise your reputation points to 70 points or more!

– Current reputation points : 3/100

– Reward upon mission success : Survival.

– Penalty upon mission failure : Death within six months of the recognition of Sylvia as the real saintess.

( However, be careful not to lower your reputation points to a number below zero during the mission period.

If your reputation points fall below zero, a warning penalty shall be imposed.

) 〉


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