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I Beg You AllPlease Shut Up Chapter 30: Luring A Snake Out Its Hole

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Chapter 30: Luring A Snake Out Its Hole


After hearing the descriptions provided by the old man, the crowd inside the conference room started staring at one another. They were all stunned.

A spectacled and slightly fat middle-aged man questioned with a frown, “Director, are you certain for that to be true”

“Weve practically determined that to be the case.”

“Ssss…” The middle-aged man was still frowning as he sucked in a mouthful of air, “If that is the case, this is indeed quite a thorny problem. The cyber security of banks is not something that ordinary companies and organizations could match. Since he possesses the skills to hack into banks, it would mean that he possesses an extremely high potential for destruction. What sort of person if he”

“As matters stood, were not certain,” The old man shook his head, “We know very little about him. But, from what we do know, this Shadow does not appear to be a vicious fellow. He seemed to have his own principles and baseline. While he is fond of money, he didnt mess with the banks. He seemed to belong to the type that accepts work in exchange for rewards.”

“But, while that might be the case now, that does not mean that he will forever remain this way. In the end, a hacker of his caliber is simply too strong. If he ever goes awry, itll be extremely difficult to imagine what sort of destruction he is capable of inflicting. Thus, we cannot allow him to remain on the streets unsupervised.”

The crowd nodded.

That was exactly the case.

Not being a threat now does not mean that they will not be a threat in the future. There were simply too many examples of such cases. For many people, they were originally honest and good. But, due to certain encounters, they ended up turning sinister and evil.

The issue lies in the fact that ordinary people wouldnt be able to cause much destruction even if they ended up becoming sinister and evil.

But, things were different for that Shadow. If he was to become sinister and evil, the destruction he could cause would be simply unimaginable.

The old man continued, “Ive gathered you all here today to discuss that Shadow. The current issue is that fellow is too powerful, so much so that we are unable to track him down. Everyone, voice your opinions about this situation.”

“Check the banks receiving records,” said someone, “Didnt we issue a 55 million reward We can check which bank account received 55 million today.”

“That wouldnt do,” said another person while shaking his head, “Since hes able to erase the transfer records, hell naturally be able to erase the deposit records.”

“The only option would be to have people inspect through all the accounts one by one manually. But, even if we are to do that, we still cannot be certain of his identity. After all, he must possess more than 55 million in his account. Its possible that a bank account with 60 million was his. If that happens, he would be excluded from the list of suspects.”

“Furthermore, look at the number of people our country possesses. If we are to go through every account one by one, it will take years to complete. If we are to inspect things manually, we will never find him in time.”

The crowd nodded.

Someone else said, “Director, is it possible to find a profiler We can first determine what sort of person he might be according to his activity.”

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“Thats right. We can first determine what sort of person he might be, whether or not hes really a man or if hes a woman and what his interests are. For example, if hes a man and are into sexual activity from the opposing sex, then we can prescribe the right medicine to suit his interest. We can find a young and pretty female agent and have her become associated with him and eventually bait him out by going to a date or such with him.”

“Currently, the only problem we have is that we dont know who he is. But, we are able to get in contact with him. Isnt that his username I think we can attempt this method.”


While the people in the capital city were thinking of ways to determine Chu Tians identity, Chu Tian was playing basketball in the Haicheng University of Medicines basketball court.

Even though the Haicheng University of Medicines Nursing Department had such an extreme gender imbalance that one could not even construct a team of male basketball players, the Haicheng University of Medicine as a whole was not a place lacking male students.

Take the Traditional Chinese Medicine Department, Chinese and Western Clinical Medical Studies Department, Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Manual Therapy Department, Dental Department and various others, they were practically all dominated by male students.

Chu Tian even heard that this years entire Traditional Chinese Medicine Department, four total classes combined, only had two female students. This meant that even if the two female students were split equally among the classes, two classes in the Traditional Chinese Medicine Department would be composed fully of male students. After all, it was simply unrealistic to cleave the two female students in halves and then distribute half a female student per class.

As such, once the school ends in the afternoon, or during the weekends, the universitys basketball courts would pretty much always be occupied.

Moreover, students in the school do not care if they know each other when they play basketball with one another. They merely need to find groups missing players and join them to play together with them.

That said, as it was during the hottest time of the day, there werent a lot of people on the basketball court.

Perhaps because of thebasketball ability he received, even though Chu Tian doesnt even remember when he last touched a basketball, he was extremely interested and enjoying himself as he played basketball.

Dribbling the rubber ball was fun. And, when he shot the ball into the net, as he watched the ball fly into the net, he would feel an indescribable sense of satisfaction.

Of course, his change of mental state of mind also contributed to his feeling of satisfaction and refreshment.

In the past, Chu Tian needed to provide for himself. As such, he was under more pressure, both physically and mentally, than others. Naturally, he would not have any desire to play around.

But now, those pressures were no longer present. Naturally, his mental state underwent a huge shift.

Unfortunately, there were only four people, Chu Tian included, playing basketball. They did not split into teams and were just playing around. When a person obtains the ball, they would dribble it a couple times before attempting to shoot for the basket. Because of that, most of the fun in playing basketball was lost.

Basketball needed to have offense and defense. It needed to have players standing off against and competing with one another with their bodies. Only then would basketball be truly fun.

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