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I Beg You AllPlease Shut Up Chapter 25: Money Disappeared

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Chapter 25: Money Disappeared

Since Li Sisi said she would be here in half an hour, there was still a lot of time before her arrival even after Chu Tian used the bathroom to wash up. Thus, he decided to turn on his computer.


Sure enough, the government was quick. The money already arrived!

After logging into his Hackers Forum account and seeing the three private messages sent by Wang Xiaofeng, a smile rose on the corners of Chu Tians mouth.

Wang Xiaofeng: “Shadow bro, you on Reply quickly.”

Wang Xiaofeng: “Dang! Shadow bro, you have no idea what sort of thrill I just went through. Two officers from the Ministry of State Security came over to my house.”

Wang Xiaofeng: “Oh, thats right. Bro, your 55 million reward has been paid. Its in my account right now. Send me a message once youre on. Include your bank account number so that I can transfer the money over to you.”

Seeing the three messages sent over by Wang Xiaofeng, Chu Tian smiled and rubbed his chin.

Even the Ministry of State Security was involved. It would appear that thisGranddaddy 50M was most definitely going to be executed.

While Chu Tian had no idea what the majority of the governmental departments jobs were, he knew what the Ministry of State Securitys job was.

The Ministry of State Security was in charge of counterintelligence and political security. Not only that, they were also the largest intelligence agency in the country. They were the ones tasked with gathering all intelligence domestic and foreign.

Those amazing secret service agents in the movies and televisions were all depictions of people from the Ministry of State Security.

Well, depending on the country, their name differs. In China, theyre known as the Ministry of State Security.

[1. Equivalent agencies in other countries. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Security_agency]

For thisGranddaddy 50M to be able to move the Ministry of State Security, its obvious that he must be a spy of some sort.

When someone like that is captured, their death would be practically guaranteed.

Of course, compared toGranddaddy 50M and the Ministry of State Security, Chu Tian was more concerned with the 55 million in Wang Xiaofengs bank account.

Chu Tian did not rush to respond to Wang Xiaofeng. Instead, his fingers began to type away at his keyboard.

Roughly ten minutes later, Chu Tian stopped typing and sent a message to Wang Xiaofeng.

Chu Tian: “Forum admin, thanks a lot. Besides that, you dont have to worry about transferring the money. Ive already transferred away the money from your bank account. I left behind a hundred thousand as a fee for your help. Whatd you think Im quite generous, no”

After sending over that message, Chu Tian smiled. Only then did he closed the tab for the Hackers Forum and went to his living room to tidy things up.

It was about time for Li Sisi to arrive.


At the same time!

Yunnan. Inside a villa. Wang Xiaofeng was snacking on a cucumber with a smile on his face. He was letting his imagination run wild.

Hehe. No matter how careful, youre still going to overlook things!

While Chu Tians hacking abilities are extremely powerful, so much that Wang Xiaofeng admits himself to be inferior, people, no matter how exceptional, would always have times of neglect.

Didnt he wish to not reveal his identity

How exactly was he supposed to do that this time around

One must know that bank transfers, especially the transfers of large sums, required the account number and full name of the account owner to prevent the money being transferred to a wrong account. As long as Wang Xiaofeng knew those informations, it wouldnt be difficult for him to track down Chu Tians identity.

With those thoughts still in his head, Wang Xiaofeng entered his computer room.


A private message.

Seeing that someone sent him a private message, Wang Xiaofeng immediately sat down on his chair and opened the private message.

Soon, after seeing the contents of Chu Tians private message, Wang Xiaofengs eyes grew wide open.

He had already transferred away the money


He doesnt even know his bank account or his password. How exactly was he supposed to transfer away the money

Furthermore, there was no notification of money transfers on his phone.


A frown appeared on Wang Xiaofengs face. He immediately opened the webpage for the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and signed into his account.


After signing into his account, Wang Xiaofeng was immediately stunned. Then, he felt a chill on his back and goosebumps emerged all over his body.


The money actually really disappeared!

Of the 55 million that was just transferred into his account, 54.9 million had disappeared from the account. It was as Chu Tian said, only 100 thousand worth offees was left in his account.


Staring at his computer monitor in astonishment, Wang Xiaofeng was left completely speechless. He felt an intangible sort of fear enveloping him.

It was only now that he realized Chu Tian actually knew his bank account information. Not only that, he even possesses the capability to hack into the bank.

Wang Xiaofeng was certain Chu Tian didnt know his password. Thus, to be able to transfer away 54.9million without knowing his password, there could only be one explanation – the Industrial and Commercial Bank of Chinas system was unable to stop him at all!

What does this imply

This meant that the money of all the people in the country that uses the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China were not safe. Should Chu Tian want to, he could take away the money from any account in the Industrial and Commercial Bank of Chinas system.

The source of this content is no//vel//bi/n[.//]net'

This is too **ing terrifying!

After staring at his computer screen for a long while, Wang Xiaofeng gulped a mouthful of saliva. Only then did he begin to examine his bank transfer records.

Sure enough, theres no transfer record!

The 54.9 million disappeared like theyve never existed in the first place. They were transferred without a trace.

After being shocked for a long while, Wang Xiaofeng typed in the webpage for the Hackers Forum and signed up. He sent out a private message to Chu Tian.

Wang Xiaofeng: “My god! Shadow bro, exactly what sort of hacker are you! How are you able to accomplish that sort of thing! Are you even human!”

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