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I Beg You AllPlease Shut Up Chapter 3: The Explosively Popular Software

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Chapter 3: The Explosively Popular Software


After washing up and taking a shower, Chu Tian returned to his bedroom.

When he refreshed the post he made, his eyes immediately grew wide open.


In a short half hour, the post had received over two hundred replies.

Its this popular

“Loud Fart Doesnt Stink: Amazing. It would appear that another expert lurker had revealed himself.”

“Robust Donkey Body: Hey, expert, is that program of yours really reliable It shows that my girlfriend had registered for hotel rooms over a hundred times. Please respond. I feel like Ive been completely cucked. This program of yours must be a joke, right”

“Self-hanging Southwest Branch: I checked my brothers girlfriends hotel registry. 37 records in a half year span. The problem is, none of those were with my brother. Hahaha. LMAO.”

“Your Daddys Your Daddy: orz. I just checked my own hotel registry records. Everything matched. OP is most definitely a real pro hacker.”

“Grass Under The Osmanthus Tree: Guru, are the results given by your software real Please respond. Extremely urgent. Im about to be engaged with my boyfriend but I discovered that he had many hotel records thats not with me. Im about to go mad.”

“Hong Kong Fat Fish: I feel sorry for you all. My partners record is completely clean.”

“What The Hell You Looking At: Guy above me, dont be too happy just yet. Its possible your partners record was registered with the ID card of the person theyre with.”

“Tolford Gunitsky: Fucking hell, the goddess I was pursing for half a year had actually been to hotels eight times in a single month. Screw her!”

“Kindergarten Gang Leader: Guru! Do you take disciples! I truly wish to learn from you! Please take me as your disciple!”

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Seeing those replies on the post, Chu Tian was in so much glee that he was unable to close his mouth.

Even though Chu Tian knew that there would be people using his software, he never expected for his software to become this hot.

Seeing all those responses, Chu Tian immediately opened the backend of his software.

Upon doing so, his eyes were once again wide-open.


The software has been used 1018 times already

This… how could there be this many usages

Chu Tian was completely stunned to see this number.

There were only two hundred something replies to his post. Because of that, Chu Tian thought that his software was only used some two hundred plus times. He never expected for it to have been used 1018 times in a short half hour.

It would appear that many people that used his hotel registry software did not leave a response.

1018 times. 50 RMB each usage…

Thinking that, Chu Tian immediately picked up his phone and opened his e-wallet app.

Seeing a balance of 52,300RMB on his e-wallet, Chu Tian became speechless with excitement.

His e-wallets original balance was only 1400RMB. And now, it has completely transformed. The balance amount actually reached 52,300RMB.

The speed at which he was earning money was simply too freaking fast!

Furthermore, this was the result of a short half hour.

The Hackers Forum possessed roughly 300,000 registered users. But, its daily active users would only be roughly fifty thousand or so. But, even with that, if all fifty thousand of the active users were to use his program once, then…

With his thoughts reaching this point, Chu Tian felt his heartbeat accelerating rapidly. It was so much that even breathing became difficult.

He closed his eyes and took deep breaths to calm his state of mind. Only then did Chu Tian laugh, “The 21st century is truly an era where talent is king. Fuck, one can only earn money with real skills.”

After saying those words, Chu Tian suddenly reacted as if he discovered something. He narrowed his eyes.

A smile appeared on the corners of his lips, “Heh. Interesting. Someones actually trying to track me Very well, Ill play with you.”

After saying that, Chu Tian began to type on his keyboard.

Ten minutes later!

Chu Tian looked at the computer screen before him, “So its actually the admin of the Hackers Forum, Bright Moon Illuminating A Big Bed. I was just wondering whos such a pain in the ass.”

Bright Moon Illuminating A Big Bed was the current admin of the Hackers Forum. He was also a renowned pro hacker.

Very rarely does he appear on the forum. He practically never posts anything. Only when there were popsci posts about computer knowledge would he appear and sticky those posts.

As Chu Tian has frequented the Hackers Forum for three years now, he knew that there were people curious about Bright Moon Illuminating A Big Beds identity. But, during the three years he has been on the forum, no one managed to determine Big Moon Illuminating A Big Beds identity.

But now, his identity has been determined by Chu Tian.

Big Moon Illuminating A Big Beds real name is Wang Xiaofeng. Male. 34 years old.

Seeing that Wang Xiaofeng was still tracking him, Chu Tian smiled and began to strike his keys. He opened a black dialog box and typed a series of words.

A Handsome Guy Whos Unwilling To Reveal His Identity: “Hey, forum admin, arent you tired Why are you tracking me”


The man who was utilizing three computers at the same time to track Chu Tian stopped his movements all of a sudden.

Seeing the black dialog box that appeared on his computer screen, the spectacled man couldnt help but be shocked.

“Dang! He even managed to breach my homemade firewall! Fucking hell, theres no sign of attack at all! How did he manage to hack in here!”

As he said those words, the spectacled man responded with, “Brother, youre quite capable. You even managed to hack into my computer.”

A Handsome Guy Whos Unwilling To Reveal His Identity: “Im only so-so. Wang Xiaofeng, you should stop tracking me. You wouldnt be able to track me.”


Seeing the response from Chu Tian, the spectacled mans eyes grew wide open.

Fucking bollocks!

He actually even managed to determine his identity!

Wang Xiaofeng: “Brother, I admit that youre very amazing. Lets have a match. Dont delete your post, I will definitely be able to track you.”

A Handsome Guy Whos Unwilling To Reveal His Identity: “Sure, Ill wait for you.”

Wang Xiaofeng wanted to respond. But, the black dialog box disappeared from his screen.

“Quite confident eh.”

Seeing his computer that had returned to normal, Wang Xiaofengs eyes burned with passion as he licked his lips. Then, he continued to rapidly strike at his keyboard.



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