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I Beg You AllPlease Shut Up Chapter 10: 30 Million Acquired

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Chapter 10: 30 Million, Acquired

A 30 million big job!

He must rush to get things done!

As the saying goes, coincidences are what creates stories. Fate and destiny were things beyond ones control. If her husband suddenly ended up seeing that video tonight, Chu Tians big job would be completely ruined.

Time passed in a flash. Soon, it was already 6:30PM.

After typing away for over an hour, Chu Tian finally stopped typing.

Sure enough, this job was quite difficult.

The video was already circulating through the web for half a month now. During this period of time, it had practically spread to all the major and minor sites.

Fortunately, one could track how the video was being spread online. Like a cobweb, as long as one manages to find a single thread, one will be able to pull out the entire web.

After spending over an hour, Chu Tian finally managed to gather all the videos.

All in all, the video was uploaded onto 176 websites. Of those websites, 42 had servers outside the country.

Besides that, the video was also downloaded a total of 779 times. Among them, 266 were computer downloads and the remaining 513 were mobile downloads.

The video was watched roughly 620 thousand times.

Looking at his computer screen, Chu Tian opened the messenger and sent over 176 website links.

Black Bastard Go To Hell immediately responded.

Black Bastard Go To Hell: “”

Black Bastard Go To Hell: “What are these links”

Chu Tian: “The video of you and that black man was first uploaded online half a month ago. Right now, it is already on 176 different websites. These are the links to that video. Not a single one is missed.”

Black Bastard Go To Hell: “Ah 176 different websites That many!”

Chu Tian: “The circulation speed for a video like that is extremely fast. Once its uploaded to a single website, it will soon appear on another website. To reach 176 websites in a half month period is not too outrageous.”

Chu Tian: “Im merely informing you about the current situation. You can go ahead and survey those websites one by one. Theyre all the recordings of you and that black man. Youll know that Im not lying to you.”

Chu Tian: “Besides that, the video has been downloaded 779 times. Im unable to provide you with the proof for that. But, thats the truth. Besides that, the video has been watched roughly 620 thousand times. Those are all the current numbers.”

Black Bastard Go To Hell: “My God! Youre kidding! You mean to say that 620 thousand people had seen the video of me doing that!”

Chu Tian: “Thats correct. But, you dont have to give too much thought to that number. 620 thousand people having watched your video with that black man doesnt mean much. After all, our country itself already possessed 1.4 billion people. 620 thousand is an extremely small amount when compared to 1.4 billion. Its nothing more than a drop in the ocean.”

Chu Tian: “Whats important is your husband. What matters is that he doesnt see the video. For those other people, youll practically never encounter them. Even if you do end up encountering them in the future, theyll likely not be able to recognize you. Thus, you dont have to worry too much.”

Black Bastard Go To Hell: “Ok, ok, ok. I got it. I beg you, you must act quickly. My god! I couldnt imagine theres that many people having seen that video. I beg you, please, act faster.”

Chu Tian: “Rest assured. I will do my best. After all, Im also worried that your husband will discover that video. If your husband discovers it, then my 30 million will be gone. Well then, enough chatting. Ill notify you again when theres updates.”

Chu Tian closed the messenger. Then, after cracking his knuckles and moving his wrists, he began to type away on his keyboard again.



Chu Tian stopped typing and heaved a sigh of relief.

Finally done.

All the websites and downloads have been eliminated.

From now on, the video of that woman and that black man ceased to exist in this world.

Of course, thats excluding Chu Tians own computer.

After all, he must keep a backup just in case that woman refused to pay. As such, he kept a copy of the video on his own computer.

If she refused to pay, Chu Tian doesnt mind spending some time on making that video spread all over the internet.

Chu Tian opened the messenger again. “Okay. Its done. The video of you and that black man has been eliminated from all the websites. Ive also eliminated all the downloads. From today on, that video will no longer reappear.”

Black Bastard Go To Hell: “This quick Are you certain youve eliminated everything”

Chu Tian: “Absolutely. If you dont trust me, go ahead and search for it. If you can find that video, you dont have to pay me a single cent.”

Black Bastard Go To Hell: “Please wait a moment.”

Ten minutes later.

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Black Bastard Go To Hell: “Thank you! I truly cant thank you enough! I never wouldve imagined that you would be able to eliminate that video this quickly. Please wait, Ill get you my bank card number.”

Black Bastard Go To Hell: “My bank card number is **********. The password is 565656. Thats all my personal money. Theres a total of 30 million exactly in that account. You can keep that account and change the password. Rest assured, I will not touch a single cent in that account.”

Chu Tian opened up his browser and entered the bank website associated with the account. He then entered the information to check the contents.

Sure enough, theres 30 million!

Not a single cent more, not a single cent less.

Seeing that, a smile rose on Chu Tians face.

This money, its **ing awesome!



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