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Chapter 12: A Piece Of Information Concerning The Future

After ending the call with Yang Rong, Chu Tian placed down his cell phone and looked back to his body.

His hands slowly brushed past his abs. He muttered, “Dang! This is freaking insane! All of this came at once!”

Even though he had received two transformations, Chu Tian was still caught off guard by this third transformation.

Furthermore, he felt the transformation this time around to be even more random than before. At least, for the two other times, he was personally there when the comments were made.

As for this time, he wasnt even seeing Yang Rong. They were merely having a conversation over the phone.

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Even this could trigger a transformation

After some time, Chu Tian suddenly thought of something. He immediately rushed to the washroom.

After washing up, Chu Tian looked at his reflection in the mirror. He didnt dare believe that reflection to be him.

Was this really still his body

Thick and broad shoulders. Robust pectoral muscles. Carved abdominal muscles. Thick and solid arms. Etc etc. It was as if he walked out from a greek sculpture, stylish from all aspects.

This was especially true when matched with his 182cm height. Not only was he stylish, his build was simply explosively hot.

[1. 182cm is 511.7”]

It was not only his body. His jawline also grew even more robust. His eyes grew more spirited. He was fully emitting an aura of masculinity.

After quietly checking himself out in the mirror for roughly a minute, Chu Tian smiled and walked out the restroom.


“…497, 498, 499, 500!”

In the living room. Chu Tian was doing push-ups. He did 500 push-ups at one go. Only then did he stand back up to catch his breath.


The stamina transformation was extreme!

In the past, Chu Tians limit would be around 50 push-ups. Yet now, he did 500 push-ups at once and still didnt feel like he had reached his limit.

It would appear that the transformation to his body was not merely his outward appearance. There was also quite a major transformation to his innate quality.

Chu Tian clenched his fist and looked to his touted muscular arms. Joyfully, he spoke out loud, “This is the build a man should have. Sigh, deskmate oh deskmate, I truly dont know how I should thank you for this.”

Even though it was Chu Tian who possessed that special ability, his hackers ability and model-like figure were all triggered by Yang Rong.

After smiling gleefully, Chu Tian turned around, entered his bedroom and put on a change of clothes.

As he had been busy all day, Chu Tian hadnt had dinner yet. Thus, he decided to go out to get some food.




Near the Haicheng University of Medicine. After getting some food, Chu Tian went for a walk. While strolling about, he was checking out the couples walking by.

He had heard that the area around the university was filled with couples. Especially at night, the street would be turned into a lovers lane.

But, Chu Tian had never experienced this lovers lane himself. The reason for that was because he used to have to write for others as a ghostwriter every night to make a living for himself. Because of that, he would have to return home right after the evening self-study to write.

Tonight was the first time he strolled around the Haicheng University of Medicine.

The rumors were true. The area around the university was filled with couples.

Theyre all walking in pairs. Some were even hugging and kissing. Walking on the street alone like Chu Tian was doing was instead more uncommon.

“Your dreams that small”

While strolling around, Chu Tian suddenly heard a male voice from behind.

He turned around and saw that it was a couple.

The man was not tall. Hes roughly 170cm. He was wearing glasses. The woman was roughly 160cm and chubby. However, shes not excessively fat. Her chubbiness instead made her appear quite cute.

[2. 170cm is 57”. 160cm is 53”]

“Mhmm, thats my dream,” the young woman hugged the young mans arm while smiling gleefully, “The biggest dream of my life is to open a shop. I dont want to make a lot of money. It would do as long as I can make at least a million RMB or so monthly income. If someone could tell me with certainty where I can open up a shop with a monthly profit of that amount, I will immediately drop out of school to open that shop.”

[3. 1 million rmb is around 143k usd]

“Babe, you must be insane,” With a smile on his face, the young man flicked the young womans forehead, “A monthly income of a million RMB and youre calling that dreaming small Your dream is simply wild beyond belief. Youre simply dreaming so big that youre about to ascend to the sky.”

“Hehe. I wouldnt do that. If I ascend to the sky, whos going to look after you”

Seeing the couple walking by him, Chu Tian shook his head helplessly.

Fucking hell!

The feeling of being forced to witness a public display of affection was truly uncomfortable.

That said, it was also his own fault. Why did he decide to take a stroll in this place

At the time when Chu Tian was planning to walk back to his rental apartment, a message suddenly appeared in his head.

“Yangs Family Restaurant… for sale… two months later… bar… Li Sisi… phone number 159********… monthly income of at least a million…”

Chu Tian stared at the couple as they continued to walk further away. After he finally compiled the information that suddenly appeared in his head, Chu Tian was at a loss for words.

He had received another transformation!

Furthermore, different from the third time, his transformation this time actually came as a piece of information. But, that was no ordinary information. Instead, it was a piece of information concerning the future!

Thats right!

It concerned the future!



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