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I Beg You AllPlease Shut Up Chapter 19: The 50 Million Wanted Man

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Chapter 19: The 50 Million Wanted Man

[1. 50 million rmb is roughly 7.2million usd.]

Time passed slowly. After half an hour passed, Chu Tian finally managed to remove the virus from all four computers.


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Chu Tian looked at Yang Rong and Bai Xiaochun, “Ive removed the virus from the four laptops. Dont play that browser game again. Itll give your computers viruses again.”

Right after Chu Tian finished saying those words, the impatiently waiting receptionist aunty immediately stood up, “Done If its all done then leave quickly. Its already 10PM now.”

Seeing that, Yang Rong and Bai Xiaochun started smiling. Bai Xiaochun said, “Thank you.”

“Dont mention it,” replied Chu Tian with a smile, “Ill take my leave now.”

After he finished saying those words, Chu Tian glared at Yang Rong who was holding back her laughter. Only then did he leave the female dorm with the receptionist aunty following him.


Chu Tian returned to his rental apartment. Suddenly, his cell phone started ringing.

Seeing that it was Yang Rong again, Chu Tian accepted the call, “Hey, deskmate, you actually have the nerve to call me You know how that receptionist aunty was lecturing me earlier Youve nearly reduced me to a hoodlum.”


A laughter was heard from the other side of the phone. Then, Bai Xiaochuns voice sounded.

“Hey, Chu Tian, Im not Rongrong. Im Bai Xiaochun. Im that girl who was with Rongrong earlier.”

Bai Xiaochun

“Oh, so its Bai Xiaochun,” said Chu Tian with a smile, “I know you. Sorry about that, I thought you were my deskmate.”

“Oh, its no problem at all,” said Bai Xiaochun, “About this, Ive called to apologize. I was the one who told Rongrong that our dorm allows for male students to come in and will only kick them out at 10. But, I didnt do that on purpose either. Ive heard about it from others and I thought it was true. I didnt expect for it to be a lie. Im sorry.”

“You dont have to apologize,” said Chu Tian with a smile, “Its nothing serious. Theres no need to act like this.”

“Im truly sorry. Apart from that, I want to thank you for fixing our computers. Umm… Ill treat you to a meal later.”

“Sure,” said Chu Tian, “Oh, make sure to not play that browser game again. Youll definitely catch that virus again if you do.”

“Mn, we got it. Then, bye.”

“Okay, bye.”

After he finished talking with Bai Xiaochun, Chu Tian looked to the phone hes holding in his hand and smiled. Only then did he return to his bedroom and turned on his computer.

He logged into the Hackers Forum. Right after logging in, he received a private message.

Chu Tian opened the private message and realized that it was sent from the administrator of the Hackers Forum, Wang Xiaofeng.

Wang Xiaofeng: “Damn! Shadow bro, youre simply too skilled. You actually managed to eliminate all the videos showing that woman and that black man from the internet. Even the download thats in my computer has disappeared. How did you accomplish that Tell me the truth, are you operating as a team”

Seeing the message from Wang Xiaofeng, Chu Tian smiled and typed back, “Arent you a vulgar one Not only are you unable to help her, you even kept a download of her video Administrator, thats a bit excessive, no”

Soon, a reply from Wang Xiaofeng arrived.

Wang Xiaofeng: “Hahaha. Shadow bro, what youve said is incorrect. To intellectuals like us, how could doing something like that be seen as vulgar Thats simply an act of admiration.”

Chu Tian: “Lowly pervert!”

Wang Xiaofeng: “Well, how was it Youve earned 30million at one go. It must feel extremely good.”

Chu Tian: “Its not bad. Oh, thats right. Administrator, you know of a person calledCome Catch Granddaddy”

‘Come Catch Granddaddy was the creator of the browser games virus. That fellows extremely arrogant. Not only did he make that virus, he even left his signature.

Furthermore, that fellow was extremely skilled. Even a hacker of Chu Tians caliber needed to spend half an hour removing his virus.

Wang Xiaofeng: “Granddaddy 50M Of course I know about him. Practically all of us hackers know about him.”

Granddaddy 50M

Chu Tian asked in confusion: “What do you mean by Granddaddy 50M”

Wang Xiaofeng: “”

Wang Xiaofeng: “Shadow bro, you dont know about it”

Chu Tian: “Know what”

Wang Xiaofeng: “Damn! You really dont know about it. Come Catch Granddaddy is Granddaddy 50M. That guys extremely notorious.”

Wang Xiaofeng: “Come Catch Granddaddy is an extremely skilled hacker. No one knows who he really is. Furthermore, that guys not some good fellow. He frequently hacked into our countrys classified information. Because of that, hes been on our countrys wanted list for many years now.”

Wang Xiaofeng: “Around last March, that guy hacked into one of our countrys research databases and stole a whole bunch of research results. Then, on the 22nd of March, I remember that day very well, I was still sleeping at that time, the cyber police came to my house.”

Wang Xiaofeng: “Of course, they didnt come to arrest me. They instead wanted me to help them spread a piece of information to our hackers circle. If anyone is able to provide concrete information leading to the capture of that Come Catch Granddaddy, the country will directly reward them with 50million. Once the information is verified, the money will immediately be deposited into their account. There will be absolutely no delay.”

Wang Xiaofeng: “Because of that reward, everyone began to address Come Catch Granddaddy as Granddaddy 50M.”


50 million

Chu Tians eyes grew wide open.

Good gracious!

Exactly what sort of research results did that son of a bitch stole He actually made the country seek out the help of non-governmental hackers

Judging from this 50 million reward, if thatCome Catch Granddaddy is captured, he will most definitely be sentenced to death. Theres no way that theyll keep him alive.



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