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I Beg You AllPlease Shut Up Chapter 13: A 34 Million Restaurant

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Chapter 13: A 34 Million Restaurant

The reason why this was a piece of information concerning the future was because the information Chu Tian received was something that would happen in half a months time.

Half a month later, the Yangs Family Restaurant by the Haicheng University of Medicine will be up for sale. Chu Tian doesnt know who would end up buying that restaurant.

But, two months later, Yangs Family Restaurant will be transformed into a nightclub.

After that, a woman by the name of Li Sisi will become the general manager of this nightclub. In her charge, the nightclubs monthly net profit will reach over a million RMB.

Not only that, Chu Tian also learned Li Sisis contact information.

He truly never anticipated for his ability to be able to give him information about the future.

Thats the future, something crossing space and time!

After seeing the intimate couple walk far into the distance and into a hotel, Chu Tian finally emerged from his stunned state.

A frown appeared on his face. He continued to stand there for several more seconds before turning around and rushing toward that Yangs Family Restaurant.

Chu Tian knew about this Yangs Family Restaurant. He passed by this restaurant every day. It was less than a thousand meters from the university.

But, while Chu Tian would pass by this restaurant daily, he had never entered it to dine inside.

The reason for that was because this Yangs Family Restaurant was slightly fancier and more expensive compared to the other restaurants by the university.

Soon, Chu Tian arrived before a two-story building and stopped.

That was the Yangs Family Restaurant.

The Yangs Family Restaurant was a two-story restaurant. It owned both the upper level and lower level. Furthermore, the restaurant had a very large footprint.

Seeing a paper with the wordsShop For Sale posted on the door of the Yangs Family Restaurant, Chu Tian pushed the door forward and entered the restaurant.

“Welcome. How many people will be in your party”

A waitress standing behind the counter revealed a smile on her face after seeing Chu Tian walk in.

“Oh, Im not here to eat,” Chu Tian glanced at the rather empty restaurant. He noticed there was only a single table of five, “Is your boss here”

“Our boss”

The waitress was confused, “Mister, do you need something with our boss”

“You can say that,” said Chu Tian, “I noticed that theres aRestaurant For Sale sign on the door. I wish to chat with your boss about that.”


The waitress sized up Chu Tian. In a slightly unwilling manner, she said, “Then, mister, please wait a moment. I will go and call our boss over.”

After she finished saying those words, she turned around and went upstairs.

Soon, the waitress returned. Returning together with her was a middle-aged man in his early forties.

Hes slightly fat and had a chubby face. Hes not tall. His height might not even be 170cm.

Different from the waitress, that middle-aged man was rather enthusiastic. With a happy smile, he arrived before Chu Tian and extended his hand, “Hello young friend. You must be the one looking for me. Its my pleasure to meet you.”

“Hello,” Chu Tian shook the middle-aged mans hand with a smile of his own, “I passed by your restaurant and noticed theres aRestaurant For Sale sign on the door. Are you all really selling this restaurant”

“Thats correct. We are really selling it,” replied the middle-aged man with a smile, “Young friend, could it be that you wish to purchase this restaurant”


A net profit of at least a million. Buying this restaurant would be pure profit. Why wouldnt he buy it

Even though Chu Tian managed to make 47 millions in a single day, he was not so lavish to ignore a monthly net profit of a million plus.

Besides, if he doesnt purchase this restaurant to make money, someone else will purchase this restaurant in half a months time to make that money instead. Why should he let someone else make this profit instead

“Thats my intention,” said Chu Tian, “How much are you selling your restaurant for”

The boss took a glance at Chu Tian before suddenly smiling, “Young friend, youre not here to mess with me, right Are you really planning to buy my restaurant”

“Of course.”

Chu Tian didnt bother with superfluous words. He directly took out his phone and opened his e-wallet.

As Chu Tian had been providing for himself since a young age, he possessed much more life experience than his peers.

He knew very well that this restaurants boss was not trying to act like a snob. Instead, it was all because of the clothes he was wearing. No matter how one looked at him, with those clothes on, he truly does not appear to be someone with money.

Unfortunately, there was nothing else that can be done about that. Chu Tian had been busy since yesterday and did not even have the time to buy some new clothes.

Seeing the phone Chu Tian placed before him, the restaurants boss narrowed his eyes. Immediately, a huge smile appeared on his face, “Oh my! Please forgive my manners. Young friend, please dont take my earlier words to heart. Come, come, come, let us talk sitting down.”

“Theres no need, “Chu Tian placed away his phone, “Its quite late now. Im not here to talk today. I merely want to hear your price.”

Hear his price

The restaurant owner pondered for a moment before saying, “Truth be told, the reason why Im selling my restaurant is because Im in a rush to immigrate. My wife and children have all immigrated already. As such, my price is truly not expensive. 34 million. If Im not in a rush, I can sell my restaurant slowly. Im certain that selling it for 36 million wouldnt be an issue either. Thus, 34 million is most definitely not expensive.”

34 million

Chu Tian pondered for a bit before nodding his head, “Got it. I will return tomorrow. Regardless of whether Ill buy this restaurant or not, I will definitely come back to tell you about it.”

Eh… He really only wanted to hear the price today

He really wasnt planning to negotiate or anything

“Sure thing!” said the restaurant owner with a smile, “Im always here. You can come over at any time. Let me see you off.”

“Oh, no no, theres no need for that,” said Chu Tian, “You can return to do whatever youre busy doing. You dont have to see me off. I still have other things I need to do.”

“Okay then. Young friend, take care.”

“You too.”

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Inside the restaurant. After seeing Chu Tian leaving with her eyes, the waitress finally looked to her boss, “Boss, you couldnt possibly really believe that hes planning to purchase our restaurant, right”

The boss looked at the waitress and smiled, “Do you know how much money he has in his e-wallet”

“Eh How much”

“Almost 17 million.”

“Ah!” The waitresss eyes grew wide open. She stuttered, “S-s-seventeen million! For real! Hes that rich even though hes dressed like that”



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