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Against the closed door, I grinned.

“They must have seen me sobbing as Charlotte went away.”

And they must have had a clear view of my messed-up face because I hadn’t even washed my face yet.

And apart from that, a clear view of the huge ring on Charlotte’s hand.

Blinded by jewelry, Charlotte on the other hand wouldn’t have noticed the presence of the other maids in her excitement.

As soon as I heard people moving in the hallway, I could only think that it was worth pushing Charlotte out like that with impeccable timing.

‘Now then, the next step.’

I glanced at my watch and realized that it was almost time for lunch.

Since I told Charlotte to leave work early today, I’d have to order someone else to bring my food.

However, instead of pulling the rope by the bed to call another maid, I slowly scanned my surroundings.

The room was in absolute disarray.

I grabbed one end of the blanket and flapped it over.


Dust rose and settled back down gradually.

‘Well, it looks filthy enough here.’

After checking my surroundings with satisfaction, I grabbed my grumbling stomach and left the room.

With a shabby appearance like that, the place I headed towards was the library building that was a separate building from the main mansion.

This was for the express purpose of showing myself to as many people as possible.

To get to the library, I’d have to cross the eastern garden where many servants would pass through.

‘Let’s draw some attention and read some books.’

In that sense, I determined the library as my destination.

And sure enough, I could feel numerous glances going my way as I trudged to the library.

I arrived at that place feeling pleased.

‘Then, let’s study a little.’

Since I decided to live as Roella in earnest, I’m going to need to find out what this world was like.

Besides that, I need to try and look for information about the status windows that would suddenly appear in front of me.

‘Knowledge is power, knowledge is wealth.’

I tied up my stiff hair roughly and proceeded to look for books to read at random.


* * *


A few days after that—

One particular rumor started spreading around the ducal residence.

‘Charlotte got a hold of the ducal lady’s weakness, and she’s using that to threaten the lady.’

At first, there were many people who couldn’t believe it.

That terrible ducal lady, being threatened by a maid

However, despite their apprehensions, a lot of people witnessed the scene of the alleged crime after a few days.

“Her Ladyship’s room was an absolute mess and Charlotte didn’t even bother to clean up.”

“It’s the same with her clothes and general appearance.

It seems like Her Ladyship is doing everything alone, but still, she looked evidently shabby.”

“Yeah, I feel kinda sorry for her.”

“I know Her Ladyship didn’t issue any orders either, so it’s not easy for the attendants to serve her.”

“That’s true, too.

She might think that we’re looking down on her or something, and we’d get berated.”

The maids nodded in unison.

Considering the ducal lady’s personality, it’s a likely enough possibility.

Still though, regardless of that, it’s still true that they felt sorry for her.

She’s a prickly noble lady to serve, but they all felt bad to see her so discouraged.

“Besides, it’s like she only lives at the library these days.

Don’t people use books to escape from reality if they’re having a hard time…”

“As expected, the rumors must be true.”

Someone shook their head and muttered this.

“What are you talking about”

And someone behind them asked back suddenly.

The maids froze and raised their heads stiffly.

It was a familiar voice.

The owner of that voice was a handsome middle-aged man.

“H-Head butler.”

The head butler, Graham, addressed all those who bowed their heads with a smile on his lips.

“I’m interested in hearing what that rumor is.”


* * *


“There’s a strange rumor going around the manor these days, Your Grace.”

Hearing Graham say this, the duke stopped moving his writing hand, then he raised his head to look at the head butler.


“Yes, sir, it’s about Milady being threatened by a maid.

It seems like that maid is blackmailing Milady.”

But in response, the duke only rose one brow as he scoffed.

“That child is being blackmailed”

Even a passing dog would have barked out a laugh after hearing this.

The murmuring voice was vaguely sincere.

‘As expected, Your Grace doesn’t believe it.’

Graham sighed and shook his head.

He already thought that the duke wouldn’t think it possible.

It’s even more likely for him to think that the ducal lady herself was the one doing the blackmailing.

After all, she wasn’t the kind of person who’d let herself be trampled upon.


“A few days ago, Milady fainted after hitting her head on a pillar.

This happened while she was running down the hallway while she was still in her nightgown.”

“What does the rumor have to do with her acting crazy”

“There’s also some talk going on about how she seems to be in shock after being threatened, sir.

And more than that, she suddenly became quiet afterwards.”


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