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I Beg You AllPlease Shut Up Chapter 14: Little Wealthy Woman Li Sisi

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Chapter 14: Little Wealthy Woman, Li Sisi

Seeing the look of disbelief on the waitresss face, the restaurant owner took a deep breath before shaking his head, “Heh, you couldnt tell, no I guess we can only say that the rich nowadays are much more unfathomable. Earlier, even I thought he was here to stir up troubles.”

“I was thinking the same thing,” said the waitress, “Hes wearing clothes from street stalls head to toe. Truly never would I expect that he would have 17 million in his e-wallet. That man is simply too well-disguised.”

At the same time!

After walking out from the Yangs Family Restaurant, Chu Tian took out his phone and entered Li Sisis number.

The reason why Chu Tian did not bother to discuss with the restaurant owner was primarily because of Li Sisi.

In the piece of information regarding the future that he obtained, Li Sisi played a very important role. She needed to be the general manager of the nightclub. Only with that would the nightclub be able to maintain a monthly net profit of over a million.

Of course, there might be someone even more suited for the general manager position than Li Sisi. But, Li Sisi, not someone else, was the person in the information Chu Tian received.

Besides, Chu Tian doesnt know anyone else either.

As such, he must first connect with Li Sisi.

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Chu Tian would only be able to purchase the restaurant should he be able to successfully have Li Sisi come serve as the nightclubs general manager. If Li Sisi refused, purchasing the restaurant would be out of question for Chu Tian.

After all, only by having a good leader would one succeed. While it might be the same shop, it might provide massive profits under the leadership of one person and go completely bankrupt under the leadership of another.

If Li Sisi wasnt willing to come work as the general manager, even if Chu Tian ended up purchasing the restaurant and turned it into a nightclub, he might not necessarily be able to make a monthly net profit of one million plus. Instead, he might go into the red every month just by keeping the nightclub open.

Soon, the call connected. A clearly languid yet charming female voice sounded from the phone, “Hello, who is this”


This voice!

Hearing that charming voice, Chu Tian couldnt help but smile.

An experienced person!

Chu Tian could tell from hearing that voice that this Li Sisi was someone with a lot of experience!

Chu Tian said, “Hello. Am I speaking with Miss Li Sisi”

Li Sisi: “Mhmm. This is she. You are”

“Ah. My names Chu Tian,” said Chu Tian, “Weve never met before. Im calling you because I wanted to open a nightclub. But, I am not too familiar with opening a nightclub. Thats why I wanted to find someone who knew the ropes to be in charge of the nightclub. A friend of mine told me that youre very experienced with nightclubs. Thats why I called to chat with you about it.”

“Is that so” Li Sisi replied with a smile, “Where is this nightclub of yours going to be”

“Haicheng,” said Chu Tian.

“Oh! Quite a coincidence,” said Li Sisi, “Im also in Haicheng. Where in Haicheng would it be”

“Its near the Haicheng University of Medicine.”

“Interesting,” laughed Li Sisi, “To open a nightclub in the universitys vicinity. Are you certain this place is suitable for it While theres an university there, its still quite strayed from the main road. You couldnt possibly be thinking about earning only those students money, right Those students wouldnt have much money to spend.”

“Eh…” Chu Tian scratched his head, “Thats why I wanted your help. I dont think where the nightclub will be is important. Whats important is whos in charge of it. Isnt that so”

“Haha…” Li Sisi chuckled, “Those are quite sweet words. Sure, we can meet and talk about it. What times good for you”

“Mmm… how about tomorrow noon” asked Chu Tian.

“Thats fine,” said Li Sisi, “Im free tomorrow. We can meet tomorrow.”

“Great. Then I wouldnt disturb you any longer.”



After hanging up the call, Chu Tian smiled and took a deep breath. Only then did he began to walk toward his rental apartment unhurriedly.



Inside his rental apartment. Chu Tian was looking at the computer screen. He couldnt help but lick his lips.

He did not expect for this Li Sisi to actually be a little wealthy woman!

This was the benefits of his hackers ability. After returning home, he did a thorough investigation of Li Sisi by way of her phone number.

Li Sisi. 30 years old. Unmarried. Haicheng native. Her educational background wasnt high. She stopped after junior high. She had a very clean background. Theres no bad records regarding her. Furthermore, she possesses a very abundant amount of experience.

She had worked in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and various other major cities of the country. She only returned to Haicheng last year.

Chu Tian did not manage to find out what sort of job Li Sisi was doing before. From what he did find, Li Sisi had been working in the nightlife the entire time.

At the beginning, she was working in nighttime karaokes. Later on, she ended up working in nightclubs. Ever since she began working in nightclubs, she had never changed professions.

Currently, she was working as the general manager of a nightclub called the Legendary Club located in the heart of Haicheng.

She owns an apartment of her own. A two-room 80 square meters apartment located in an ordinary place.

[1. 80sq.m. is 861sq. ft.]

She also owns a car; a red BMW Z4, a BMW roadster with two doors and a soft top.

She had a savings of 1.6million in her bank account!

[2. 1.6 million rmb is roughly 230k usd.]

To be able to own her own house and car at the age of thirty and have a saving of 1.6 million in their bank account, she was most definitely a little wealthy woman.

On top of all that, Li Sisi was extremely beautiful. She possesses an exceptional figure. Just from her pictures, Chu Tian could tell that she was most definitely a goddess should she put on makeup.

Most importantly, she gave off an innate charm. Even her seemingly casual selfies were so very lovely, sexy and charming.



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