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Unlike the two lines that preceded this, the mission content was long.

I read it calmly.

And, after reading the entirety of the mission details—

‘This thing… It knows the original work, doesn’t it’

I was astonished.

The fact that Sylvia was the real saint was set to be revealed in the original work, but at this point in the timeframe, it wasn’t known just yet.

But then this thing knows.

‘What the hell is up with this system window.’

Besides that…

The penalty of failing the mission made me speechless.


〈 Death within six months of the recognition of Sylvia as the real saintess.


Death Deeeaath

I’ve literally just made the perfect plan not to die, but what was this thing saying—that I’d die if I fail the mission

“What kind of bull…!”

Up until that point, I hastily stopped myself.

When I was about to curse out loud, the system window flashed dangerously.

As though to warn me.

Instead of swearing, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

‘This must be a dream.

There’s no such thing as a system window in 〈 Lily Field 〉.

No, in the first place, aren’t I supposed to be the villainess’

Did it make sense that this kind of thing was happening to me

I mean, I’m not the main character.

Lulling myself into a sort of hypnosis, I felt my mind gradually calming down.


This is all a dream.

Ever so peacefully, I raised one hand.

And, brought it down on my cheek.



The pain was distinct.

To the point that I had to roll around on my bed while holding my stinging cheeks.

I’m sure of it.

This isn’t a dream.

This means that the system window is also real.

“This is ridiculous.”

But I’ve yet to cast aside hope.

‘The system window might be the real deal, but the contents might be all lies.’

In the first place, it was the kind of conscience-less system that had offered me the two options of 〈 YES / I want to ♥ 〉.

There’s a possibility that the system window was just pulling my leg.

However, it was at that moment.

As though it was responding to my thoughts, a new message popped up.


〈 NEW Mission : Proper and pleasant words


Using nice words brightens up one’s mood!

Of course, this will also lift the spirits of the person you’re talking to, right

Your direct attacks and criticisms can sometimes hurt someone! Together, let’s try and turn it around!


Detail: Any mention of a curse word will activate the automatic filtering feature, or a penalty will be imposed.


Automatic filtering (status) : ON

Penalty : Reputation decrease!


※ The automatic filtering feature can be turned on or off depending on your reputation points.

( Current status : Not possible )

※ When using the automatic filtering feature, your reputation points will not go down.

※ The curse word sensitivity criteria is adjusted according to your reputation level.


Would you like to accept

( YES / I want to ♥ ) 〉


Sprawled on the bed until now, I suddenly jumped up.

‘No cursing, it says.’

The content was still headache-inducing and the choices given were still conscience-less, but this was an opportunity.

I’ll be able to see if the system window really can affect reality.

‘As a modern woman of the 21st century who worked part-time here and there just to eat, it’s not gonna be easy to not swear, but…’

The mission also gave me no other choice.


Knock, knock.

It was an insincere knock because the door burst open without waiting for my response anyway.

Looking in that direction in surprise, the impolite uninvited guest closed the door, then tilted her head crookedly at me.

“What are you up to, Milady”

It was Charlotte, Roella’s exclusive maid.

I stared at her absent-mindedly, then I looked to the side and chose 〈 YES 〉.

What great timing.

It was the perfect opportunity to test the system window.


* * *


“Um, Charlotte.”

“What, Milady.”

“You, uh, can you see this”

While opening the curtains, Charlotte asked back without looking at me, then she turned around.

Her gaze turned towards the direction where I was pointing a finger.

It was towards the system window.

Then, her forehead crumpled to the max.

That reaction was enough of an answer.


I think I really am the only one who can see the system window.

The first question I was curious about was now solved.

Now, what’s left was the second question.

‘Does the system window really affect reality’

“Hey, Charlotte.”

“Ugh, again.


“I lov— mmph.”

—Are you nuts


I hurriedly shut myself up.

My eyes grew wide when my lips moved against my will.

‘…It seriously works’

I was amazed by this discovery, but at the same time, I realized that I’m doomed.

If the mission is real, then doesn’t that mean that if I don’t complete the mission, I’ll literally die

And one more thing.

‘What’s up with this filtering thing’

During any kind of filtering or censorship, wasn’t it usually just a matter of rewording

How on earth can ‘Are you nuts’ become ‘I love you’


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